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Best Deuteragonist Of The Series?


Best Deuteragonist  

34 members have voted

  1. 1. Who are your favorite deuteragonists?

    • Maria Latore (III)
    • Ken Rosenberg (VC)
    • Sean "Sweet" Johnson (SA)
    • Cisco (Advance)
    • Salvatore Leone (LCS)
    • Lance Vance (VCS)
    • Roman Bellic (IV)
    • Jim Fitzgerald (TLAD)
    • Anthony "Gay Tony" Prince (TBoGT)
    • Wade Heston (CTW)
    • Lester Crest (V)
    • Dave Norton (V, Michael's deuteragonist)
    • Lamar Davis (V, Franklin's deuteragonist)
    • Ron Jakowski (V, Trevor's deuteragonist)

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A deuteragonist is the second main character of the story, after the protagonist. GTA V has several deuteragonists due to having multiple protagonists. Which one in the series is your favorite?

Edited by VenusianDream
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Roman Bellic easily with Tony Prince a slightly distant second


About V, I guess wiki supports your deuteragonist selection but personally i think with there being multiple protagonists one of them can be a deuteragonist of another, for example it makes more sense to have Trevor as Michael's deuteragonist rather than Dave. Though if being a protagonist eliminates them from belonging to another category then that's fine I guess, just that with multiple protagonists and how it was done in V the protagonists seemed to be each other's deuteragonists more than others


(Also too lazy to rank my top 5 like I did in the Tritagonist thread :p

Edited by Guest
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I'll give it to Tony here. He's the only deuteragonist who successfully managed to completely outshine his game's protagonist, let alone every other character in TBoGT as well. But then again as the game's title says, it is his story, just told through the eyes of Luis.

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  • 1 month later...

it's a toss-up between roman, jim, and tony for me.


the friendship between niko and roman and the friendship between johnny and jim reminds me of vito and joe from mafia ii, or kiryu and nishiki from yakuza 0


tony is a witty and sarcastic man, but also pretty sympathetic at times and i like how tony and luis remain loyal to each other despite the fact that things are f*cking up around him

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Sweet eh sure he could be a dick but him being vehemently anti drugs in the crack boom is both foolish and admirable. 


Jim fitzgerald gta is so good at making you feel like sh*t for killing a random mook this guy was a solid friend, a hell of a fighter and a father and husband. 


Roman simply because his reactions to being swept into the crime world is hilarious.

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  • 5 months later...

For me the two best are Roman Bellic, he's an excellent mirror to Niko, a kind, caring optimistic person, and Lamar Davis, he genuinely outshines every other character in V with his charisma and actual existence of character, basically every scene and mission with him becomes 10x times better just by him being there.



Also f*ck Sweet, he's the worst deuteragonist.

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