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Grand Theft Auto: Badfellas

Francesco Bonomo

Recommended Posts

Francesco Bonomo

A E. Revere, Francesco Bonomo, and Doktorpolice collaboration, in synergy with Grand Theft Auto: Cosa Nostra




"What was once considered The Best City in America, Liberty City has downgraded to an alarming title of... The Worst City in America."

Liberty Tree - 1985

"If I ask you to kill, it's not a question."

Salvatore Leone - 1986

"Every dog has his day. Whether you love him or not, you have to put him down."

Vittorio "Uncle" Leone - 1985


Theme Song


Liberty City in 1985 and 1986 was an American wasteland of vice, temptation, corruption, and greed. In the era where politicians were finally utilizing their power to fight against organized crime and business people were raking in millions using fraudulent methods in Staunton Island, Liberty City is still considered the biggest city in the world that never sleeps but does kill. In the criminal underground, there is unrest.

Follow the story of Lucio "Lucky" Goterelli. A seasoned veteran of the Clancio Crime Family in Salvatore Leone's crew. Witness Lucky go through many trails and tribulations as friendships break and betrayal is upon. Many bullets will be fired, a lot of blood will be spilled. 


"One of favorite places to dump bodies is the Dutch Creek in Christown. Soft soil, easy to dig, plus some nice looking broads in the countryside."

Franco "Frankie Spazz" Forelli - 1986

"This city will eat you alive and f*ck your wife. So it's either kill or be killed in this life."

Santino "Sonny" Forelli - 1985


Meet Lucky


Lucio "Lucky" Goterelli - A seasoned mafioso of The Clancio Crime Family with a long body list and even longer police record. A native of the mobbed up Saint Mark's neighborhood, he grew up in the criminal element. With his father, Gaetano "Gigi" Goterelli being a fully inducted member of the family since the mid-1950's. He also considered Salvatore Leone as his uncle, and learned the way of the streets under him. He vows his loyalty to him and to his father. He owns a one-of-kind 1978 Idaho Ventura Edition.



( In order of appearance )


Salvatore LeoneClancio - The Mad Man of Saint Mark's. Salvatore is a highly-respected Caporegime of the Clancio Crime Family, operating out of Saint Mark's, Portland. Although, he rose up to Caporegime at a very young age and his Uncle became boss of the family, he ,now, has the need to step out of the box and aim for the stars. Maybe... for Boss of the family.


Michael Blundetto - Clancio - The personal chauffer and bodyguard to Salvatore Leone. Loyal to Sal, he has committed many murders under Sal's orders. Feared by many because of his reputation and his build. Standing at 6 feet and 3 inches and weighing 250 pounds, he has beaten men to death once or twice. If he's coming for you, you better hope he's going to shoot you in the head.


Vittorio "Uncle" LeoneClancio -  The boss of the Clancio Family. A native of Sicily and a loyal soldier of La Cosa Nostra, he is seen as a Godfather to many of Portlands residences. Loved my many, but feared by the underworld. A soft-speaker who very rarely uses profanity, he has ordered many murders throughout the years. Even the murders of some of his own made men.


Massimo "The Ginzo" Torini - Clancio - The family's Underboss. Born and raised in the Province of Palermo, Italy to Antonello Torini, former boss of the Clancio Crime Family. Came to America in the late 1950's and was immediately embedded into the family. Not known for speaking fluent English, but is very savvy and loyal to Don "Uncle" Leone.


Santino "Sonny" Forelli - Forelli - Boss of the Forelli Crime Family. Arrogant and brash, by nature. The son of former boss, Alberico Forelli, Sonny was considered a spoiled brat with a temper growing up in Fort Staunton. Came to power in 1971 after the Harwood Massacre. Not known for making friends but he has changed his tune and is looking for a partnership between Liberty City's Commission.



In progress


Michael "Lips" Forelli - 


Franco "Frankie Spazz" Forelli - 


Giorgio "Gio" Forelli -


Peter Paul "Big Paulie" Sindacco - 


John "Little Johnny" Sindacco - 


Robert "Bobby" Caputo - 


Phil Mercandante - 


James "Big Jimmy" Peralta


Donavan McLane - 


Thomas "Tommy" Lipari - 


Leon McAffrey - 


Dexter "King Courtney" Cortland - 


Bradshaw "Matrix" Elba - 


John Francari - 


Robert "Bobby C." Corrado - 


Geraldo "Gerry C." Corrado - 


Daniel "Danny" Kelly - 


Hugh MacTavish - 


Stephen "Flemmy" Flemmingway - 


Jane Hopper - 






Badfellas grants access to the upstate towns (Aaronsville, Christown, Adamton), the forgotten borough of Bellevue Island, as well as, the State of New Guernsey. Each with their own unique characteristics that you, the consumer, can enjoy and appreciate. 



Liberty City




West Park

Hendrick Village


ADAMTON (Rochester)


Winter Hill


CHRISTOWN (Apalachin)

No Neighborhoods. Only homes with large acres.

New Guernsey


HENSON (Trenton/Elizabeth)

Central Point



GUERNSEY CITY (Jersey City/Newark)

Dutch Neck

Five Points


Wayne Point

James Woods

Reeve Hook



0: The Introduction

Overview: A grand introduction of many of the main characters of the storyline. Establishing an early look of what's to come in the future and detailing events that occurred up until the beginning of the main story.

Reward: None

1: Lucky

Overview: Lucky Goterelli goes about his usual routine. It is also Salvatore Leone's birthday.

Reward: $200 [Current Value: $488]

2: Salvatore

Overview: Salvatore hires Lucky to pick up money from shaky associate, Curly Bob.

Reward: $50 [Current Value: $122]

3. Uncle Leone

Overview: It's Uncle Leone's Birthday. Salvatore gets Lucky to get his presents for him and delivery them to Uncle's mansion.

Reward: $70 [Current Value: $170]

4. Your Luck's Ran Out

Overview: After scamming Lorenzo out of $100,000, Lucky is sent to find and kill the scam artist.

Reward: $100 [Current Value: $244]

5. Looking to Parlay

Overview: After Lucky's incident at Capital Auto's, Uncle Leone is forcing Salvatore to settle the issue with the Forelli Family. Salvatore and Lucky meet with Sonny Forelli.

Reward: $150 [Current Value: $363]

6. Lupara

Overview: Salvatore is out of town for a while. Uncle provides Lucky a job to kill a member of the family under suspicion that he is a rat. 

Reward: $300 [Current Value: $726]

7. Two for One

Overview: As a result of the Clancio's wanting to partner up with the Forelli's, Lucky has to do Sonny Forelli a favor; clipping a rat.

Reward: Cell Phone

8. Pest Control

Overview: Lucky is tasked with killing an associate of the Sindacco Family while making it look like the Irish Mob was responsible fir the hit.

Reward: $500 [Current Value: $1,215]

9. Rose

Overview: Lucky takes his wife, Rose, out on a date.

Reward: Mr. Leone Outfit


  • Paramedic - Do jobs to save members of your family or sabotage the life of an enemy.
  • Firefighter - Freelance Arsonists have set fire to Clancio/Leone businesses. Put out the fire.
  • Vigilante - Track down and kill enemies or save fellow mobsters from going to jail.
  • Taxi Driver - Drive fellow mobsters to jobs or save them from situations.
  • Funeral Service - Partake in funeral services of fellow mobsters or sabotage funerals of enemies.
  • Ladies' Man - Collect women from the street to take care of their clients.
  • Import/Export - Fulfill orders made from either in-city or out of state.
  • Midnight Run - Track down targets and deliver them alive to your job provider.
  • Enforcer - Complete jobs for your family.
  • Trafficker - In lucrative methods, sell or buy drugs.
  • Fixer - Be a professional hitman for anonymous contractors.
  • Burglary - Break into businesses or houses at night.
  • Racing - Rule the streets by owning the racing circuit.



"See this here Glock, it'll just pepper up your target real good. Now, this Python... this will blow a hole through an elephant if you want it too."

Phil Cassidy - 1986


Thanks to the Free Arms Act of 1975, Ammu-Nation gun shops have been established around the State of Liberty. But, there is a catch. They only sell handguns under the Senate's approval. Heavier weapons such as Shotguns, Semi and Full automatic weapons can be purchased in the black market. There are numerous contacts that provide exactly what you are looking all throughout the city. You just have to find them and make sure you are not followed.






Submachine Guns








Heavy Weapons


Thrown Weapons

Criminal Organizations

F.B.I. Cosa Nostra Bulletin

Clancio Family

"A family that spends more time fighting amongst themselves rather than the other families."
History: A crime family established in the late 1890's. It gets it's name from Vincenzo "Vinny C." Clancio who came into power in 1922 during Prohibition. The Clancio's have had numerous civil unrest since the family has been established but they still remain as one of the strongest families in Liberty City. Currently headed by Vittorio "Uncle" Leone since 1959, they control Portland with an iron fist.
Turf: Mainly Portland. They share Saint Mark's with the Forelli Family but control Harwood, Trenton, Portland View, and the Red Light District. They, also, have a small crew operating in Fort Staunton.
Gang Car: Clancio Vincent.





Vittorio "Uncle" Leone


Gaetano "Gigi" Goterelli


Massimo "The Ginzo" Torini




Salvatore Leone


SOLDIERS: Michael Blundetto - Vincent Carillo - Lorenzo Cipriani - Giovanni Marcucci - Lucio "Lucky" Goterelli - Jimmy Manna - Mario Ragano


Gianni "Johnny Kneecaps" Cilli


SOLDIERS: Dino Cutolo - Dominic Fusco - Benjamin Scopo - Henry Bianco - Leon Sebastianelli


Paul Gagliano


SOLDIERS: Vic DeAngelis - Joe Connacessa - Matty Madano - Ron Lupo - Steve Fellino


Alphonse Denti Jr.


SOLDIERS: Sam Barbato - John Barbato - Pete Testa - Tony Salzano - Frank Palumbo



Forelli Family

"Mafia royalty, a name going back to the 1890's, still going strong... For now."

History: A family that started it's criminal career in Fort Staunton in the early 1910's, it wasn't until the 1950's that the Forelli name started to get recognized as seriously as the other families. The current Don is Santino "Sonny" Forelli, the son of Alberico Forelli. Became boss of the family in 1971 after the "Harwood Massacre." There are reports of the Forelli's making moves in Vice City, but they are currently quiet.
Turf: They share Saint Mark's with the Clancio's. But the heart of the family lays in Fort Staunton and Torrington. But, they collect money from various businesses throughout Staunton Island.
Gang Car: Forelli Sentinel




Santino "Sonny" Forelli


Bruno Lettieri


Marco "Chef" Forelli




Franco "Frankie Spazz" Forelli


SOLDIERS: Frank "Frankie Brooks" Bruccolieri - Joe Zizzo - Sam Ferro - Jack Solano - Billy Scapelli


Michael "Lips" Forelli


SOLDIERS: Vito Adamo - Pazzo Adamo - Eddie Gianolla - Sebby Terrasini - Angelo Lucadamo


Giorgio "Gio" Forelli


SOLDIERS: Tommy Vercetti - Rocco Sylvestri - Luca Moretti - Fred DiCarlo - Don Nicoletti



Sindacco Family

"From Bellevue Island to Las Venturas, they're the richest family in Liberty City. So they say."

