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Grand theft auto: San Andreas HD remake

josh coley

Recommended Posts

                                                                                                            Grand theft auto

                                    san andreas

                                    HD remake


this is not speculation about gta 6. this simply a concept thread where i am sharing an idea of mine. please keep criticism polite and constructive and enjoy.


grand theft auto san andreas HD remake is a complete from the ground up rebuild of the game, grand theft auto san andreas. it is an HD universe remake of the original gta san andreas. many characters from the original game will be appearing, though some characters due to this remake taking place in the HD universe of the grand theft auto series, will be replaced with some HD era characters. some of these characters include, salvatore leon, replaced by giovanni ancelotti, johnny sindacco replaced by anthony messina, son of paulie messina, who is don of the messina family. the map consists of HD universe renditions of los santos, san fierro, las venturas, red county, flint county, whetstone county, tierra robada, and bone county. some new locations have also been added and these include, san duarte (based on san diego), rona (based on reno), oakley (based on oakland), San Melendez county (based on san bernadino county). many features from the original such as eating, working out, gang wars, properties, etc will return. some new features will be added as well. several new missions have also been added to the story. the player can take over gang territories in all the citites and fight with many different gangs besides just the ballas and vagos. 




los santos: where the game starts off and now in it's HD era rendition closer to real life. (based on los angeles)


San duarte: a smaller side city where several new missions take place. places such as the naval base can also be found here. (based on san diego)


san fierro: now in a more detailed, closer to reality, HD universe rendition(based on san Francisco)


Oakley: another small city right across the garver bridge. again, several new story missions take place here. (based on oakland)


Rona: a small city where several casinos can be found and interacted with. also kind of a minime of las venturas. (based on reno)


las venturas: just like the other major cities is now in a more detailed HD universe rendition. (based on las vegas)



sandy shores: a small desert town by the alamo sea that once was a tourist trap but now is a run down trailer park village home to methheads, bikers, and rednecks. several missions take place here as well. (based on desert shores)


paleto bay: a quiet coastal town beside mount chiliade. serves as a replacement of angel pine from the original game. (based on morro bay)


harmony: just a little town out on the old highway that serves as a rest stop to travelers.


grapeseed: a small farming community in blaine county where a mission or two will take place. (based on grapevine)


chumash: just a small beach community along the highway to los santos. (based on santa barbara)


San melendez: another town near the desert, east of los santos. some story missions will also take place here. (based on san bernadino)


Crawstow: another off the grid town in the middle of the desert containing abandon buildings (based on barstow)


Santa maria: a coastal town home to a beach and the santa maria boardwalk containing several rides that the player can interact with. (based on santa cruz)


Montgomery: a farming community in central san andreas that is also home to the biker culture such as motorcycle rallies. it is also home to several new story missions where Carl Johnson is working with the lost mc. the two major biker gangs also have prominent influence here. (based on hollister CA)


Blueberry: another farming community in central san andreas that is also home to a brewery. (based on dixon CA)


Pine creek: a former logging town dating back to the 1800's and located up in the redwood forests north of santa maria. (based on boulder creek CA)


Bayside: returning from the original game as a town across the bay from san fierro. (based on marin)


El quebrados: a small town north of san fierro and bayside. (based on santa rosa)


Las barrancas: a town originally built to house workers during the construction of the sherman dam.  (based on boulder city NV)


Fort carson: a town just south of rona. (based on carson city NV)


Las payasadas: a ghost town that had a rich history following the construction of the transcontinental railroad. (based on palisade NV)


Tahoe city: a town on the shores of lake whetstone. (based on tahoe city)



los santos county (based on Los Angeles county)


blaine county: the countryside area north of los santos and where the countryside chapter of the main story begins (based on numerous areas in southern California)


San Melendez county (based on San bernadino county)


San duarte county (based on San Diego county)


red county (based on numerous areas in California's central valley)


palomino county (based on Santa Cruz county)


flint county (based on sonoma county)


whetstone county (based on placer county)


tierra robada county (based on several areas in northern Nevada)


bone county (based on Clark county)


Virgo county (based on Lincoln county Nevada)


