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Please bring the online updates to the offline side

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Hello, I'm going to start off and say I hate the online part of any game that starts off solo. I feel that playing with other players in RDR2 online just takes away from the experience of this beautiful masterpiece of a game. I hate going online because you constantly have to compete against everyone and i hate that. Some of the roles that has been brought to the online part seems like something that should be on the offline side and I really do wish it was. Don't be greedy f*cks and tend to both sides. People didn't want to play RDR2 for the online no the game is ment to be played solo so please bring what you bring to the online side to the offline.


Please bring all of this offline:

The horses 

armor looking pieces 


The role playing aspect like the naturalist, the bounty hunter, moonshiner, and the collector 

The weapons 

the costumes 

everything that came with each of this roles


you should also allow us the tie horse up to wagons to add a more realistic fantasy experience to it as well so you can fully feel as if you are playing the role.


Please stop focusing on just one side of it isn't clear now that the online part is dying out please transfer it over to the offline portion. Before any white knights try and bash me for not giving the online side a chance... Give it up I tried many times to play online but I only stay in long enough to get to tumbleweed before the game kicks me. I tried playing multiple missions but failed to because you guess it, it kicks me.


Let the solo players at least get some of this updates you bring online to the offline side.


allow us to make a character offline so we can start brand new either with or without the money we get at the end of the game as john or allow the player to still play john as these new roles so they have something else to do besides being forced to play online with some "SOME" toxic people 

Edited by Night2BAssassin
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That's everyone's dream buddy. With luck we can only expect the weapons and horses later this year with next gen consoles 

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