History: A family that's relatively young, they were known as The Sorrano Family when they were first established in 1959 by Carlo Sorrano in Bellevue Island. They started gaining recognition in 1961 but were still only seen as a small crew. In 1973, the Sorrano's moved their operation's to Las Venturas and ran the Tropico Casino and Resort, leaving behind only a small crew in Bellevue Island. Their current Don, Paulie Sindacco, rose to power in the late 1970's after Don Carlo Sorrano was sent to prison then deported. He has been living in Las Venturas since 1981.
Turf: They control half of Bellevue Island such as, Rotterdam, New Sheffield, and Bellevue Beach. They also run operation's in Fort Staunton as well as gambling and protection in Shoreside Vale.
Gang Car: Sindacco Admiral




Peter Paul "Big Paulie" Sindacco


Giuseppe "Joe" Gagliardo


Anniello "Niel" Sfraldi




John "Little Johnny" Sindacco (Staunton Island)


Soldiers: Phil Mercandante - Robert "Bobby" Caputo - James "Big Jimmy" Peralta - Michele "Mickey" Conetti - Arthur "Artie" DiMeo


Samuel Aliotti (Las Venturas)


Soldiers: Peter Santoro - Ralph Zampani - Frank "Frankie Basil" Basile - Carmine Anea - Gennaro "Gerry" Turtamelli


Gino Draccone (Las Venturas)


Soldiers: Charles "Chuckie" Guggino - Dominick Corbese - Paul Rascarone - Anthony "Tony" Scuono - David Nunzio


William "Billy" Russafino (Bellevue Island)


Soldiers: Leonardo "Tuna Fish" Patuna - Benjamin "Benny Spade" Spuadone - Angelo "Angie" Bonavio - Federico "Freddy" Bonavio



Francari Family

"The family from the other side of the river, in the Eden State, New Guernsey. Small-town mob? Farmland mafia? Far from it. They don't take kindly to outsiders, especially outsiders that disrespect New Guernsey."


History: The only mafia family based in New Guernsey. With their roots going back to the golden years of prohibition, the Francari's have been the underworld's government for decades. John Francari is now the boss of the family, like his father, Antonio Francari, who gave the family it's name in the early 1920's. They control New Guernsey and profit from the various freight docks and unions in the state.
Turf: All of New Guernsey. Even some businesses in Bellevue Island and in Aaronsville.

Gang Car: Francari Greenwood




John Francari



Russell Iaducci



Gaspare "Gus the Gentleman" Caprione




Albert "Bert" Fiscarello (Henson)


Soldiers: Salvatore "Sally Caps" Caponigro - Thomasso "Mazz" Bevilaqua - Carlo Abandado - Mario Zaccomonti - Vincent Calleze


Ilario "Larry" Gattuso (Guernsey City)


Soldiers: Robert "Bobby C." Corrado - Geraldo "Gerry C." Corrado - Richard Buono - Bruno Gorino - Ray Negale


Giacomo "Cactus Jack" Cacciatore (Claremont)


Soldiers: Samuel "Sammy Blue Eyes" Dellanucci - Henry Busalachi - Alfredo "Dogs" Lombardi - Americo "Ricky" Olivero - Nicodemo "Nicky" Olivero



The Aaronsville Police Department Crime Report

The Dan Schaffer Mob

"Our peaceful town didn't have organized crime issues until the Liberty City Jewish Mob made themselves at home here in the early 60's. Now they are nothing but a rag-tag crew of old Jewish men that are, seemingly, harmless."
History: The original Jewish Mob that operated in Liberty City up until the 1950's. They were immortalized by Dan Schaffer, real name Dobrev Shaffir, who worked closely with the Italian/Sicilian mafia since the 1920's and formed a gang of professional killers. In 1961, old man Dan Shaffer moved his gang to Aaronsville in Upstate Liberty after an argument gone bad with Uncle Leone. The Schaffer Mob is still active in Upstate Liberty but on a low scale. Dan Schaffer passed away from natural causes in 1980. Harry Ligner now heads the gang.
Turf: All of Aaronsville but they collect money from their poker games in Adamton.
Gang Car: None.



Harold "Harry" Ligner



Jerome "Jerry" Feldman



Benjamin "B.B" Bercovitz

Aaronsville Captain


Daniel "Danny Boy" Liebowitz

Adamton Captain


Leonard "Lenny" Bloom

Head of Security



Liberty🌳Tree Crime Update

The Clovers
History: The oldest gang in Liberty City's history, this Irish gang was formed in the mid-1860's and have been operating since then. They are headed by Danny Kelly, a Shoreside Vale native. They have been working closely with the Francari Family from New Guernsey, which resulted in the Clover's running businesses in Steelport, Henson.
Turf: Cedar Grove and Pike Creek. As well as, Rockford and some businesses in the Red Light District.
Gang Car: Clover Virgo



Daniel "Danny" Kelly



Hugh MacTavish

Second in Command


Stephen "Flemmy" Flemmingway [Murdered]



Patrick "Bones" Meehan



Maxwell "Maxie" O'Leary




Southside Hoods
History: A prominent African-American gang from Wichita Gardens, Shoreside Vale. They first gained recognition after a police bust in 1981, when it was revealed that they were the main Marijuana suppliers of Shoreside Vale and Staunton Island. Their leader is unknown. It is believed that their leader is Oliver Carson A.K.A. Tank, who is serving a 15-year sentence in Midway Island.
Turf: Wichita Gardens.
Gang Car: Southside Majestic



Oliver "Tank" Carson

Leader (Allegedly)


Michael "Reddy" Hightower



Omar "Purp" Glover




History: A small gang that consists of mainly Puerto Rican's and Dominican's. They started as only a gang of young latino graffiti artist's. They transitioned into a street after a stranger robbed and killed Benito, a loved resident of Hepburn Heights and member of the Diablo's. Jose Trunchez A.K.A. El Burro declared the Diablo's as a gang and their colors would be red. However, they remain small and poorly armed.
Turf: Hepburn Heights.
Gang Car: Diablo Stallion.



Jose "El Burro" Trunchez



Juan "Chito" Lujano



Wilfredo "Sazo" Mendez






Trench Posse
History: A Jamaican gang from Bellevue Island. They were established during the Jamaican influx into Bellevue Island in 1973. Headed by Dexter Cortland A.K.A. King Courtney, they inhabit the projects of Olmstead and Vanderlinde where they spread their Jamaican culture with music and food.
Turf: Olmstead and Vanderlinde, Bellevue Island.
Gang Car: Trench Voodoo.



Dexter "King Courtney" Cortland



Bradshaw "Matrix" Elba

Second in Command


Onfroy "Ziggy Courtney" Cortland



Barry "Skip" Broadus



Uriel "Gyppy" Knight




San Long Triads
History: The Chinese Mafia that rule mainland China. However, they only hold a small presence in Portland's Chinatown. But they show ambition to become bigger than what they are now. Their leader is Jan Sun, known to the Chinese locals as "Big Brother Sun." He holds a violent reputation back in China and proves it in Liberty City. Respected by everyone.
Turf: Chinatown.
Gang Car: San Long Primo



Jan "Big Brother Sun" Sun

Dragon Head


Tzi "No Smile" Leung

Deputy Chairman


Li Tau

Red Pole


Sang Ma

Red Pole



Radio Stations

Diamond FM is hosted by Spanish Playboy, Raul Hansel and plays Soft Pop, Soft Rock, and Power Ballads.


Journey - Who's Crying Now
Boston - Amanda
Aerosmith - Dream On
Styx - Babe
Survivor - The Search is Over
Boston - More Than a Feeling
Carly Simon - You're so Vain
Men at Work - Down Under
Sting - Russian
Soft Cell - Tainted Love
America - You Can Do Magic
Little River Band - Take It Easy On Me
Roxy Music - More Than This
TOTO - I Won't Hold Back

Unleashed FM is hosted by Veronica Blonde and plays Metal music.



Venom - To Hell and Back

Motorhead - Iron Fist

Mercyful Fate - Evil

Iron Maiden - The Trooper

Exciter - Heavy Metal Maniac

Metallica - Fight Fire with Fire

Metal Church - Hitman

Judas Priest - The Sentinel

Anthrax - Metal Thrashing Mad

Accept - Metal Heart

Bathory - Total Destruction

Destruction - Tormentor

Megadeth - Killing is My Business... And Business is Good!

Possessed - The Exorcist

Slayer - At Dawn They Sleep


The Liberty Jam is hosted by Kurtis Blow and plays Hip Hop.



MC Shan - The Bridge

Boogie Down Productions - Shoreside Vale

MC Shan - Kill That Noise

Boogie Down Productions - The Bridge is Over

Roxanna Shante - Have a Nice Day

Boogie Down Productions - I'm Still #1

MC Mitchski - Portland Blew Up The Bridge

MC Shan - Juice Crew Law

Cool C - Juice Crew Diss

Craig g - Duck Alert

Boogie Down Productions - Blackman In Effect


East Rock FM is hosted by Brent Davids and plays Glam Rock.



Whitesnake - Here I go Again

Bon Jovi - Livin' On a Prayer

White Lion - When The Children Cry

Def Leppard - Rock! Rock!

Quiet Riot - Party All Night

Motley Crue - Piece of Your Action

W.A.S.P. - Sleeping

Billy Idol - Dancing with Myself

Cinderella - Shake Me

Ratt - You're In Love

Dokken - Into The Fire


Head Radio is hosted by Dani Dany and plays Pop songs.



Queen - Another Bites the Dust

Bonnie Tyler - Total Eclipse of the Heart

Cyndi Lauper - Time After Time

The Human League - The Sound of the Crowd

Dexys Midnight Runners - Come on Eileen

a-ha - Take on Me

Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams

Billy Joel - Uptown Girl

Michael Jackson - Human Nature

The Bangles - Walk Like an Egyptian

WHAM! - Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go

The Pet Shop Boys - West End Girls


Liberty Soul FM is hosted by Don Suave and plays Soul, Disco, and Funk music.



Rick James - Fire and Desire

Lionel Richie - All Night Long

Chaka Kahn - Through The Fire

Michael Jackson - Baby Be Mine

Aretha Franklin - Freeway of Love

New Edition - Cool It Now

Sade - Smooth Operator 

Stevie Wonder - I Just Called to Say I Love You

Bobby Womack - If You Think You're Lonely

The Bee Gees - Stayin' Alive

Donna Summer - Love To Love You Baby

Donna Summer - I Feel Love

Yvonne Elliman - If I Can't Have You


K-Jah Radio is hosted by Zee Duvall and plays Reggae and Dancehall.



Barrington Levy - Murderer

Yellowman - Can't Hide From Jah

Gregory Isaacs - Hot Stepper

Wayne Smith - Under Me Sleng Teng

Musical Youth - Pass The Dutchie

Jimmy Riley - Sexual Healing

Lee "Scratch" Perry - Dreadlocks in Moonlight

The Specials - Ghost Town

Barrington Levy - The Vibes is Right

Bob Marley - Concrete Jungle

Bob Marley - Could You Be Loved

Bob Marley - Stir it Up

Bob Marley - Is This Love

Bob Marley - Redemption Song


Jazz Nation Radio is hosted by Frank Sinatra and plays Classic Jazz songs.



Nina Simone - Feeling Good

Oliver Nelson - Stolen Moments

Lee Morgan - Ceora

Miles Davis - So What

Dace Brubeck - Blue Ronda a La Turk

Billie Holiday - Strange Fruit


Golden Years FM is hosted by Dude Kowalski and plays 60's Classics.



The Animals - House of The Rising Sun

The Beatles - Don't Let Me Down

The Doors - Light My Fire

The Rolling Stones - I Can't Get No Satisfaction

Elvis Presley - A Little Less Conversation

James Brown - It's a Man's Man's World

B.B. King - The Thrill is Gone

Etta James - I'd Rather go Blind

Jimi Hendrix - Hey Joe

The Temptations - For Once in My Life


Double Clef FM is hosted by Luciano Pavarotti and plays Classical and Opera songs.



Orchester der Deutchen - Lohengrin

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Don Giovanni

Gioachino Rossini - Il Barbiere di Siviglia

Philharmonia Orchester - Tannhauser

Giacomo Puccini - La Boheme


WLLC The Zone FM is hosted by Lazlow Jones until 1986, then gets replaced by Micki Free and plays New Wave music.



