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Gta VI some basic information

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Posted (edited)

As we can see Rockstar games posted a news about content updates for Gta online and red dead online and on that article they said the biggest gta online heist update with a new location,map expansion will out in December so there are some rumours that it will take place in liberty city,So maybe we would see a easter egg ( See you on Miami or Vice city) just like in gta 3 and also you can notice that some of sedan's and sports getting are getting little strange like they are getting immortal with a bug and some times the cars sounds like different engine , it's because Rockstar games are testing the vehicle of Gta Vi on Gta online, Dan Houser didn't permanently left Rockstar games he just took a 1 or half year break and also the everywhere game is basically a projection of gta vi leslie left rockstar games on 2016 because after succesful journey of Gta V rockstar games felt on a long sleep (but they didn't quit milking the game modes such as gta O and RDO) there was a quarrel on 2015 november i guess in which leslie was forced to leave but he will be back in somewhere on 2020 or 2021, Basically the project americas was just a false [This post has been flagged and will be monitored] the only beta project is/was everywhere game, Rockstar games already started working on 2014 before heist dlc but when they saw that the online mode is getting so hyped for users and it's carring gta V so Rockstar games thought why don't we take a break so obviously they stopped after 2015 gta online heist dlc than leslie waited 1 year as free so he was forced to leaave like no one was about to give a sh!t to wake up and start working on the next game and that's why leslie left after 2016.And also We will see another rockstar games title release before Gta Vi. In Gta Vi we will be seeing a retro girl and Tommy Vercetti  as main protagonist on ERA 1 and then we will see a retro punk guy and another girl protagonist on Era 2 we can also play as Tommy Vercetti after Era 2 (2022) Epilogue. Era 1 (1980s n 1990s), Welp there is no barriers between 2d,3d and hd universe it was a hoax but some time with coincidences it begin to be real like wilzi didn't appear on Gta Vice city but he appeared on Gta O it was coincidence rockstar forgot that wilzie appeared or didn't appeared on Gta VC, Gta Online 1's stats and every thing possible will be transfer to gta VI Online 2 Era 2022, But we need to start a new journey of gta online 2 era 1 1980s to 1990s. CJ is basically dead because of cancellation of gta san andreas 2 (which is also a reason leslie left) Chris Bellard as young maylay and CJ has probably left he said that he will be hanging out on his street and his career got quit (not permanently) but he would join again i guess because gta sa 2's voice acting was basically completed and Rockstar kept Young Maylay (CJ) inactive for like more than 4 years after the the cancellation of gta sa 2, Alot of Beta projections of Gta Vi got removed and cancelled because of just simple problems, Dan Houser is active at writing Gta Vi and another game which will take place before gta vi story.We will see forest map expansion on era 2 2020 of Gta Vi, Gta Vi is secretly appearing on some websites we will be going to see the tease trailer after spring 2021, But it won't take more time as we are expecting. The real reason why it got late because of the launching issues because they think the system they would launch the Game will not perfectly launch the game that's why they are busy creating a plugin software like a 5 or 10 gb which will be used for the game to run ( not talking about the RGSC Launcher).Gta Vi story was written 64 or 70% before 2018 it was like a punk city with high tech city based on Tokyo as Aero City based on 2020 but the projections got cancelled but the game is not cancelled they just remove the name of Gta Vi to Gta Aero city so maybe  it will be the game which will be released before Gta Vi, might be on 2020..The 20th aniversary of gta 3 will be celebrated on gta online on december with biggest heist dlc on liberty city.

Edited by DeltaV20
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Why do you hate paragraphs?

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Yeah, nah.

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4 minutes ago, Earthbound said:

Why do you hate paragraphs?

damn i was too fast tbh i'm not a good writer.

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4 minutes ago, Earthbound said:

Why do you hate paragraphs?

Did you try Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links? 

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