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How do I reinstall gta 5 on PC?


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I downloaded the game from steam. Later on I deleted EVERYTHING related to it due to storage issues and when I say everything I mean everything except my rockstar social club account, so I have my online player but I can't play. Do I have to buy the game again?

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If you definitely BOUGHT and installed the game on Steam, you could uninstall the whole game and reinstall it through the Steam platform. Unless you requested for it, your game should always still be in your Steam library forever.

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Yeah the game will show up in your steam Libary even if you have completely deleted it from your computer, just click it and it will give the option to reinstall for you.

If for some reason it is not showing in your Libary (I do not know if this happens!) you could go to Steam's GTA store page and reinstall from there it should say purchased where it normally says purchase/buy.

If neither of these things work then contact steam and ask where your game is.

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