Sherman county (based on no particular place in Nevada)


                                                                            returning Characters:

Carl johnson

Big Smoke



Cesar vialpando



the Truth

Mike Toreno

Wu zi Mu

Madd Dogg

Eddie pulaski

jimmy pulaski

Frank tenpenny


Jizzy B

T-bone mendez


kent paul


ken rosenberg

OG loc


                                                                                                                              New Characters:

Giovanni ancelottireplacing Salvatore Leon, Giovanni ancelotti gives Carl Johnson several jobs during the las venturas chapter of the story before Carl Johnson robs his casino with the triads. he immigrated from Naples Italy to liberty city in 1950 where he ran loan shark, fencing, and extortion rackets out of the alderney fruit market. in 1951 he was arrested for being in possession of stolen property and again four years later for loan sharking. in 1960 he was arrested for racketeering. following the death of his uncle he became the don of the ancelotti crime family in 1978.


James "bowie" Davidsonborn in 1946 in the town of Montgomery San andreas, James Davidson is the president of the San andreas chapter of the lost mc and becomes allies with CJ during the countryside chapter of the game. in 1964 when he was 18 years old he was drafted to fight in the Vietnam war. in 1969 he returned to Montgomery after the war ended and bought his first motorcycle. eventually he fell in the local chapter of the lost mc, became a full patched member at some point and later was promoted to chapter president. soon he meets CJ and then they  become allies after Carl helps the lost fight the angels of death mc for control of their territory.


Alfonso jimenez: Alfonso is a drug lord and the leader of the Mendoza cartel and an ally of the loco syndicate. the loco syndicate also distribute drugs for the cartel. 






Grove street Families: the protagonist's gang.

Ballassworn enemies of the families. operate in Los Santos

VagosMexican american street gang, enemies of varrios los aztecas. operate in Los Santos.

Varrios los aztecasa Hispanic street gang and enemies of the Los Santos vagos. operate in Los Santos and Blaine county

Marabunta grandean el Salvadorian street gang. operate in Los Santos.

The 980'sAfrican american street gang. operate in Oakley.

San fierro rifaMexican american street gang. operates in Oakley and san fierro. enemies of the 980's.

Da nang boysVietnamese street gang. operates in san fierro.

TriadsChinese crime syndicate. operates in san fierro.

Mendoza cartel: Mexican drug cartel. operates in los santos, san fierro, and san duarte.

Russian bratva: Russian criminal organization. operates in Los Santos and san fierro. 

MafiaItalian american crime syndicate. operates in las venturas.

Lost MCoutlaw motorcycle gang. operates in red and Blaine counties.

Angels of deathoutlaw motorcycle gang. operates all around san andreas and robada. sworn enemies of the lost mc.




weapons are customizable in the remake with the ability for the player to add different color schemes, silencers, extended clips, scopes, drum mags, and so on and so forth.



Baseball bat


Pool cue

Golf club







Desert eagle





Sawnoff shotgun

Combat shotgun


Submachine guns:

Micro smg


Tec 9


Assualt rifles: 





Sniper rifle


Combat sniper




Heat seeking rocket launcher



Combat MG





tear gas

Remote explosives



night vision goggles

thermal vision goggles

fire extinguisher

spray can



Gang wars:

gang wars return from the original. in the remake gang wars have been improved to make them less repetitive than in the original. gang territories can be now be taken over from different gangs in all the cities across the map. to take a territory, instead just looking for gang members to kill, the player can visit a designated hangout of the gang that they are fighting and kill 3 to 4 gang members to start a gang war. once a gang war has been ignited, around three waves of gang members will attack. 1st wave is two carloads of enemy gang members, 2nd is four carloads of enemy gang members, and the 3rd and final wave is six carloads of enemy gang members. after a battle with rival gang members, the player must clear out all the gang's strongholds within that territory. the number of strongholds within a territory ranges from 1 to 4 strongholds. to clear out a stronghold the player must kill all the enemy gang members inside, destroy all the product that the gang is storing in there, and if they want to, the player can loot the strongholds for money and drugs, which brings me to my next point. 