Men Without Hats - The Safety Dance

Dead or Alive - You Spin Me Round

Duran Duran - Hungry Like a Wolf

Modern English - I Melt With You

Tears for Fears - Everybody Wants to Rule the World

Culture Club - Do You Really Want To Hurt Me

The Buggles - Video Killed The Radio Star

Talking Heads - Burning Down The House

Wang Chung - Dance Hall Days

The Human League - Don't You Want Me Baby

Thomas Dolby - She Blinded Me With Science

The Go-Go's - Our Lips Are Sealed

La Missione FM is hosted by Giorgio Moroder and plays Italo-Disco.


P Lion - Happy Children
Clio - Faces
Clio - Eyes
Ryan Paris - Dolce Vita
Righeira - Vamos a la Playa
Righeira - No Tengo Dinero
Giuni Russo - Un'estate al mare
The Flirts - Helpless (You Took My Love)
Rose - Magic Carillon
Silent Circle - Touch in the Night
Den Harrow - Mad Desire
Taffy - I Love My Radio
Scotch - Money Runner
My Mine - Hypnotic Tang
Take a Chance - Mr. Flagio
Valerie Dore - Get Closer
City O - Rose of Tokyo
Midnight Passion - I Need Your Love
Pink Project - Amama

Cachamba FM is hosted by Papo Nunez and plays Salsa and Merengue.



Willie Colon - Gitana

Hector Lavoe - Juanito Alimana

Conjunto Clasico - Senora Ley

Ruben Blades - Plastico

Roberto Blades - Lagrimas

Richie Ray y Bobby Cruz - Sonido Bestial

Bobby Valentin - Justo Ahora

El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico - La Eliminacion de Los Feos

Johnny Ventura - La Protesta de Los Feos

Sandy Reyes - Yo Quiero Acariciarte

Alex Bueno - Colegiala

Wilfrido Vargas - El Hombre Divertido

Johnny Ventura - Cabo e' Vela

Fernandito Villalona - Celos

Cheche Abreu - La Negra Pola

Tatico Henriquez - La Mecadora


Radio Elegancia is hosted by Raphael and plays Spanish Ballads.



Camilo Sesto - Me Lo Estas Poniendo Dificil

Camilo Sesto - Precisamente Tu

Camilo Sesto - Porque Me Tratas Asi

Camilo Sesto - Ponle Precio a Tu Amor

Camilo Sesto - Quererte a Ti

Julio Iglesias - Ni Te Tengo, Ni Te Olvido

Nelson Ned - Yo Tambien Soy Sentimental

Jose Jose - Anda y Ve

Raphael - Todo Se Derrumbo

Sandro - Como Lo Hice Yo

King Clave - Los Hombres No Deben Llorar

Isabel Pantoja - Asi Fue

Lolita - Abrazame

Lolita - Amor, Amor

Rocio Jurado - Como Una Ola

Amanda Miguel - El Me Mintio

Nino Bravo - Un beso y Una Flor


Liberty City Free Radio consists of three segments (The Booth, Real Time, and Liberty Minute). Each segment has their own agenda and charisma. The Booth talks about the Religious people making confessions to Pastor Austin Grant. Real Time is hosted by Former Liberty City Politician, Jonah Bedford, who walks the streets giving live interviews to civilians. Liberty Minute is the Sports segment that quickly reports statistics from every sports team representing Liberty City.


Sport Cars










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I know that, map wise, Liberty City is gonna be similar to LCS, minus the Callahan Bridge. But, I don't think that the Porter Tunnel would even exist in 1985-1986. Maybe the second ferry lane featured in Harwood and Rockford ferry terminals won't lead to Shoreside Vale, but rather Adamton, one of the upstate towns that you added.


I'm pretty sure Luigi would initially live in the same apartment in Red Light District, Portland that would be inhabited by Claude in 2001. 


Aside from Luigi, Salvatore and their relatives, I have a feeling your concept will feature younger versions of characters from III and Liberty City Stories, such as Joey Leone, Ray Machowski (maybe he could be the one selling heavy weaponry in 1985 and is said to have legitimately fought in Nicaragua, unlike Phil Cassidy, who would run his own heavy weapons store in 1998) and maybe Ma Cipriani, with Luigi possibly working for Toni's father and Ma's husband, Mr. Cipriani. Perhaps Sonny Forelli from Vice City could make an appearance here. I'm sure one of the missions in 1986 will involve Salvatore and the rest of the Leone family celebrating Joey's birthday until someone is sent to assassinate Joey.


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Francesco Bonomo

@Ivan1997GTA Thank you for map tips. I will surely implement them into my progression.


And as for the characters you mentioned, they will all make appearances in the storyline. The Introduction along with the first mission will establish the atmosphere. 

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Oh sh*t an III era concept! I hope you keep with it!

My only complaint so far, this early on, is how the game focuses, yet again, on the Leones. Why can't we play as one a Forelli? Crap! Oh well. Still can't wait to see how it plays out

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Amazing work, man! Glad to finally see this topic created. Hope we can get the missions soon... much sooner than I do, at least.

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Big Fat Paulie

Love this concept and if you need any help at all, be sure to PM me

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Francesco Bonomo

@universetwisters I understand your complaint entirely. Which is why I’m going to add a lot of focus on the Forelli’s and the Sindacco’s as much possible. Salvatore’s takeover as Boss was always something that intrigued. And this is a continuation of @henrardwal GTA: Cosa Nostra, that tells the story of Salvatore’s origins in the Mob. I plan on making sure nothing gets left out.


@henrardwal Missions are coming real soon, my friend. Hopefully I can see more Cosa Nostra missions as well.


@Big Fat Paulie Thank you. I might just take you up on that offer. 

Update: Three missions will be posted today. Stay tuned. Thank you.

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Francesco Bonomo

The Introduction


A news clip from 1985 begins playing. It shows a crime scene, a murder that occurred in Saint Marks. A dead body is seen laying on the street and is covered by a white sheet and laying in a pool of blood. Police have surrounded the entire scene. A news reporter narrates.


"Murder has become so common in our fair city. To most, it's a horrendous tragedy, each time. To some, it's a way of life."


Rockstar Games logo fades into the middle of the screen as the narrator speech becomes muffled. Then the sounds of a shotgun pump is heard, followed by the loud boom from its shot.The logo changes to Rockstar North logo. Then the screen fades to black.



The theme song, The Thrill is Gone by B.B. King begins playing and texts begin appearing.


Rockstar Games presents


A Rockstar North Production




The characters from the main storyline will be introduced as either mug shots or FBI surveillance photographs in this particular sequence. They will all be labeled with their affiliation and rank.


The Clancio Crime Family


DON - Vittorio "Uncle" Leone (Photographed by the FBI sitting in the back seat of a Mafia Washington)
CONSIGLIERE - Gaetano "Gigi" Goterelli (Photographed by the FBI standing in front of his Shoreside Vale home while smoking a cigar)
UNDERBOSS - Massimo Torini (Photographed by the FBI entering a red Ocelot Windsor)
CAPO - Salvatore Leone (Photographed by the FBI walking out of Mamma's Restaurante)

CAPO - Gianni "Johnny Kneecaps" Cilli (Mugshot from 1978)

SOLDIER - Michael Blundetto (Mugshot from 1981)

SOLDIER - Lorenzo Cipriani (Photographed by the FBI walking with a briefcase in hand)
SOLDIER - Leon Sebastianelli (Mugshot from 1984)
ASSOCIATE - Jane Hopper (Photographed by the FBI talking to a Union Rep at Portland Harbor. She is the Branch Leader of the Liberty City Trade Union)


The Forelli Crime Family


DON - Santino "Sonny" Forelli
UNDERBOSS - Marco "Chef" Forelli
CAPO - Franco "Frankie Spazz" Forelli
CAPO - Michael "Lips" Forelli
CAPO - Giorgio "Gio" Forelli (All five Forelli Brother's are photographed together sitting around a table in Marco's Bistro in Saint Marks)
SOLDIER - Francesco "Frank Brooks" Bruccolieri (Mugshot from 1980)

SOLDIER - Thomas "Tommy" Vercetti (Mugshot from 1971)
ENFORCER - Harold "Harry" Sullivan
ENFORCER - Daniel "Lee" LiOsstico

ENFORCER - Louis "Lou Bricant" Bricante (All three enforcers are photographed by The FBI walking on the Main Drag in Portland.)


The Sindacco Crime Family


DON - Paul "Paulie" Sindacco (Photographed by the FBI exiting a bank in Las Venturas)
CONSIGLIERE - Giuseppe "Joe" Gagliardo (Photographed by the FBI alongside Capo, John "Johnny" Sindacco and Soldier Samuel Aliotti leaving Francis International Airport)
SOLDIER - Robert "Bobby" Caputo (Photographed by the FBI alongside Phil Mercandante and James "Big Jimmy" Peralta entering their new cars at a dealership in Harwood)



The Federal Bureau of Investigation


Agent Donovan McLane
Agent Jack Murray
Agent Thomas Lipari

The Trench Posse


LEADER - Dexter "King Courtney" Cortland (Photographed alongside Second in Command Bradshaw "Matrix" Elba and Captain Onfroy "Ziggy Courtney" Cortland posing in front of their Bellevue Island home, Clifford Projects)

The Francari Crime Family


DON - John Francari (Photographed alongside Consigliere Russell Iaducci, Underboss Gaspare "Gus The Gentleman" Caprione, Soldier Robert "Bobby C." Corrado, and Soldier Geraldo "Gerry C." Corrado in a wedding)

The Clover Gang


LEADER - Danny Kelly (Photographed alongside Second in Command Hugh McTavish and Enforcer Steve "Flemmy" Flemmingway toasting with whiskey bottles in an Irish Pub in Shoreside Vale)



SOLDIER - Lucio "Lucky" Goterelli (Photographed by the FBI exiting a Glendale)





Screen fades to black and the theme song finishes. The text “Portland, 1985” appears on the bottom left and the screen fades into the exterior of Mamma’s Restaurante. The next shot is inside, introducing Salvatore Leone having lunch with Mike Blundetto while discussing about their displeasure with Vittorio’s leadership as of late. Salvatore is seen eating Osso Buco alla Milanese with white wine. Mike is eating his favorite dish, Pasta alla Carbonara with a serving of Sangria.


Salvatore: I swear. sh*t is gonna hit the f*cking fan if the Old Man doesn’t stop kissing ass to the Old Country. It’s f*cking with us.
Mike: Tell me about it. You know your Uncle made me pay that cocksucker, Massimo, three points last week.
Salvatore: Why?
Mike: I offloaded some guns in Harwood. But the guys was working for Massimo. So because of that, I had to pay three points.
Salvatore: You got other businesses, right?
Mike: Yeah. Off the record, though. That’s the only thing that feeds me. Other than that, I’m losing money because of the kickbacks to the Sicilians. It’s unbelievable. Eventually, your Uncle’s gonna piss off the wrong person.
Salvatore: Yeah, but who would even try? He’s the most powerful man in Liberty City.
Mike: Doesn’t mean sh*t. Every man has his limits. I mean, he’s your family and look how he treats you.
Salvatore: Right. I just turned 50. I’m no longer a young man. Yet he still treats me like I’m still 25 following him around. I could’ve killed him back in ‘59. But I showed mercy. Yet I still get treated like sh*t.
Mike: He’s a disease, Sal.
Salvatore: I know. Let’s just let it go. We both took an oath. Let’s abide by it.


Outside of Momma’s, a Mafia Sentinel drives by and inside in the back seat, is Vittorio and Massimo speaking in Sicilian about business with the Forelli Family and their displeasure with Salvatores attitude.


