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GTA SA Comic Edition

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Posted (edited)

GTA SA Comic Edition (v0.9)









A total conversion mod that transforms GTA SA into a comic look by modifying all vanilla GTA SA textures, and using Reshade.

Used three ESRGAN models to A.I. upscale GTA SA textures - the first (lady0101 ESRGAN model) for general textures, the second (Unholy_FArt ESRGAN model) for textures with letters/numbers on them, and the third (deviantPixelHD ESRGAN model) for LOD textures. 
The upscaled textures are not perfect - some textures are bugged (as expected from A.I. upscaling). 
Used Adobe Photoshop to automate on adding the textures a comic look (and other stuff such as downscaling, etc).
I fixed many bugs by hands, manually. There are still bugs that need to be fixed manually (or re-upscaled with a different ESRGAN model).
Not all GTA SA TXDs were comic-ed - this version is missing some TXDs.


Recommended mods (Can be found/downloaded in/from mixmods.com.br )
Real Skybox
Load Whole Map
ReShade Auto Toggle SA
Toon FX
SkyGFX (Xbox building and PS2 vehicle pipelines, and no color filter ("none"))
Real Linear Graphics 



Edited by Zeneric
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sh*t. This thread belongs in the "Total Conversions" category.

Mods, feel free to move it.

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Really getting Bad Day LA vibes from this. Nice!

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Posted (edited)

Nice work man! But I gotta be honest at some points it doesn't look difference (Talking about the video, the images are all dope).

Edited by CyberRock

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Man this idea is brilliant the comic style fits GTA San Andreas tone so perfectly


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