Drug dealing:

unlike the original game, the player can now buy and sell drugs similar to Chinatown wars. though a drug dealing side activity was originally planned to be in the beta version of the original game but was cut during development. to engage in this activity, the player must encounter a drug dealer on the street, usually they can be found in the poor ghetto neighborhoods of the cities. the dealer will offer drugs to the player, the option to decline or accept will appear on screen. if the player chooses accept a menu will appear showing the drugs that are available from the dealer as well as an option to sell any drugs you have in your holdall. drugs that can be bought and sold are, cocaine, meth, crack, weed, ecstasy, heroin, and mushrooms. certain areas around the map will also high demands for certain types of drugs, for example crack is the most highly demanded drug in areas such as south central LS and Oakley. to sell drugs to pedestrians simply stand on a street corner and a pedestrian will approach you if you have the drugs they want. they will then ask you for the drug and then an option to accept or decline will appear on screen. by choosing accept, an animation of Carl taking the drug out of his holdall and handing it to the pedestrian while the pedestrian hands Carl a wad of cash will play. after the animation ends the pedestrian walks away and a good sum of cash is added to the players in game money balance. players can also kill drug dealers and loot them of their drugs and money. players can also receive tip offs to perform special deals with key individuals, to perform a special deal the player must have the type and amount of drugs the key individual wants and then meet up with them in a certain spot. once the player meets up with the buyer, they will ask you for the drugs then you must press a certain button to trigger an animation of Carl handing the buyer the drugs while the buyer hands Carl a wad of cash. after the deal is done the player will have a large sum of money added to their in game balance. occasionally the deals can turn out to be sting operations set up by police or they can be attacked by rival gang members so it is always advised that recruit some grove street families gang members to accompany you on the special deals.

Grove street:

in the remake grove street acts a lot like the camp in rdr 2. several activities such as street gambling, basketball, and others can be participated in by the player. Emmett can sell Carl weapons and ammo at discount prices. video games can be played on the television in the Johnson safe house. players can also hangout with big smoke, sweet, ryder, and other gang members in sweet's house, similar to the campfire in rdr2.

Properties and Assets:

many properties can be bought all over san andreas including safehouses and businesses. players can also buy land and have extra assets built. after you buy a plot of land, an office trailer will appear on the land. the player must enter the office trailer and press a certain button to open a menu where they choose what to build. things you can build include, houses, apartment complexes, casinos, and car dealerships. after the player builds houses and apartment complexes, they can either use them as safehouses or rent them out and make income from them. a new feature added in the remake is gang properties which are business properties controlled by different gangs, very similar to vice city stories's feature known as empire building. gang properties that can be taken over include, drug labs, chop shops, fences, protection rackets, gambling dens, and loansharking businesses. after acquiring business properties, the player can do missions to upgrade the business and increase its income. gangs will attack and try to reclaim one of your gang properties after you've taken over a gang property. once a gang property is fully upgraded grove street families gang members wearing more formal clothing such as open gray suit jackets and pants with green dress shirts will be guarding the property with more powerful weapons and can be recruited. income from properties now goes straight to the players in game money balance that way players don't have travel all around the map just to collect some money.





Edited by josh coley
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a new brand of secret missions in the game, many myths can be encountered all over the state of san andreas. mythical encounters in the remake works by works visit a certain place the entities can be found. some myths can only be encountered if the player does certain things. mythical entities can only be encountered at certain times. many of the creatures and people that were just myths in the original game can know be encountered and killed. some mythical people can be encountered as random events. mythical creatures and people that can be encountered are,

Bigfoot: can only be found in the redwood forests at night.


aliens: can be encountered in the desert near area 69 at night.


cave monster: can only be found in a cave in bone county during the day, but can be encountered roaming around the desert at night.


ghost town figure: simply a black figure that can be seen walking around the ghost town las brujas at night.


chainsaw killer: this encounter only works if you investigate his three murder scenes, the scenes will show up on the radar as random events and the player must investigate all three of them before a marker showing the chainsaw killers location on the map appears, once the player visits the farm in red county where he can be found, he will start chasing the player and attempting to kill them until the player manages to kill him, he is also very hard to kill so it won't be as simple as just shooting him.