Vittorio: The Forelli Family makes a strong proposal. A union between all families. Which sounds promising. What do you think, Massimo?
Massimo: The Forelli Family? This surprises me, Don. The Leone’s vowed to never make dealings with The Forelli’s after Alberico passed away. You really think his disrespectful son, Sonny, is talking peace or is it a set-up?
Vittorio: My God, you sound like my nephew. Doubtful of my decisions.
Massimo: I do not doubt you, My Don. I only state the precautions with Sonny’s brashness. He does not come from the same cloth as you and me.
Vittorio: I understand, Massimo. But trust me on this. Even if he plans on betraying me, he will rue the day he was born. It’s time things change. We need to make the proper adjustments. You understand?
Massimo: Of course.
Vittorio: Good. If all goes well like I planned, I’m going to be the Boss of all of Liberty City. And our beloved Sicily will finally have their pipeline to America.
Massimo: It’s not going to be easy, My Don.
Vittorio: Then I will kill everyone who gets in my way.


Vittorio’s car drives past Marco’s Bistro in Saint Mark’s. The camera pans towards the entrance and makes its way to the back room where Sonny Forelli is seen eating with his brothers Marco, Franco, Lips, and Giorgio, on a round table. The Forelli Brother’s are known as The Family’s Council. All brothers hold powerful ranks.


Sonny: So, the Old Man agreed to meet with us. Now all we need is Sindacco to give us his word, and we can proceed forward.
Lips: Paulie's busy counting his money in Venturas. He ain’t worried about us.
Franco: I gotta disagree with you, Lips. He’s been losing money the last couple of years. And losing his influence. So if he’s desperate, he’ll give us a word.
Sonny: That’s right. It’s just a matter of waiting.
Lips: Okay. How did you get the Old Man to agree?
Sonny: He’s looking for better business opportunities. He knows that we can accomplish a whole lot, money-wise, together. Him with his political influences and us with our connections with the other gangs. Not to mention, Sindacco's connections in Venturas. We literally can’t lose.
Giorgio: How long is this gonna last though? The Sindacco’s shouldn’t be a problem, but the Leone’s, they’re a totally different breed of crazies.
Marco: Gio’s got a point. The Old Man is too smart and too greedy to be united with anyone. How do we know he ain’t gonna turn on us the moment the opportunity pops up?
Sonny: Relax. You two worry too much. I got my own plans. And if it goes well, by this time next year, I’ll be the Boss of Bosses. No family will ever be more powerful than the Forelli’s. I bet my life on it. It’s time for a change.


Sonny’s cellular phones rings and he picks the up.


Sonny: Hello?

-Oh hey, we was just talking about you. You made a decision?


The camera will quickly zoom into the phone and zoom out from another phone being held by Paulie Sindacco, who is still laying in bed with his mistress, Dahlia Latore. The text “Las Venturas” appears on the bottom left.


Joe: Yes, I have. And I’m in. When will the meeting happen?
-Good. I’m looking forward to it.
-Alright, take care.


Joe hangs up and lays his head down on the pillow.


Dahlia: You okay, Baby?
Joe: Yeah. I’m just thinking, is all.
Dahlia: About what?
Joe: Whether this trip to Liberty City be my last or not.
Dahlia: What do you mean?
Joe: You know what I mean. I just agreed to a sit down with two people I've had problems with in the past.
Dahlia: Why did you agree, then?
Joe: Because I’m Paulie f*cking Sindacco. And I don’t f*cking run from anybody. That name still means something over there.

Dahlia: Of course, Baby. You do know you're the most important Boss, right? Whatever it is they're planning, they can't do it without you. So use that power. Forget about them. It's all about Big Dick Paulie Sindacco. Boss of Liberty City and Las Venturas.

Paulie: You just know the right things to say.


The couple kiss.


Paulie: I gotta get dressed. [Gets up and puts on a velvet robe] You still want your sister to move out here?

Dahlia: Yeah. If you can get her a job out here, I'll do a "job" for you.

Paulie: Hmm, I'll take you up on that offer. Tell her I can have a position open for her here at the casino by next month.

Dahlia: Really, Baby? Aw thank you so much.

Paulie: Anything for you, Sweetheart. I gotta go, but I'll see you later tonight.

Dahlia: Okay. I love you.

Paulie: I love you more, Sweet Lips.


Paulie starts walking towards the camera. The moment he walks past the camera, it’ll fade to black quickly, then fade out showing four men walking away from the camera towards an Italian shop. The text “Staunton Island” appears on the bottom left. 28-year-old Johnny Sindacco attempts to extort a mom and pop shop in Torrington with Bobby Caputo, Phil Mercandante, and Big Jimmy Peralta.


Johnny: How you doing, Mr. Parente?
Dino: Hello, Johnny.
Johnny: You remember Bobby, Phil, and Jimmy, right?
Dino: O-of course. Good evening, Gentlemen. Can I offer you a bottle of our finest wine? It’s a Vino Rosso, 1959. Let me go and get it for you.
Johnny: Mr. Parente, you know why we’re here.
Dino: Is Mr. Sindacco coming back to the city?
Johnny: That’s right. And he wants his due and proper.
Dino: Gentlemen, please understand. I haven’t made much money. Your father has been gone for many years.
Johnny: He gave you five free years, Dino. It’s time to pay for them. You know how much that is?
Dino: No, I don’t.
Johnny: Well, why don’t I let my friends show you.


Bobby and Phil hold Dino down as Jimmy takes money out of the cash register and hands it to Johnny.


Johnny: Now you owe us $4,348. We’ll come by every Friday to collect until the debt is settled. I hope I made that perfectly clear.
Dino: Y-y-yes you have, Johnny.
Phil: Call him Mr. Sindacco.
Dino: Yes, Mr. Sindacco!
Johnny: Good. I knew you’d see it my way. Take care, Mr. Parente. Let’s go boys.


They leave and walk to a phone booth across the street. Johnny calls his father.


Johnny: Hey, Dahlia. My dad around?

-Yeah, can you? Appreciate it.

-Hey Pop. How you doing?

-Everything's going alright. Mr. Parente sends you his best regards.
-Things are looking up for sure.
-We still doing that thing with Sonny?
-Whatever you say, Pop. I’m ready.



Johnny hangs up the phone, then the screen pauses for a quick second. Giving the player the idea that a picture was just taken. It will cut to a civilian Schyster Greenwood with two FBI agents, Donovan McLane and Tommy Lipari, watching the events that just occurred down the street.


Tom: They were only in there for only a few minutes. Then Johnny walks out and makes a call, then leaves. Probably a shake down.
Donovan: I’ve noticed him making more moves than usual. Collecting and whatnot from other people we have never seen.
Tom: Yeah. It’s strange. Somethings up and I bet it involves Paulie Sindacco making a comeback.
Donovan: You don’t think he’s coming back into town, do you?
Tom: I don’t see why he wouldn’t. It’s like Johnny and his crew of sh*theads are clearing the runway so Paulie can land safely.
Donovan: Maybe. It’s still a bit of a stretch.
Tom: True. But we can definitely build from that foundation.
Donovan: Lets just stay on Johnny. I got a feeling he’s gonna lead us to something big.


Tom Lipari takes his last drag from his cigarette and throws it out towards the sidewalk. The camera focuses on the cigarette until it lands on the sidewalk, then a black shoe is seen stepping on it. The camera pans up on the person, showing that this is a LCPD Cop on a beat. After zooming into the badge, the name McAffrey is shown. This is 29-year-old Officer Leon McAffrey from the 98th Precinct in Staunton Island. He is walking down the sidewalk of a busy street towards Johnny Sindacco, who is now in the passenger seat of a Dundreary Marbelle. Leon stops in his tracks right in front of Johnny’s window and pretends to tie his shoe while saying something to Johnny.


Leon: Two FBI agents have been watching you this whole time.
Johnny: What?
Leon: Seven cars back. Brown Greenwood. One drives, the other takes pictures. Watch yourself.
Johnny: Thank you. Who are you?
Leon: Leon McAffrey. 98th Precinct. I can help you out if the moneys good.


Johnny takes out a wad of cash and throws it on the ground near Leon’s shoes. Leon subtly picks it up.


Johnny: I appreciate it.
Leon: Tell your boys to lose the tail on Belleville. There’s a lot of detours because of the construction site. Best of luck to you.


Leon gets up and walks way. The rest of Johnny’s crew enters the car and they drive away and the brown Greenwood follows them. But the camera instead, pans into the driver seat of a Voodoo going the opposite direction. Introducing King Courtney. The leader of The Trench Posse from Bellevue Island. He is seen smoking a joint and listening to the soothing music of Gregory Isaacs, Hot Stepper. The camera stays on King as he drives to the ferry. Once he arrives, he parks his Voodoo on the ferry’s platform next to a red Remington belonging to his most loyal soldier, Matrix Elba. He rolls down his window and speaks to him.


King: Mi just speak wid di Lion. Him says wi need fi speak tuh a Jane Hoppa before bringing fi wi sh*t inna di city. Mek di propa arrangements. Mi wa fi get dis dun right away. Seen?
Matrix: Yea King. Dis Lion a guh gi wi protection?
King: Yeah him give mi fi him word. Says wen di time comes we’ll kno wah fi duh.


The camera zooms out and hovers above the city. Then slowly pans down to the inside of a black Emperor. The text “New Guernsey” appears on the bottom left. Inside the car are three men, Bobby and Gerry Corrado, sitting in the front and John Francari, Don of the New Guernsey Family, sitting in the back.


John: Bobby. How long til we get there? I don’t wanna be late.
Bobby: Another 15 minutes, Boss.
John: Good.
Gerry: Are you sure about this, Boss? This sudden meeting with the Micks just seems way too out of the blue.
John: They’re okay, more or less. That’s not my issue, though. It's these f*cking Spanish pricks. They're making a f*ck ton of cash selling coke and they ain’t giving us a piece of the action.
Bobby: It’s not like they like each other. The Colombians don’t get along with the Cubans. The Puerto Ricans hate the Dominicans. And the Mexicans? Fuhgetaboutit. They’re just as stressed as you, Boss.
John: Yeah, well. I got a plan. It's foolproof. In about six months time, I’m gonna run all of them. Guernsey will be Cocaine Central and those pricks from across the river will be begging to do business with me. It’s only a matter of time.
Bobby: Here’s hoping, Boss.
John: Call Kelly and tell him we’re close.
Gerry: But we’re not.
John: No sh*t, Genius. Tell them we’re close and we’ll sweat them out. So even if they are planning on flipping on us, we get them by surprise.
Gerry: You got it.


Gerry calls Danny Kelly, leader of The Clovers. Camera rushes to Kelly’s location, showing him standing in a warehouse with five other men.


Kelly: Yeah?
⁃ Okay, that’s great. See you soon, then.


Kelly hangs up.


Hugh: [Heavy Irish Accent] You sure about this, Kell? They might try to get one over on us.
Kelly: John is many things, but he’s not a traitor. He’s very careful though. Still, have everyone on full alert. I don’t wanna hurt him, but I will if I have to.
Hugh: You got it.
Kelly: And Hugh?
Hugh: Yes?
Kelly: Make a call to Flemmy. Tell him to go straight to the garage and wait for us there.
Hugh: Of course, Kell.


Hugh calls Flemmy from a landline. The camera zooms out, then back on to a man walking near Lutefisk (Now Chinatown) who receives Hugh’s call on his pager. He rushes to the nearest pay phone and calls back.


Flemmy: Hey, Hughey.
⁃ I’m by Lutefisk, right now.
⁃ Sure. I ain’t far.
⁃ I don’t have it, but I can get it from Sheen. It’s on the way.
⁃ Okay. I’ll see you boys there then.
⁃ Bye.

