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The British Bulldogs MC

The British Bulldogs MC, EST. 2015 [1%] [17+] [Xbox One]

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The British Bulldogs MC








The British Bulldogs MC was founded on the 23rd October 2015, by its 5 original members. With no plans of ever deviating from the rules of 1%. Not only have we strengthened our club as a whole through the years but we have also become a group of close mates. We’re always looking to expand upon our group even further, with hopes that everyone will look forward to hopping on GTA V after a long day of work.


We’ve seen the foundation of clubs broken down and torn apart, witnessed many brotherhoods shattered over petty arguments. We’ve seen it all, and learnt what it takes for clubs to survive and remain on top. Rest assured if any member has any issues they can voice them, and the club will see to it that they are resolved effectively.


As a club we focus on the role play aspect of an MC, with our club being structured in a way that resembles real life MC’s. There is a chain of command to follow, and it has be respected. The backbone of the club are the Officers, each Officer has their duties and know who they report to. If any issue arises in the club there are procedures put it place to deal with them efficiently. This system has been made from years of accumulative MC experience. Patch members don’t need to worry about their problems not being resolved, and they can be confident that their voice and views will be both be heard and respected.


With all of that being said, we always need new members to act as the life line of the club. Offering new views and opinions. But all of this can only be achieved once you’ve earned your patch, since we’ve always believed that a patch is a visual representation of a members integrity, respect and honour.







As a club we like to have a variety of activities that we do in between riding around in public lobbies. These activities include:


• TDMs

• Ride outs

• Bike Jousting

• Fight Club

• Various playlists


We also take pride in the skill of each of our Patches, we constantly work to improve ourselves by hosting weekly training. Such as shooting training, where you can learn to hone your aim and take tips from experienced free aim players. And riding training, where you learn various riding formations and how to execute them perfectly.


Once a week all of the club’s Patches will come together and sit down at Church, this is a type of meeting where Patches can voice their views, and Officers will report back to the club on their duties. This is when votes will be brought up and each Patch that is present will cast their vote. In doing so they help shape the club and decide in which direction we will go in. These meetings effectively decide the future of our MC.


One of our main goals is to work together with other like minded MC’s, that hold the same values as us. Alliances can be formed from these common goals, and one of the main benefits of these alliances are the events that are hosted. Nothing is more fun than getting into a fight club ring with a new face, one that hasn’t met your fists anyway...






As mentioned before we follow the rules of 1%, but unfortunately over the years various clubs have twisted the meaning of this within the GTA V MC Community. On the club’s website, we have a charter that has been outlined by our current President, with it being agreed upon by every Patch. Unlike other clubs our charter is more of an ethos than a list of rules. If you do decide to prospect for us then you will be invited to our Discord server and taught all of our club's rules and the rules of 1%.










Interested in joining our MC? Message our Enforcer: 


Xbox Gamertag: TodayHitman4155

Instagram: bbmc_hitman






Edited by The British Bulldogs MC

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Uncle Sikee Atric

Hi there.

You need to add your Social Club Crew link to your thread, as per the Recruitment Forum Rules.



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