mr trenchcoat: this person can be encountered every once in a while as a hitchhiker while driving through deserts or countryside. if the player picks him up in their vehicle, he will ask them to drop him off at a certain secluded spot, once player reaches the destination, he will then try to kill the player with a knife and the player must kill him. afterwards he can still be encountered and be picked up by the player and the scenario explained above will happen all over again.


the woods creature: this creature can be encountered while roaming the woods at night and will be very difficult to kill. heavily inspired by the real life urban myth known as the rake.


mothman: this entity can be encountered in the desert during the very late afternoon and at night. the creature will fly down and attack the player and is also very difficult to kill.


ghost cars: these are beat up and rusty 1950's era cars that can be found in the countryside and desert. if the player approaches one during the night they will flick their headlights on and start attempting to run the player over, even though no one is driving the cars.


crawler: a giant, pale, six legged, bug like creature that makes sounds that are a mix of a bear/pig. it can be found near the many caves and abandoned mine shafts throughout the deserts and forests of san andreas. like the other creatures it is also extremely hard to kill.


siren man: a tall, skinny, pale creature with a pair of sirens for a head. has the ability to emit different sirens, alarms, music, and other sounds as well as mimic different voices through its sirens. this mythical creature is also based on the popular real life urban legend known as siren head.

Edited by josh coley
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sports cars:











super GT





SUVs and pickup trucks:





monster truck



























coups & hatchbacks

blista compact


















Sedans & station wagons:














romero hearse














Mr Whoopee






Motorcycles and bikes:
















mountain bike





Emergency & government:


barracks OL

police stockade

FIB rancher

FIB car

FIB truck

police bike

police cruiser

sheriff rancher

sheriff cruiser


Police APC





cement truck

combine harvester















Public service:







tow truck



utility van


Maritime vehicles:

coast guard










tug boat


Aeronautical vehicles:




news chopper


police maverick


sea sparrow


















BF injection

bloodring banger




hotring racer










Edited by josh coley
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links to pictures of new characters and wikipedia pages to real life counterparts of new locations have been added.

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I'm no expert, but I think the biggest reason why people don't really pay attention to your concept is the formatting. Based on your last few writings in previous threads I think you got some pretty solid ideas (I liked how you've included supernatural creatures for CJ to hunt), the drawback is execution, which can be fixed and improved over time with practice and intuition.


First of all, a lot of people that surf these things tend to be on their phones and even on computers big text is often very distracting. They work best as headers and should only be used sparingly. Using them as part of a paragraph is a very bad idea and it's a surefire way of making people shy away from your concept.


Secondly, you seem to space your words towards the center for some reason. A centering tool exists, dude.


Finally, I advise you to go and learn how to create your own logos and graphics (such as maps, radio station logos) for your concepts. Cool looking logos naturally draw attention and even if the idea itself is bad or unpopular, the logo is enough to make people remember it.


Just my two cents.

Edited by DownInTheHole
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1 hour ago, DownInTheHole said:

I'm no expert, but I think the biggest reason why people don't really pay attention to your concept is the formatting. Based on your last few writings in previous threads I think you got some pretty solid ideas (I liked how you've included supernatural creatures for CJ to hunt), the drawback is execution, which can be fixed and improved over time with practice and intuition.


First of all, a lot of people that surf these things tend to be on their phones and even on computers big text is often very distracting. They work best as headers and should only be used sparingly. Using them as part of a paragraph is a very bad idea and it's a surefire way of making people shy away from your concept.


Secondly, you seem to space your words towards the center for some reason. A centering tool exists, dude.


Finally, I advise you to go and learn how to create your own logos and graphics (such as maps, radio station logos) for your concepts. Cool looking logos naturally draw attention and even if the idea itself is bad or unpopular, the logo is enough to make people remember it.


Just my two cents.

thank you for your input. because of the thing about big text that you pointed out, i'm going to go back and edit the size of the text to be less distracting. also i'm currently trying to find a way to edit my own logos, maps, headers, etc  which is why the thread doesn't have any of that kind of stuff yet. thanks to your input, now i know what i need to if i want to continue this thread.

