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Network Fault Error: 0x4003002


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Anyone else getting this error 0x4003002? 

I get kicked from the server shortly after joining and most the time im not able to even join one.


Having similar problems with GTA Online.


So i'm wondering if its on Rockstars end or mine because I recently got a new wifi router and I did not have these issues before so It could be on my end.


Though its only happening with GTA:O and RDR:O 


Other Online games seem fine. 

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The problem is with Rockstar's crappy servers.     I don't think they'll ever do anything about it.

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Yeah, this "error" is just plain ass annoying. I can't go a single day without either getting kicked from a session or not being able to even join a session. I don't have these issues in GTA, very rarely will the game ever kick me or fail to load.

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I get disconnected constantly since the naturalist update. I've gone back n forth with support about it and they just try to blame my xbox settings or router settings. I entertained them and did all the troubleshooting and changing of settings that they asked but I still get disconnected. For me it occurs most often between 5pm and 6pm CST. I never had these issues before the Naturalist update. Its really frustrating. 

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This is an issue that has unfortunately been plaguing a number of players since Beta. It does seem to have good days and bad days. Some folks get them all the time and others really never have the issue. I've tried to figure it out myself and you can go and set your router to the best possible settings, and it might fix it. You can dress up in a flowery pink dress, do the can-can, and spank yourself with a pan, and it might fix it. It's stupid and frustrating lol. 


In all seriousness, I wanna think it has something to do with the data being sent and received and the stability of the peer-to-peer connection in the lobby but I have no clue at all. It's more than likely on R*'s side of things which is sad, considering the company did have the best code for peer-to-peer connections in the industry at one time, AFAIK.

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On 8/7/2020 at 7:01 PM, GeoFlip said:


Today I got an email back from support saying this error has been hot fixed. We'll see later on today....

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