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Running GTA: Liberty City with Modloader like a DLC


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My batch intelligence is under normal, so I have updated this old crap pile. Please give any suggestions in the replies so I can make this better. If you need help ask me. Expect bugs.

I just wanted to share this because maybe some people might like to have both the mod and original game in the same folder. So, first you will have to prepare GTA: Liberty City. To do that, install 7-Zip and right click on your GTA: Liberty City installer, hover your cursor over 7-Zip and click Open Archive. Select all of the files by holding Ctrl+A and drag it onto an empty folder, then install the latest update onto it (Jimmy's post in page 14 on the Beta 4.0 thread) Rename the dinput8.dll file in the folder where you extracted LC to *anything*.asi. Second, you will have to prepare your original installation of GTA: Vice City. To do that, downgrade it to version 1.0 (you should have it downgraded if you are reading this post) and get Ultimate ASI Loader from ThirteenAG's GitHub page. Open the archive and drag dinput8.dll into Vice City's installation folder. Download Modloader (any version) from GTAGarage and then add modloader.asi and the modloader folder provided with modloader into your Vice City install folder. Third, make a folder in your modloader folder named LC and move all of the contents of your extracted LC folder except for gta-lc.exe, gta-lc.ini, vcversion.dll, and the LC Audio folder to there. Make another folder called VC (you have to have it) and put any (optional) mods into that folder (SilentPatch's ASI and INI files won't work with modloader so you will have to manually put it in your game directory when you play VC). Move gta-lc.exe, gta-lc.ini and vcversion.dll to your game directory and load the game using gta-lc.exe and close it when you get to the menu screen. This will generate a modloader.ini file which will be important for later on. Go to your modloader folder and duplicate your modloader.ini file and rename the duplicate to modloader.ini.VC. Using a text editing tool, open modloader.ini and add LC in the [Profiles.Default.IgnoreMods] section. Also using a text editing tool, open modloader.ini.VC and add VC in the [Profiles.Default.IgnoreMods] section. Rename your LC Audio folder to AudioLC and then put it in your game directory. Rename VC's Audio folder to AudioVC and then make 2 files called LaunchVC.bat and LaunchLC.bat respectively. Inside LaunchVC.bat put this in

@echo OFF

cd modloader
IF EXIST modloader.ini.VC (rename modloader.ini.VC "modloader.ini") else (IF EXIST modloader\modloader.ini.LC ECHO VC modloader config is already there, proceeding to next command.)
cd ..
IF EXIST AudioVC (rename AudioVC Audio) else if exist AudioLC (echo yeet)
IF EXIST "Audio" start /w gta-vc
cd modloader
rename modloader.ini modloader.ini.VC
cd ..
rename Audio AudioVC

And inside LaunchLC.bat put this in:

@echo OFF

cd modloader
IF EXIST modloader.ini.LC (rename modloader.ini.LC "modloader.ini") else (IF EXIST modloader\modloader.ini.VC ECHO LC modloader config is already there, proceeding to next command.)
cd ..
IF EXIST AudioLC (rename AudioLC Audio) else (IF EXIST AudioVC echo yeet)
IF EXIST Audio gta-lc
cd modloader
rename modloader.ini modloader.ini.LC
cd ..
rename Audio AudioLC


After this open LaunchVC.bat to open VC or LaunchLC.bat to open LC and only you open LC, when it says "Press any key to continue" in a CMD window, don't press anything yet, just wait for the game to open. After you have closed the game, open the CMD window and press any key like it tells you to so it can refresh the file names. I hope you have a great day!😀 Any contributions are appreciated as I only learnt a bit of batch to make life more convenient. 

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