Flemmy hangs up and begins walking. He crosses the street on the red light and the camera focuses from Flemmy to the driver of a 1978 Willard Idaho who is listening to Keep on loving you by REO Speedwagon. Introducing Lucio “Lucky” Goterelli. The game’s Protagonist. He begins driving towards Trenton while the song continues to play. He makes it Atlantic Quays and parks in front of an office. He turns off the car as well as the music and goes inside and meets with LC Trade Union Leader, Jane Hopper. Who is in the middle of a phone call.

Jane: Well, I think we can come to an agreement. When will you be coming back to Portland?
⁃ That sounds good. Just pay me a visit here at Atlantic Quays. We can definitely work something out.
⁃ Thank you, Mr. Matrix. Give my best regards to Mr. Courtney.
⁃ Bye bye, now.

Jane hangs up.


Jane: Thank God for that Summer I spent in Jamaica back in ‘74 or else I wouldn’t have understood a damn word.
Lucky: Jamaicans?
Jane: Yeah. They wanna use the harbor to bring in some product. They made a convincing proposal. A lot of money. And they would only push it in Bellevue Island.
Lucky: So good all around, then?
Jane: Yes. Now how can I help you, Lucky?
Lucky: Just dropping off some money. It’s been a good week.
Jane: Oh perfect. Thank you.
Lucky: So the debt settled?
Jane: 100 percent.
Lucky: Great. I appreciate everything.
Jane: Anytime, Hon. You’ll always be in my good graces.
Lucky: Thanks. I’ll see you, Jane.
Jane: Take care, Lucky.


Lucky will exit the office and enter his car. After turning on the car, the music is interrupted by an emergency weather broadcast.


News: A devastating hurricane is making its way to Liberty City. We advise you to remain indoors until the storm is over. Until then, officials have decided to shut down all means of passage to other islands. It could be a good while until they open again, so please...


Lucky changes the station and The Thrill is Gone by B.B. King begins playing. Lucky drives away. The camera rises above the city showing all of the boroughs and New Guernsey and the title, Grand Theft Auto: Badfellas fades in on the center then the background fades to black.

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Francesco Bonomo

Mission 1: Lucky

The screen focuses on Lucky driving his 1978 Willard Idaho through Portland along the Main Drag. During his drive, the camera focuses on various locations as Lucky drives past them while The Thrill is Gone by B.B. King is playing. The King Cuisine Restaurant (Now Punk Noodles) in Lutefisk (Now Chinatown), The Sweeny General Hospital, Saint Mark's Bistro, and The Duccio Hotel (Now Leone Casino).

In the streets, the people of Saint Marks greet Lucky as they recognize his car. He pulls into Mamma's Restaurante's parking lot and parks his car by the stairs. He turns off his car, but the music continues to play in the background as he walks towards the front entrance of the establishment. The restaurant's front patio is at full capacity with satisfied customers.

Lucky walks in the restaurant, the music changes to Nessun Dorma by Luciano Pavarotti. There is a line ahead of him. The Hostess, Katherine Pirri, notices Lucky standing behind the line and immediately orders the staff to clear him a table. The anxious people in line say nothing, they know who Lucky Goterelli is. The staff prepares a table for Lucky at his preferred spot, near the wine rack in the far corner. Lucky reaches into his jacket pocket and takes out a $20 bill and hands it to Katherine, gives her a wink, and thanks her. She takes the money while looking at Lucky with affection in her gaze, stuffs the money in her bra.

While walking towards his table, Lucky is greeted by many patrons, the bartender, and Ma Cipriani. Her real name is Teresa Cipriani and she has seen Lucky grow up. She is standing by Lucky's table holding a bottle of one of her finest wines. Lucky sits down and Ma immediately pours him some wine on a clear glass.

Ma: How you doing, Lucky?
Lucky: I'm good. I'll be better once I get some of your food in me.
Ma: What would you like?
Lucky: The Red Wine Steak smothered in onions and peppers.
Ma: Your favorite. Garlic bread and Marinara sauce?
Lucky: Oh, yes please.
Ma: [Smiling] It is my pleasure, Luck. I'll get that ready right away.
Lucky: Thank you, Ma. 

Ma Cipriani walks away to the kitchen. Lucky drinks his wine. Katherine, The Hostess, accompanies Lucky at his table.

Katherine: Hey, Lucky. Mind if I join you?
Lucky: Now why would I say no to that? By all means.
Katherine: Thank you. It's been such a long day. It's been packed all day.
Lucky: You must be stressed.
Katherine: I am. A nice massage could really calm my nerves.
Lucky: Well, some consider me good with my hands. Maybe I can help you.
Katherine: I would love that.

A waiter brings Lucky his food. Lucky thanks him and hands him $20. Lucky begins eating. The screen pans around the restaurant, showing its red interior as well as the full capacity of customers. An overall good and humble environment. Lucky finishes his meal and pays the bill. Wiseguys don't usually pay, but he has no problem paying. He leaves a big tip and gets up from his table. He walks to his car, before he enters, he takes out a cigarette from his jacket and lights it up. He looks over to the stairs and sees Katherine, walking his way. She enters the passenger side of his car. Lucky takes the last drag of the cigarette and throws it to the street. He also sees 17-year-old Toni Cipriani taking out the garbage from the restaurant. Toni looks at Lucky in awe. Lucky gives Toni a quick wink and enters the Idaho. Now you have control of Lucky.

Take Katherine Home

She lives in an apartment building in Saint Marks, just a few blocks away.

Katherine: Thanks for taking me home.
Lucky: It's no problem. 
Katherine: I don't understand.
Lucky: Understand what?
Katherine: I don't understand how people are scared of you. You're such a sweetheart. A very handsome sweetheart.
Lucky: Maybe I'm bad. I don't know.
Katherine: I like bad.
Lucky: Then you're gonna love me.

Once you arrive, both Lucky and Katherine will enter the apartment building. Lucky leaves a couple of hours later. He notices two teenage boys lore over his car. They are young Mickey "Hamfist" Dante and Joey Leone. They see Lucky and immediately stand at attention.

Mickey: We washed your car for you, Uncle Lucky.
Lucky: Thanks, boys.
Joey: I even took the liberty to check your car fluids. Car's pristine.
Lucky: I appreciate that, Joey. How's your father?
Joey: He's good. At the hotel right now.
Lucky: Good. I'll pay him a visit later on. [Reaches into jacket and pulls out $40. Gives $20 to each] You two hang on to that.
Mickey: Thanks, Uncle Lucky.
Joey: Yeah, thank you, Uncle Lucky.
Lucky: No problem, boys. Now where's my hot-head son?
Joey: He's at the hotel with my Pops.
Lucky: Alright. I'll see him too. I'll catch you boys later.
Mickey: See ya, Uncle Lucky.
Joey: Take care, Luck.

Make your Rounds

You are assigned to collect money from three establishments. PONS Clothing in Hepburn Heights, Panetierre in Saint Mark's, and Aiello & Sons Barbershop in Harwood.

You can go in any order you'd like.

[PONS Clothing]

Lucky walks in the shop and makes his way to the counter.

Lucky: Hi. Is Serge available?
Cashier: No, he's out. But he did leave you this. [Money] 
Lucky: Great. Tell him I said thank you.
Cashier: Not a problem, Mr. Goterelli.
Lucky: Please, call me Lucky. What's your name?
Cashier: Jackie.
Lucky: Well, Jackie. I hope I can see you again.
Jackie: Me too, Lucky.
Lucky: Take care.

Lucky leaves the shop.


Lucky walks in and is greeted by Old Man Guiseppe.

Guiseppe: Ah, Signore Lucky. How are you doing?
Lucky: I'm doing just fine, Guiseppe. I came here for the usual.
Guiseppe: But of course. Help yourself to some free Italian bread. My niece, Angela, will give you the money.
Lucky: Great. Thank you, Guiseppe.

Lucky picks up one loaf of Italian bread wrapped in plastic and makes his way to Angela.

Angela: The usual, Mr. Goterelli?
Lucky: Yes, please.
Angela: Here you go. [Hands Lucky money]
Lucky: Thank you, Angela. I appreciate this.
Angela: Always a pleasure, Mr. Goterelli.

Lucky walks out the shop.

[Aiello & Sons Barbershop]

Lucky walks in.

Lucky: Hey, Mr. Aiello. I'm here for the usual.
Aiello: Sure. Here you go. [Hands Lucky money] You want a trim, Luck?
Lucky: Maybe next time. I'm on a tight schedule.
Aiello: It's no problem. You're always welcome here.

Lucky leaves.

Now that all of the money has been collected. You are given a new objective.

Go to The Duccio Hotel

Make your way there and park in the front. You will see young Luigi Goterelli standing in front.

Luigi: Hey Pop.
Lucky: Hey, Luigi. You doing security for your Uncle Sal?
Luigi: Yeah. Easy $50.
Lucky: Not bad. Keep an eye on my car. I'll be right down.
Luigi: Alright, Pop.

Lucky walks in the hotel and takes the elevator to the penthouse suite. Once the elevator door opens, Lucky is greeted by Salvatore's personal security guard, Michael Blundetto.

Mike: Hey, Luck. Whaddya say?
Lucky: I'm alright. How you doing, Mikey?
Mike: I'd complain, but who'd listen?
Lucky: [Laughingly] True. Sal in there?
Mike: Yeah, in the kitchen with his wife.
Lucky: Thank you.

Lucky walks through the living room area, past the dining room area, and into the kitchen. There he sees 50-year-old Salvatore Leone and his wife Marisa Leone, cooking together.

Lucky: Happy Birthday, Uncle Sal! How you doing, Aunt Marisa.
Marisa: Lucky, hi!
Salvatore: Oh, there he is. Lucky Goterelli. Come here, give me hug.

The two share a hug. Salvatore kisses Lucky on both cheeks. A way of endearment in Sicily.

Lucky: And here's your gift. [Hands Salvatore the money he collected]
Salvatore: Always on time with your rounds. Thank you. You staying for dinner?
Lucky: I'd love to but Rose is expecting me tonight.
Marisa: Why not bring her here tonight? It is Sal's birthday.
Salvatore: Yeah, why not give it a try?
Lucky: Sure. I'll try.
Salvatore: Great! I'll set the table.
Lucky: Okay. You still need Luigi?
Salvatore: No, he can go. Someone called off so I figured I'll tell him. You okay with me giving him jobs?
Lucky: I'm fine with it. Luigi's tough. And it'd be nice for him to make his own money. By the way, I saw Mickey and Joey earlier. They washed my car and Joey checked my fluids. I was "visiting" a friend and they saw my car.
Salvatore: Was it that blondie from Ma's?
Lucky: Fuhgetaboutit.
Salvatore: That's my boy.
Lucky: Alright. Let me go get Rose. I'll see you later.
Salvatore: Sure. And, take this [$250]
Lucky: Thanks, Uncle Sal.

Lucky leaves the hotel and sees Luigi again.

Lucky: Luigi, get in.
Luigi: Okay.

Go to your Safehouse

The safehouse is located in long alleyway by Mamma's Restaurante. In this game, there will be a garage available in one of the empty lots. Next to the garage is the back entrance to the Goterelli's Residence.

Luigi: How was your day, Pop?
Lucky: It was okay. How was yours?
Luigi: It was okay. I'm working on something that can make us good money.
Lucky: Is it gonna get you in trouble?
Luigi: Not if I do it right.
Lucky: So what is it?
Luigi: When it's ready, I'll tell you.

Park your car in the garage, exit, then step on the marker to enter your safehouse.

Luck will enter his apartment, it is on the top floor. It is a nice sized apartment with two bedrooms, a large living room, and a modern kitchen. In the kitchen, is Rose Goterelli, Lucky's wife.

