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Red dead 2 online camp

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Is a camp needed in rdr2 online?


I have been playing for 3 weeks solo and never used it. I cook food at campfires across the map to restore cores and craft. 


They seem like a big money/gold bar sink.


Is there sth I'm missing?

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Posted (edited)

The camp is for the trader role.


The trader role makes lots of money, with killing animals, so it is nice.

Having the flag up also protects you, from players.


You can also get the fast travel wheel for it (the trader camp), which is convenient.

I kind of use it as my "hub"/"base" for whatever I'm doing; so yes, it is nice.


All the pursuits start out as kind of a money/gold bar sink, but then they pay it

back IN SPADES with the dailies. I've had a streak of 95 days of dailies, not completing them all

of course, casually ending up with 500 gold bars and $39000 when this naturalist role dropped.


The more things you have to do, the easier it is to get credit for the dailies. For example, an

easy one for the trader role (which often comes up) is eat the stew 3 times. So you would need

the trader camp, to make the stew and then eat it 3 times. After the 21 days of streak, it is .5 gold a pop

for things like that, which adds up. Even when I only have 15 minutes to play, I'll get on and check for fast

ones like that, eat the stew, change the moonshine shack decor, play with the band for 2 minutes, etc.

Edited by Krommer
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As Krommer says, the roles are very useful for filling out the dailies to make gold.

The camp is a nice base of operations.


All of the roles can feel extremely tedious at times, but you don't necessarily have to do any of that stuff if you don't feel like it, just pick what you like to do and make that your game experience.

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Posted (edited)

Thanks a lot for that detailed answer Kommer, so well written.


I'm lvl 15 in Bounty Hunter and 20 in Collector atm. I just noticed as you mentioned they add to daily challenges and I have somehow already made a 10 day streak. You've given me a goal with purpose.


Cheers fellas



Edited by twiice33
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