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RUMOR ~ Cops n Crooks DLC Cancelled. My Thoughts:

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Let me just start off by saying that I may say something that offends all you snowflakes out there, so if I do, please feel free to let me know in the comments below 😉. As for the people with a brain, feel free to share your own opinions on the topic as well down below. I'm quite interested to see what people have to say about this, offended or not. With that being said, let's jump in...


According to YouTuber Tylarious, a credible source in GTA community told him that the summer add-on content for GTA Online was supposed to be the rumored and highly requested Cops n Crooks DLC, and that it was cancelled due to current real world events.


Honestly, cancelling a Cops n Crooks DLC just seems stupid to me. I don't understand how releasing something about COPS in a VIDEO GAME would offend anybody. If that type of thing offends you, then you should just stick to all the mindless sports games being released.


I for one was really anticipating a Cops n Crooks DLC and now we may never get it all because of the bs happening in the reality that I use GTA to escape from. Kinda hard to do that when your escape is limited based on the sh*t you're trying to escape from in the first place.


It's just like when R* took down their servers for a short time, it just seems to me like they are just trying to use recent events to boost their image more than anything else. There are plenty of video game developers that DIDN'T temporarily shut down their servers and they're just fine. NOBODY should expect them to do so anyways.


Idgaf if what I'm about to say offends you because it is the truth, if we are at a point in society where something is literally "cancelled" or deemed "offensive" because it involves law enforcement, then we have a SERIOUS problem on our hands. Not to mention, if politics are going to contiuously have an effect on all the new games being released by dictating what they can and can't feature in them, then pretty soon games are gonna be no different than reality. The new DLC sounds cool, but SO MANY people wanted (and still want) a Cops n Crooks DLC, only for it to be canned due to real world bs.


What do you guys think?

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Jesus, and all that rumors becasue yan said "aressted" .People are weird

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Big Molio

Just wait until real green and purple aliens land and start a war on earth. Those alien bodysuits will vanish like a fart in the wind.

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Firstly I would say that I really don't understand why people would get offended by a C&C update but people are getting really sensitive these days it seems 🤔 

This could probably go in the next dlc thread  

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Who cares.




Get over it.


Pick one!


It's a DLC theme I could take or leave. If it was true, ok. If not, ok. Really not worth this crappy thread though, and as for getting hyped for something no one knew was legitimately coming, lol. Maybe stop watching idiots baiting you on the tube. 🤣🤣

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I blame a certain event for this.

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The irony here is what’s happening in the world is so much more important than what a video game chooses to do or not do. 

For the sake of this discussion, if that indeed was the release plan, it’s not surprising they’d play it safe. They’ve become a faceless corporation owned by another faceless corporation. Heck, the one face you associate with them is now gone in the past several months. That says it all. 

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I'm not bothered.


If CnC had been introduced back in old gen (before the glut of weaponised vehicles) then it might have been okay, but would have been tempered by whatever restrictions Rockstar had decided back then. 


If CnC had appeared this year, it would have to have been a watered-down adversary mode to prevent 'hot pursuits' in freeroam from being ended by a meme vehicle flying down from the heavens. Yes, people want to dress their characters as cops and drive vehicles with sirens... but is that really enough to justify a whole DLC? 


As I've said in the next DLC thread, if there's any credibility to CnC having been intended for 2020, maybe we'll see some of the fruits of Rockstar's labour as part of the Winter DLC as part of the heist. But we might not. And again, that doesn't bother me. 

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Dont we have like 5 different threads about this already?

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Rockstar knows their player base better than us.


A lot of "gamers", people who built an identity around a passive consumptive past-time, who are most vocal on the internet, are in their late 20s or older, wasting their lives away playing video games, so unsurprisingly nothing that happens in the real world affects them personally.


But younger people or people who are still attached to reality generally do still care if police blatantly murder someone, and they are the ones who Rockstar could lose as future costumers if they released a DLC that makes light of police brutality.


The aforementioned, self-identified gamers are usually so addicted that they play new releases anyway, even if they believe individual SJWs now hold more sway over video game publishers than shareholders do (lmao). See the sales success of The Last of Us 2 as an example.


Sorry, if this offends anyone, by the way. Try being less of a snowflake. 😎

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Please use the existing speculation topics. Thanks.

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