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New missions:

several new missions have been added to Carl's story in the remake. this is a list of all the new missions that will be added in the remake.


Wild ones (takes place during the countryside chapter of the story): the mission starts when cj visits a biker meetup in red county after receiving a call from Cesar telling him about some bikers called "the lost" who are looking for some extra muscle to help them in the battle with the angels of death motorcycle club and are also hosting street races. at the meeting many bikers can be seen partying and showing off their rides. eventually CJ is met by james davidson the gangs leader. who asks CJ who he is, where he is from, and what he is interested in. CJ replies by saying that he is interested in street racing and that he also heard the lost are looking for backup in their fight with the angels of death. after a brief conversation with james davidson, CJ must pass an initiation test to impress the lost mc. first he is tasked with accurately shooting several objects using a pistol. once he succeeds in that he is then provided with a motorcycle and tasked with riding around the county and performing stunts and also riding into an Angels of death hangout and killing a bunch of angels of death bikers. is then tasked with riding onto a freeway where he will come across three angels of death members riding their bikes on the freeway. CJ must then blow two of the gang members off of their bikes with a sawed off shotgun and leave the third one to tell the tale. after you succeed in all that, CJ will receive a phone call from james davidson telling CJ to meet him in a certain spot. once CJ arrives he will be given an RPG and tasked with blowing up an angels of death clubhouse with it. the player must then ride to the angels of death clubhouse. once you arrive at the AOD clubhouse, there will be a window in it which you must fire the rocket into in order to destroy the clubhouse. once you've done that a cutscene will play showing a massive explosion occuring and the clubhouse being completely destroyed. after all is said and done the mission will end and CJ will recieve a call from james davidson. davidson will say what a good job CJ did "f*ckin up those deadbeats". he will then tell Carl to stop by the clubhouse when he wants to help out on club business. the families MC outfit will be added to CJ's wardrobe. the outfit will consist of a green plad shirt and a biker vest with an emblem showing a skull with a fedora and a green bandana covering the face and two pistols on each side as well as the words "Grove street Families MC" under it. a western daemon painted green with some black flame decals on it will become one of CJ's personal vehicles which always spawn outside CJ's safe houses and can't be lost.                            



Wheels of steel (part of the biker war subplot that takes place in the countryside chapter of the story): the mission starts when CJ visits the lost clubhouse in Montgomery red county. when CJ enters the clubhouse, he is greeted by James Davidson. during a brief conversation, Carl is informed that the angels of death have stolen Davidson's bike and they must ride to a junkyard where the AOD bikers who took it are hanging out and get it back. after the cutscene ends, CJ's daemon will appear and then you get on it and ride to the junkyard with davidson and several other lost mc bikers. once you arrive there a gunfight with the angels of death bikers will ensue. after all the AOD bikers are killed, davidson will get back on his bike and you will ride out with the rest of the lost crew. eventually on the way back to the clubhouse, serveral more AOD bikers will pursue you and the other lost mc bikers and you must either lose them or blow them all off their bikes. once that is done, continue riding back to the clubhouse and the mission will end once you get there. 


product conflict (another mission part of the biker war subplot): CJ once again visits the lost clubhouse. this time he is informed that the club needs help moving a van of product. CJ is tasked with escorting a lost mc slamvan with product in it from the clubhouse to the buyer's location. CJ must get on his bike and take out any angels of death members that attack the van and destroy any roadblocks set up by the angels of death. once all AOD bikers are killed its just plain driving to the location. after all is said and done, the mission will end.


Rough ridersCJ stops by the clubhouse and is greeted by James Davidson. after a brief conversation, a lost mc member quickly rides up to the clubhouse on their bike and tells everyone that there is a bunch of AOD bikers on their way to attack the clubhouse. everyone including CJ gets ready for a fight. once the group of AOD bikers arrive in front of the clubhouse, all the AOD gang members must be killed. afterwards a van or two full of AOD gang members will bust in through the back gate to the lost mc compound. after those gang members are killed a group of AOD bikers will start climbing over a wall into the compound. and after they are killed, the angels of death will retreat from the lost mc clubhouse. the mission ends there. 



Edited by josh coley
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