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PC-Searching for friends to trade Bunker and MC-sales

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Posted (edited)

Level 435 legit player looking for people to trade helping Bunker and MC-sales with on PC. I don't do Special Cargo myself but I am open to help others with anything. Heists(Standard, Doomsday, Diamond).

I am also open to help new, legit, players to get started. Say you want to do your Heists I could help out giving you my cut and explaining the basics.

Mainly I am looking for people in the TOPIC though.

Im already in the PRO6-discord(TheProfessional on youtube, THE best Youtuber for new or experienced GTA V-players, believe me) but sometimes there are not any player available.''


Btw, 99 doesnt mean 1999(I wish). Not that it would matter, just thought I should mention that.


My character was actually created on Xbox 360. Then transferered -> Xbox One -> PC. So it took my 7 years to get to level 435 😎


I don't want anything to do with modders/cheaters or whatever, I'm a legit player and stay away from these players and don't bother them and they rarely bother me. You must be a legit grinder. Im helpful and nice but got principles. Don't expect to get assistance without giving anything back. Hopefully we will grind to a lot of money. You need to be able to speak English. Atm I don't have a mic so thats not a requirement either right now. Not needed either other than doing Diamond Heists maybe. No requirements other than this. 


PM me your Gamertag here on gtaforums. You can write it in the thread, but you risk getting PMs from spammers etc in the future(that happened to me). Up to you.

Edited by maul99
Recommendation when posting GamerTag
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