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GTA Liberty City Stories Missions


Recommended Posts


What is your favorite missions and least favorite missions in GTA Liberty City Stories?

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  • 2 weeks later...

My least favorite is Bringing The House Down, just because of the premise; f*ckin Toni blows up an entire neighborhood for only 5k dollars. I wouldn't even blow my car for 5k, let alone an entire neighborhood meanwhile wannabee Timothy McVeigh over here's doing it for peanuts.

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I do have some favourite picks but Cash in kazuki's Chips, given by Toshiko kasen, is probably my favourite of the lineup. Everything from the mission objectives to that *SOOOOO BEAUTIFUL* mission ending. *wink* 


The least favourite for me is Booby prize, from Maria latore.

~Honorable mention to the thrashin' RC missions.

Edited by heatimusZ4_
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Do side missions count? I loved the noodle delivery missions. 

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10 hours ago, universetwisters said:

Do side missions count? I loved the noodle delivery missions. 

Yes it does!

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  • 2 weeks later...

Carmaggedon is just a stupid amount of fun and I'm so glad they made it a repeatable side mission. Least favorite is Taking the Peace, completely awkward to play, and mostly luck based. And the fact that you can fail it doesn't even make sense. Shouldn't getting Don Sindacco killed after he ran over a bunch of forreli goons be like a total win for the Leones?

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  • 1 month later...

Karmaggedon was one of my favorite missions in the entire GTA series. So much fun and it is repeatable as many times as the player wants

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  • 2 weeks later...

So I may have found a skip for around 1/3rd of the portland missions.
(Subject to external verification)




The TLDR is that I managed to make a save file after some OM0 shenanigans by never loading up the game after starting a new game.

The effects of said shenanigans are that all JD missions instantly clear. Progression wise this may* allow Ma's 
missons to also be skipped, but all Vinchenzo / Salvatore / Maria missions are still required. 

The long version is that I found a OM0 glitch in the mission 'slacker' that allows cutscenes to be 'stored' 
on the x button. After some messing around, I found a mission skip, but could never save or even enter the safehouse afterwards.

At first this lack of saving has no effect on story progression, but softlocks once staunton island is unlocked.
(Also becuase Ma's first mission requires entering the safehouse, it cannot be completed).

This was as far as I had gotten until last night where I somehow mangaged to save after skipping the missions.
Although I haven't had the time to test it yet, I theorize that this would avoid the softlock encontered on staunton.
*(it is possible that this is caused by Ma's missions being skipped).

After some more investigation today, I have now perfomed this consisently after theorising
the abilty to save was linked to creating a new game (I was right :D)

I did this on american V 1.05 using the PPSSPP emulator

The procedure for this is as follows:

Start a new game

Compelte mission 1 and bumps and grinds course 1

Save the game

Get OM0 stage 2 using a taxi and a firetruck

Start 'slacker'

Drive to the dealer, but not into the marker.

Leave a vehicle very nearby and select course 2 while running into the marker. (This is what stores the cutscene)

After the gltichy cutscene, enter a vehicle to regain movement (tony will move automatically)
do not press X at any time (this softlocks)

Reverse to Vinchenzo's place (pick up a trashmaster here if possible)

Face the marker, walk forwards and press X just before entering it.

After the broken cutscene go and find a trashmaster (Vinchenzo's garage door has no collision)
,agian not pressing X at all (one spawns at the junk yard)

Start the 'Trash Dash' mission

Cancel the mission my exiting the trashmaster

Pressing X then activates the skip


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