Lucky: Hey, Babe.
Rose: Hey, Hon.
Lucky: You gonna cook?
Rose: Yeah, why?
Lucky: It's Sal's birthday today. He wants us to go over for dinner. You wanna go?
Rose: I mean... I don't know if Luigi wants to go.
Luigi: Yeah, I wanna go. Please, Mom?
Lucky: You see?
Rose: You two can go. I'll stay in?
Lucky: Come on, Babe. You know Sal is gonna feel offended. Luigi, go get ready.
Rose: Why not take that blonde bitch from the restaurant. Or maybe that Puerto Rican whore from the Heights.
Lucky: You're really gonna do this? f*ck it. Luigi! Let's go.

Lucky and Luigi go out.

Go to The Duccio Hotel

Make your way back to Salvatore's suite.

Luigi: Mom okay?
Lucky: Yeah. She's just not happy with me right now.
Luigi: I just want you to know, Pop. I would have done it too.
Lucky: You would have done what?
Luigi: [Laughingly] I would have f*cked Katerine, too.
Lucky: Okay, let's not talk about this. Ever.

Once you reach the hotel, Lucky and Luigi will enter the hotel. Time will fast forward to after the dinner. Lucky will spawn will in front of the hotel.

Luigi: I'll walk home Pop. I'm gonna visit Jenny.
Lucky: Alright. Be careful.

Mission Passed

Edited by Francesco Bonomo
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The radio stations kinda threw me off this concept sorta tbh. Not only you're throwing in songs from Vice City but why tf is Emotion from VC in Liberty City yo

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Francesco Bonomo
4 hours ago, universetwisters said:

The radio stations kinda threw me off this concept sorta tbh. Not only you're throwing in songs from Vice City but why tf is Emotion from VC in Liberty City yo

I do apologize for that. To be perfectly honest, I was half asleep when I was working on the radio stations. I will make changes to it once I have time to myself.

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2 hours ago, Francesco Bonomo said:

I do apologize for that. To be perfectly honest, I was half asleep when I was working on the radio stations. I will make changes to it once I have time to myself.

Also, I find the lack of a hip-hop station kind of weird, considering that hip-hop music in New York was huge in the 1980s. Maybe you should consider making a 1980s version of Game Radio from GTA III, which would play similar music to Wildstyle and Fresh 105 from Vice City and Vice City Stories. Also, perhaps you should consider renaming some stations, like Aura 105 to Liberty Soul FM, and Sin City FM to WLLC "The Zone", something like that.

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My complaint is the logo

It's too simple and the white color makes it even worse

Hopefully it'll be changed in the future

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16 hours ago, MonsieurEcho said:

My complaint is the logo

It's too simple and the white color makes it even worse

Hopefully it'll be changed in the future

Do you have any suggestions how it could be improved?

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Francesco Bonomo



I have put in hours to completely reconstruct the Radio Stations which I know was a big complaint. I will continue to make improvements on it, but I hope you, the consumer, enjoy it better.


Next three Missions will be posted within the next couple of days.


Thank you all for your patience. Have a lovely day and night.

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On 8/5/2020 at 2:31 PM, E Revere said:

Do you have any suggestions how it could be improved?

Try another color, black could work, and try to put the text in all caps

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Francesco Bonomo

Mission 2: Salvatore


This next mission can be triggered from the main entrance of the Duccio Hotel.


Lucky walks through the crowded lobby and heads straight towards the elevator. He presses the UP button and waits for the next elevator. One opens up and Lucky goes in. He presses the Penthouse button and waits for the doors to close. Just as the doors come to a full close, a hand swiftly halts the doors and they open. A man enters the elevator and stands next to Lucky. Lucky, however, shows signs of annoyance on his face as the man begins a conversation.


Man: Hey. You staying here too?

Lucky: No. I'm just visiting someone.

Man: Oh okay. So are you from here?

Lucky: I, uh, grew up in this neighborhood.

Man: Nice! I'm from the Mid-West. f*cking boring. I love it out here. I mean, Italian food so authentic, I'm getting more tan even in the winter. [Laughs]

Lucky: [Sarcasm] Real interesting.

Man: Kenny Oliver. Attorney at Law. [Extends hands towards Lucky]

Lucky: [Shakes Hand] Lucky Goterelli, Waste Management.

Kenny: Nice to meet you, Lucky. Is that your real name?

Lucky: Is your floor coming soon?

Kenny: Almost. So, you're Italian, right?

Lucky: What gave it away?

Kenny: So, do you say forget about it?

Lucky: What?

Kenny: You know?

Lucky: No, I don't. Where's your floor?  [Elevator doors open] Oh, thank God.

Kenny: This is me. Nice meeting you, Lucky.

Lucky: Like-wise. [Doors close] Jesus Christ.


Lucky finally makes it to the Penthouse floor. The doors open and he is greeted by Mike Blundetto right away.


Mike: Hey, Luck.

Lucky: What you say, Mikey?

Mike: Same sh*t, different day. If you're looking for Sal, he's in his office.

Lucky: Thanks, Mikey.


Lucky walks through the living room and dining room and turns into a short hallway that has double doors at the end. This is Salvatore's office. Lucky walks in. Salvatore is seen sitting on his chair drinking bourbon with ice while listening to Stolen Moments by Oliver Nelson.


Sal: Lucky! How you doing, My Boy?

Lucky: I'm good, Uncle Sal. I see you're drinking your good bourbon. What's the occasion?

Sal: None. I just really needed a drink before I go do something.

Lucky: What is it?

Sal: One of my guys got sent for by the Old Man while he was doing his rounds.

Lucky: Okay. So?

Sal: He left his money at a bar in Hepburn Heights. It was his last stop. And now that you're here, you can take me. I had about three or four drinks already.

Lucky: Which bar?

Sal: Your favorite, Curly's.

Lucky: Please tell me you're joking.

Sal: I'm not.

Lucky: You mean, I gotta deal with that creep, Bob?

Sal: WE are gonna deal with that creep, Bob. It'll be okay. He might annoy you, but with me, he gets straight to the point. Let's go. I wanna catch him before he gets too loaded.


Salvatore and Lucky leave the office and spawn in front of the main entrance of the hotel.


Go to Curly's


Instead of driving your vehicle, you are required to drive Salvatore's personal vehicle, an all-black Greenwood with chrome rims and custom grill and lights. Once you enter, Jazz Nation Radio will be the default radio station playing.


Lucky: So Curly Bob is holding money for you? You sure you don't wanna review that theory?

Sal: I know he's shakey.

Lucky: That's an understatement.

Sal: But if he doesn't have it, I'll break his f*cking legs and burn down his bar to collect. I ain't leaving without my money.

Lucky: Just say the word, he's done.

Sal: He still has his uses. For now.

Lucky: What uses besides being a coke head rat degenerate?

Sal: He hears things. Things that made us a lot of money. Just take it easy and let me do the talking.


Once you arrive at Curly's, a big corner bar very well-known in Portland. A known social club for wiseguys, Lucky and Salvatore will walk in and speak to the bartender.


Sal: Hey. I'm looking for Bobby. He in?

Bartender: He stepped out not too long ago for a smoke. He'll be back soon. Would you gentlemen like anything?

Lucky: Double whiskey, straight.

Bartender: Coming up.

Sal: You sure you got your drinking under control?

Lucky: Yeah, Uncle Sal. I been good. Just a little drink here and there won't do no harm.

Sal: Alright.


The Bartender gets Lucky his drink, Lucky drinks it right away. Once he puts his glass back down on the bar, Curly Bob walks in.


Sal: Well, if it ain't Curly Bob. You had a good smoke?

Bob: Sal... Lucky. W-w-what are yous doing here?

Sal: Let's step into your office to talk.

Bob: Okay. I left my car on, so I'm gonna turn it-

Lucky: Now, Bob.

Bob: Okay. Alright.


The three walk past the bathrooms and enter the office.


Bob: So, uh, [Sniff] what can I do yous guys for?

Sal: My money, Bob. I want it.

Bob: What money?

Sal: The money Bruno left here. I'm here to pick it up.

Bob: When was it that Bruno left it here?

Lucky: That's it. [Makes intimidating gesture towards Bob]

Bob: Wait! Wait. I know what money now. Oh, silly me.

Sal: Good. Where is it?

Bob: I-uh...I-uhh...

Sal: You're wasting time, Bob. Do I have to let Lucky hurt you? He wants to.

Bob: No-no-no-no, that won't be necessary.

Sal: The money.

Bob: I... don't have it.

Sal: Can you speak up, Bob. You're mumbling. It sounded like you said you don't have my f*cking money!

Bob: I don't have your money, Sal.

Lucky: Mr. Leone.

Bob: Sorry, Mr. Leone.

Sal: I need a moment to collect my thoughts. Lucky? Break a finger.

Bob: What? No-no-no-no! Please!


Lucky breaks Curly Bob's left index finger. Bob screams in agony, but Lucky covers his mouth to muffle the scream.


Sal: Shut the f*ck up! You want everybody else to hear?

Lucky: One down, nine to go.


Bob continues to whimper and cry.


Sal: Break another one.

Lucky: You got it.


Sal: Say it again?

Bob: Sonny's cousin, Giorgio Forelli. He came in here and saw me with the money and took it from me. Plus everything I had in my cash register.

Sal: Motherf*cking Forelli's.

Lucky: He's probably at St. Marks Bistro laughing about it now.

Sal: f*ck that. We're going down there and I'm getting my f*cking money back. And Bobby?

Bob: Yeah?

Sal: Next time, you better tell us what we want to know before we break your legs next. Let's go, Luck.


Enter Sal's Car


We're gonna walk straight into the lion's den. But we're not doing it naked. Stop by Ammu-Nation.


Go to Ammu-Nation


Here is where you can purchase handguns legally thanks to the Free Arms Act of 1975. Purchase a Glock 17. Salvatore will pay for it this time. The original price is $450. You can buy ammo separately for $25 each. Once you have acquired the gun, go back into Sal's car.


Sal: Now let's go.


Go to St. Marks Bistro


Once you arrive at St. Mark's Bistro, Sal and Lucky will walk up the stairs and enter the establishment. Once inside, they are greeted by a Forelli goon.


Goon: Can I help you Gentlemen?

Sal: Where's Giogio?

Goon: I can't give you that information.

Sal: He has money that belongs to me. Either you move or we move you. Choose wisely?


An intense staredown ensues, but it is broken up by Giorgio Forelli.


Giorgio: Money that belongs to you? Explain this one to me, Sal.

Sal: You took a pack of money from Curly Bob. Money that my guy collected and left there for me to pick up. I came here to get it.

Giorgio: You two surely have some balls. But Curly ain't a Clancio only business. Forelli's and Sindacco's have stakes there too.

Sal: I don't care about the money you took from the cash register. Just give me my money and we'll mosey on out of here. Now, if you don't give us our money... I might have to repaint all of these walls with your brain.

Giorgio: Threatening a wiseguy? The Commission would love to hear about it.

Lucky: Make it easy for everybody, Giorgio. You still have a federal case pending in Vice City. You really wanna cause more trouble for your cousin, Sonny?

Giorgio: ...Fine. [Reaches into coat pocket] Take it.

Sal: Thank you. Glad we settled this like Gentlemen.

Goon: f*ck you.

Sal: We can still end things differently here. Say when.

Giorgio: Relax! Sammy here didn't mean it. You have your money, can you please leave?

Sal: Yeah, we'll leave. Let's go, Luck.


Sal and Lucky leave and enter the car.


Take Sal Home


Lucky: You alright?

Sal: I'm good. I was hoping they would start something. Give me a good reason to shoot a round in between Giorgio's eyes.

Lucky: Maybe one day.


Once you make it to the hotel


Sal: You did good back there. I know I can trust you to fight alongside me if need be.

Lucky: I'm a Goterelli. It's in the blood.

Sal: That's right. Well I gotta divy this money so the Old Man gets his kickback and my crew gets a cut. Here's yours. See me again soon.


