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Loot Protection (at least for Legendaries)

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Almost a week into the Naturalist update and it’s been five times already that I’ve hunted a legendary animal and skinned it to sell it to Gus, only to be disconnected and loose my hard earned pelts. Rockstar you need to implement some form of loot protection to prevent it from happening, either have it go to your Post office or simply make it all go directly into the safety of your satchel, because this is getting ridiculous 

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Here is what I did.


I went to the stable, since for some dumb reason you have to make wagons active again with this update, so I could call my hunting wagon.


Then I did a legendary for fox (weird auto correct, at work, changing it from "fox" to "fix" something like 9 times...)  mission, ran out of sedative rounds so accidentally killed it. Immediately flee  horse, summoned wagon put pelt in wagon. Then I went to Gus got fox coat.


But yes, you should also bank stuff like that on horse, I've always hated that in this unstable game.




I did the same thing later/last night too. Got Legendary Buffalo, threw in wagon immediately. Then I had perfect buck pelt, threw in wagon to get the pants from him ;)


Yes, there is that bug (with the wagons.) So before I start, I check to make sure it shows my Hunting/Bounty wagon instead of having them grayed out as options. Then I

go to the stable and "activate" them, AGAIN, if not. Then you can merrily use your horse, since now when you flee the horse you can call the wagon.

Edited by Krommer

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