Mission Passed


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Francesco Bonomo

Mission 3: Uncle Leone


To commence this mission, you must answer a public pay-phone that will be ringing. The nearest one will do. There are many pay-phone's spread across all of Liberty State and New Guernsey. Some missions may require you to make the on-going phone call first. If that is the case, you simply walk up to a pay-phone and press the "Use Phone" action button (Left on the Directional Pad), it will cost $1 then a list of contacts will appear on the upper left corner (Similar to GTA IV & V Phone Contacts) Select your contact and pressed the "Call" action button (A/X). There is also an accessible phonebook that every Phone Booth will have. Use it to call numbers that you don't have. Only required for missions.


Once you answer a pay-phone, it will be Salvatore Leone calling.


Lucky: Hello?

Salvatore: Oh, Madonna. Lucky! I need you to get to my place, pronto!

Lucky: Something wrong?

Salvatore: No. I'm just rehearsing for my role in a Vinewood movie. YES SOMETHING'S WRONG! GET HERE QUICK!


Enter a vehicle (Any) and make your way to The Duccio Hotel. The mission indicator will be at the front entrance, as usual.


Lucky will rush through the main lobby towards the elevators. He manages to get into an available one and heads straight to the penthouse. When the doors open at the penthouse level, he is greeted by Mike Blundetto.


Mike: Thank f*ck you got here, Luck. Sal is going crazy in his office.


Lucky will rush to Sal's office. He finds him, disheveled on his chair, smoking a cigarette.


Lucky: Uncle Sal. What's going on?

Salvatore: You know what today is?

Lucky: Saturday?

Salvatore: It's June 22nd.

Lucky: Oh sh*t... Uncle Leone's Birthday. How did you forget?

Salvatore: Bullsh*t I forgot. If I'm going down, you're going with me. He's your Uncle, too.

Lucky: Okay, okay. So what are we gonna do?

Salvatore: Uhhh, give me a minute.

Lucky: He's probably gonna host a party at his compound. Does he still have that guard dog?

Salvatore: No. He got rid of it. You remember we buried it in his back yard few months ago?

Lucky: What? That was the dog?

Salvatore: Yeah. Weren't you the one that helped me carry it?

Lucky: No. I got there after the fact.

Salvatore: Oh... So that was Mikey then. Oh well.

Lucky: How did he die?

Salvatore: He bit Massimo. So the Old Man shot him.

Lucky: So if that cocksucker Massimo bit me, can I shoot him?

Salvatore: Give it a try. Alright, I got an idea. Listen up. The car dealership in Harwood owes us more money than Christians owe the Church. You go down there and try to convince him to give you one of their cars to settle the debt. That'll be his present.

Lucky: What car?

Salvatore: The new Banshee. I saw it on display last week. That should cover the debt. If he gives you any trouble, f*ck him up. Don't kill him.

Lucky: Got it.

Salvatore: Call me after you get the car. Don't go straight to the compound.

Lucky: Okay, Uncle Sal. 


Lucky leaves the office. Now you are given a new objective.


Go to Capital Auto's


Once you arrive, a cutscene will play.


Lucky walks into the dealership and sees the brand new Banshee in the center. Andrew Kalou will approach Lucky thinking he's a customer.


Andrew: Can I help you with anything, Sir?

Lucky: [Turns around] Hey Andy. How's business?

Andrew: Lucky? What are you doing here?

Lucky: I'm interested in this car.

Andrew: Okay then. It's priced at $25,000.

Lucky: That's perfect. That's exactly how much you owe us.

Andrew: What you getting at, Luck?

Lucky: Here's what I'm getting at. You hand me the keys to this Banshee and your debt is settled with us. What do you say?

Andrew: What, do I look like a Shmuck to you? You come into a Forelli business making these claims? The balls on you.

Lucky: You jumped ship again? I'm not surprised. I don't care if you're working for Jesus, himself. You still owe us and I'm collecting one way of another.

Andrew: We'll see about that. HEY PETE! GET THE GUYS TO f*ck UP THIS DAGO ASSHOLE!


Andrew has gotten his men to attack you. Deal with them anyway you'd like. It will be three waves of men. First waves will be men attacking you with no weapons. Second wave will be men attacking you with melee weapons. Third wave will be men attacking you with guns. There's health and armor place around the dealership. Once they're all dealt with, a cutscene will play.


Andrew has locked himself in his office. Lucky kicks down the door and scares Andrew.


Andrew: Wait 'til Sonny Forelli hears about this. He ain't gonna like this.

Lucky: You think I give a f*ck?


The phone rings.


Lucky: Aren't you gonna pick it up?


Andrew picks up the phone.


Andrew: -Hello?

                   -Yes. It's for you.

Lucky: Hello?

Salvatore: Hey Luck, having fun?

Lucky: Oh yes. Just had a tango with Andy's friends. Did you know he's buddy-buddy with Sonny Forelli?

Salvatore: No kidding. Well you have no choice but to make him retire early.

Lucky: Then whose gonna take his place?

Andrew: Take my place?

Salvatore: I'll find someone. Have fun. Also, when you get the car, pick up the Old Man's favorite girl, Tiffany. She'll be waiting at her place in Hepburn Heights. Ciao.


Lucky hangs up the phone.


Andrew: What did he say?

Lucky: Capital Auto's is under new management.

Andrew: What about me?

Lucky: Well, you can celebrate your retirement in Jew Heaven.


Lucky takes out his pistol and aims it at Andrew.


Andrew: NO! PLEASE, NO!


Lucky shoots him in the head. Andrews falls to the ground. Lucky shoots two more times into his chest. He looks towards the wall and sees the keys to the Banshee. He takes it and leaves the dealership with the Banshee. Now you're given a new objective.


Go to Hepburn Heights


Tiffany will be standing in front of her apartment building. Pick her up. Once you do, you'll get a new objective.


Go to Uncle Leone's Compound (Future Salvatore Leone Mansion)


Tiffany: Hey Lucky. How come you and me do ever have a moment to have fun?

Lucky: You're Uncle Leone's girl. That's why. Now sit tight.

Tiffany: If you say so.


Once you arrive. Tiffany will stay in the car. Lucky will meet up with Salvatore and all the other Capo's at the mansion.


Salvatore: Let's get this over with.


Everyone will gather in the living room area. Uncle Leone will walk out of his office and greets everyone.


Uncle: [Heavy Sicilian Accent] Thank you, everybody. This truly makes me happy. Please help yourselves to the drinks and food. Straight from Ma Cipriani who graced us with her presence as well as her strong boy Antonio and of course, Lorenzo. Thank you all.

Massimo[Heavy Sicilian Accent] A toast to a great man, Vittorio Leone. Cent'Anni.

Everyone: Cent'Anni!


Salvatore and Lucky approach Uncle Leone.


Salvatore: Hey, Uncle.

Uncle: Ah, Salvatore. Thank you for being here. And you too, Lucio.

Lucky: Wouldn't miss it for the world.

Salvatore: We got you a present. It's in the garage.

Uncle: Oh really? Well let's go.


They make their way to the garage via the outside stairs. Uncle Leone see's the Banshee and Tiffany and smiles.


Uncle: Oh wow! This is beautiful. The car, too. [Laughs]

Salvatore: Take her out for a spin.

Tiffany: I'll take good care of you, Birthday Boy.


Uncle Leone gets in the car. Salvatore and Lucky leave the garage. Time fast-forwards to the end. Lucky walks out of the mansion morning of the next day.


Mission Passed


Edited by Francesco Bonomo
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Nice work on the concept, @Francesco Bonomo. I can hear Frank Vincent's voice by just looking at Sal's dialogues. It's such a shame that nobody does some proper 3D-era universe concepts like this one. Keep it up!

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Phil McCrevis

Cool topic guy. I wonder would it be possible to turn this officially into a modification?

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2 hours ago, Phil McCrevis said:

Cool topic guy. I wonder would it be possible to turn this officially into a modification?

It's possible but very unlikely. The amount of effort required to turn it into a mod would be just as much effort as it would to make an entire new GTA game. I got some kid who offered it to me once but he wasn't serious.

Edited by E Revere
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Phil McCrevis
14 hours ago, E Revere said:

It's possible but very unlikely. The amount of effort required to turn it into a mod would be just as much effort as it would to make an entire new GTA game. I got some kid who offered it to me once but he wasn't serious.

Maybe you could try link up with one of the fellas in the nodding section. They do some really good things.

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Francesco Bonomo

Mission 4: Your Luck's Ran Out


A mission indicator "SL" will appear on your map. It is located at Momma's Restaurant. Make your way there.


Cutscene: The restaurant is at full-capacity and there is a line of people waiting to get a table. The hostess, Katherine, gets Lucky to the front of the line.


Katherine: Hey, Luck. Nice to see you again.

Lucky: You too, Miss Pirri. You working late again?

Katherine: Always. Stressful but the money's good.

Lucky: Well, if you need another stress reliever. Let me know.

Katherine: I might just take you up on that offer.

Lucky: As you should.


They both share a laugh.


Lucky: Anyway, yous got a table for me?

Katherine: Of course. Follow me.


Lucky follows Katherine through the restaurant. On the way to the table, Katherine mentions-


Katherine: By the way, Salvatore's here.

Lucky: Really? Where?

Katherine: At the table across the room.


Lucky looks over at Salvatore's table and sees him eating and chatting with Lorenzo Cipriani. Salvatore looks up and notices Lucky. He signals Katherine to sit him at his table. Katherine leads Lucky to the table. Lucky sits down across from Salvatore.


Lucky: Thanks, Katherine.

Katherine: No problem, Lucky. I'll see you later. [Walks away]

Salvatore: So that's why Rose won't eat here. Because you been eating up that Katherine broad.

Lucky: I don't what you're talking about, Uncle Sal.

Salvatore: Of course you don't.

Lorenzo: She is quite the looker, huh Luck?

Lucky: Yeah she is. Anyway, what's going on?

Lorenzo: You're a sight for sore eyes, that's what's going on.

Lucky: What?

Salvatore: What Lorenzo's trying to say is, he has a situation and you're just the perfect man to fix it, Goterelli Style.


Katherine brings over a bottle of red wine for Lucky and serves him a glass.


Katherine: Here you go, Luck. Hope you like it.

Lucky: [Takes a sip] Mm, sweet and amazing. The wine, too.


Katherine smiles and blushes and walks away.


Lorenzo: Why can't my cold-hearted wife look at me like that?

Ma: [From the kitchen] Cold-hearted, huh? Looks like you're sleeping on the f*cking porch again, you limp-dick bastard. Call me cold-hearted, why don't you.

Lorenzo: Looks like I gotta get drunk again tonight.

Lucky: It's a crying shame, Lorenzo. [Laugh] So, what's the job?

Salvatore: That's why I love you, Lucky. Explain it to him, Limp-dick- I mean, Lorenzo.

Lorenzo: Okay. So, for the past three months, I've been working with some Chinese guys over at Lutefisk. It was low-level mainly, but I was hauling in some decent scarole. Everything was routine until two weeks ago. The boss of this Chinese gang hears about a Garbage company from Upstate buying out Portland Sanitation. Wanted us to see if we can get in and become partners with them.

Lucky: Great. Now how did you f*ck up?

Salvatore: He's getting there.

Lorenzo: Anyway, assholes. We met with someone, made a deal, then left waiting to get paid. Only... the deal we made was bullsh*t.

Lucky: How?

Lorenzo: The man we met, wasn't even the man we was supposed to meet.

Lucky: Don't tell me...

Lorenzo: Yeah. We got scammed out of $100,000 and now the Chinese guys wanna clip me unless I can come up with the money again. It was their money.

Lucky: Who's the scammer?

Lorenzo: Some guy name Glimko.

Lucky: Why does that name sound familiar?

Salvatore: You remember our friend from Staunton Island? Ran the fake insurance company in Torrington?

Lucky: Fredsen? Yeah.

Salvatore: This Glimko fella was his accountant. He was the one paying us.

Lucky: That's right! So, wait a minute, you got scammed by Sydney Glimko? And he took 100 grand from you? [Laugh]

Lorenzo: Laugh it up. Go ahead. f*cking beautiful. Anytime you wanna start acting like a Soldier again, let me know.

Lucky: Okay, okay. I'm done. Wow, that was a good laugh. That was f*cking funny. Oh, Madonna Mia. [Takes a deep breath in and out] Where do I find him?

Salvatore: My sources told me that he's staying at an apartment on the Red Light District. And that he drives a white Feltzer.

Lucky: Should'nt be too hard to find. [Gets up] I'll take care of this, no problem. And Lorenzo?

Lorenzo: Yeah?

Lucky: Do yourself a favor and try not to get scammed by a hobo. He'll bankrupt you. [Laughs]

Lorenzo: A real f*cking comedian, you are.


Go to Glimko's apartment


When you arrive, his Feltzer is parked outside.


Cutscene: Lucky walks towards the building, then hears a loud explosion. He looks up and sees that the fifth floor just blew up. Someone must have set off some kind of bomb. To the side of the building is a scaffolding, and sees Glimko climbing down from it. Lucky takes his handgun and aims it at Glimko.


Lucky: Hey, Glimko! 


Just as Lucky was about to shoot, a Primo pulls up and Chinese men start shooting towards Lucky and at Glimko, which gave him time to escape from Lucky. He's now on ground level and starts running through the alleyway.


Catch Glimko


He will run towards the Ammu-Nation but hops in a Taxi that just got emptied. Now you must hop on a vehicle and chase him. The controls for drive-by shooting will be shown in a brief tutorial during the chase. Keep in mind, you're trying to kill Glimko but the Chinese gangsters are trying to kill you and Glimko. Be sure to kill them first then go after Glimko.


The chase will go on until the Taxi turns into Portland Harbor. Just as Lucky was about to drive through the entrance, he gets blocked by a truck. Now you must find another way in. There is a ramp on the south side of the harbor, jump it and make it over the wall. Once you're in, drive around and look for the Taxi. You'll find him on the far north side. [Cutscene]Lucky will get close, exit the car, and ready his gun to fire. He takes a shot but his gun jams. Glimko lets out a loud and confident laugh and jumps into the water. Lucky runs towards the edge and see's that he landed on a boat and is getting away.


There's another boat nearby, get in and chase him down. You will be equipped with a MAC-10 automatically. Keep shooting the boat until it catches on fire. [Cutscene] Glimko's boat is on fire and he drives closer to land. In an attempt to jump off, the blast throws in to land on Atlantic Quays. Though injured, he gets up and runs again and gets on a motorcycle that was left on by the owner. You'll hear the owner say "No, my bike!"


Dock the boat and get on land. Hop in the nearest vehicle and chase after him. Chase him until he reaches Saint Mark's. [Cutscene] Glimko rides the motorcycle at full speed at Saint Mark's. He turns his head around to look behind and sees that Lucky is eating his dust. He smiles and turns his head back around, only to notice he's riding straight into an oncoming Emperor and crashes. The driver of the Emperor gets out and calmly walks towards Glimko. It is revealed that it is Lorenzo. Lucky finally arrives.


Lorenzo: I'm guessing you had fun chasing him around Portland/

Lucky: He's a slippery f*ck. A lucky one, too.

Lorenzo: Oh, I know. Hey, Glimko! Where's my money?

Glimko: Like I'm gonna give you a cent. f*ck you.


Lorenzo kicks him. Glimko screams in agony.


Lucky: Want me to kill him still?

Lorenzo: Not yet. Not until my money pops up. What you can do is help me stuff him in the trunk.


They both stuff Glimko in the trunk of Lorenzo's Emperor.


Lorenzo: Thanks. I might need your help with guy soon so I'll give you a call.

Lucky: No problem.


Lorenzo enters the Emperor and drives away.


Mission Passed



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Francesco Bonomo

Mission 5: Looking to Parlay


This mission will commence at Uncle Leone's estate in Saint Mark's.


Cutscene: Lucky walks up to the main house where he'll be greeted by Leon Sebastianelli, a Made Guy in Johnny Cilli's crew.


Leon: Well, look who it is. How you doing, Tough Guy?
Lucky: Hey, Leon. What do you want?
Leon: Just saying hi, my friend.


Lucky walks away but gets halted by Leon-


Leon: I hear that Glimko gave you a run for your money. That you needed that junkie-f*ck, Lorenzo, to help you. That true?


Lucky turns around and slowly walks towards Leon.


Lucky: What's it to you?
Leon: I'm just saying. You're getting up there in age, Lucio.
Lucky: Don't call me Lucio. And you should learn how to mind your own f*cking business, for your own good.
Leon: And if I don't?


The two have an intense stare-down. But it gets interrupted by Salvatore.


Salvatore: Whoa, what the f*ck is this?
Lucky: We're just having a talk.
Leon: Yeah, a talk.
Salvatore: Well, f*ck off already. Lucky, come in. And Leon?

Leon: Yeah?
Salvatore: Kindly go f*ck yourself.


Lucky walks with Salvatore into the main house.


Lucky: The moment it's time for him to go, I want that contract.
Salvatore: Stop talking crazy in this house. 
Lucky: What's even going on?
Salvatore: The Old Man wants to have a talk with us. So don't bring no hostility to him.
Lucky: Alright.


Salvatore and Lucky enter Uncle Leone's office. He is on the phone and he signals the two to sit down.


Uncle: [Heavy Sicilian Accent] I understand, Santino.
- I hope we can find a peaceful solution, as well.
- Okay. Not a problem. Very well, amico. Ciao.


He hangs up the phone.


Salvatore: Who was that?
Uncle: That was Sonny Forelli.
Salvatore: The f*ck did he want?
Uncle: No need to curse, Salvatore. You know this. 


There's a knock on the door. Uncle will scream "Come in." It is revealed that it is the family's Consigliere, Gigi Goterelli, Lucky's father.


Gigi: I hope I'm not interrupting.
Lucky: Pop?
Gigi: Hey, Lucio.


Lucky stands up and hugs his father. Lucky offers up his seat to Gigi, to which he'll accept.


Salvatore: Gigi, to what do we owe the pleasure of your visit from Shoreside Vale?
Gigi: The sh*t you two pulled at Capital Auto's.
Lucky: How did you find out about that?
Gigi: Lucio, I hear everything. And where there's talk about a possible war with Sonny Forelli, I take action.
Lucky: A war? Over a rinky-dink car dealership in Harwood, of all places?
Salvatore: Uncle, what's going on?
Uncle: Sonny wants to have a talk with you two.
Lucky: So that he can kill us.
Uncle: No. He gave me his personal guarantee that he will not take any violent action for this. Even though he should. You two broke a rule, destroying his business and killing Andrew Kalou. Completely unacceptable. You two are going to go back to Capital Auto's and work something out with him. Let's avoid a war.
Gigi: That's right. Now, the only way past this is if you offer Sonny something he can find useful.
Salvatore: Like what?
Gigi: You'll figure something out. This is your mess. Clean it up.
Lucky: What if he doesn't like what we offer?

Gigi: Lucio, you will not leave that meeting without making a deal with him. I don't care if it takes all night. Figure something out.
Salvatore: Alright. We done here?
Uncle: Si.
Salvatore: Okay. Let's go, Luck.


They walk towards the door but Gigi halts them-


Gigi: Salvatore, don't get my son killed on your account.


Salvatore and Lucky exit the house.


Go to Capital Auto


Salvatore: I can't believe that Old Man's not gonna help us. We did all that to get him his present.
Lucky: I'm not even worried about that. The situation was bad enough to get my dad to drive here from Shoreside Vale. Could that cocksucker, Sonny, really want war over this?
Salvatore: He's a malignant c*nt who always has to prove a point. f*ck him. But, we gotta go make nicey-nice with him.
Lucky: And just what are we gonna offer him that can get us out of this sh*t?
Salvatore: Gigi told us to figure it out, so I figure two in Sonny's head.
Lucky: Be serious, Uncle Sal.
Salvatore: Alright. I'll come up with something.


Upon arrival, you will notice that the business is now under "Renovation."


Cutscene: Lucky and Salvatore make their way to the entrance which is guarded by Rocco Sylvestri, Forelli soldier in Giorgio's crew.


Salvatore: Rocco! What do you say?
Rocco: Step inside gentlemen.


Lucky and Salvatore walk inside. The dealership is empty. You can see the damage Lucky caused. In the center of the floor is a foldable table. Sonny Forelli and Giorgio Forelli are seated already.


Sonny: Salvatore Leone! Been too long.
Salvatore: Not long enough.
Sonny: [Laugh] No kidding. Hey, Lucky. How you doing?
Lucky: Hanging in there.
Sonny: Good. Good.
Salvatore: Before we being, why the f*ck is Gio here?
Gio: This concerns me as well, Sal.
Salvatore: Oh really? How? You turn this place into a cat-house after hours?


Giorgio quickly gets up from his seat, Salvatore does the same. The two look like there were about to fight but Sonny stops them.


Sonny: Can you two settle down? Were here to avoid a war. Not start one. Gio, sit down.


They sit down.


Sonny: I understand you two had a little issue some time ago. Well that sh*t's over. We need to discuss this bullsh*t right now. So let's begin.
Salvatore: I'll start off with this, Andrew owed the Clancio's money. Instead of paying up, he made things difficult and tried to get Lucky whacked. And if you think Lucky is gonna let some rent-a-thugs kill him, you're wrong. He's my best killer.
Sonny: Andrew was working for me, though.
Salvatore: I was never told. But even if I was told, am I supposed to let that stop me from getting what's owed to me?
Sonny: How much did he owe you?
Lucky: 25 G's.
Sonny: Jesus Christ. That's a lot. How did he pay?
Lucky: I took a car.
Sonny: What car?
Lucky: A Banshee. We gave it to Uncle Leone for his birthday.
Sonny: Okay. So why kill Andrew?
Salvatore: Because I wanted him dead.
Lucky: I personally put one in his head and two in his chest.
Salvatore: Any more questions?


Sonny leans towards Giorgio and whispers about something.


Sonny: Okay. Believe it or not, I understand. However, I need restitution. Now don't get me wrong, I would love to go to war with you Clancio's but, those times are over. I'm planning something big and I would like to see it though. So let's parlay. What can you offer me?
Salvatore: How about a way to make sure Gio doesn't get sent to prison in Vice City.
Gio: What are you talking about?
Salvatore: I keep up with the news. They wanna sent you to the big house for fraud, now what are you doing about that?
Gio: Nothing yet. Still trying to figure it out.
Salvatore: So here's what I can offer you. I actually have a friend who opened his own legal firm in Vice City. My guys helped him get there.
Sonny: What exactly are you offering, Sal?
Salvatore: My lawyer friend. I can turn him over to your family and he can help with Gio's case.
Gio: What's his name? 
Salvatore: Ken Rosenberg. If anyone can help you in Vice City, it's him.
Sonny: What do you think, Gio?
Gio: Sounds good.
Sonny: Okay, Leone. You got yourself a deal.
Salvatore: Great.
Sonny: But... you gotta introduce this Rosenberg fella to me right now.
Salvatore: What?
Gio: That's right. Gonna be hard to get him from Vice City to here in the next 15 minutes.
Salvatore: Wow. I guess you two got me there.
Sonny: Of course.
Salvatore: Only, he's actually in this city. Me and Lucky can get him.
Sonny: How about Lucky goes solo on this one. Sal, you and me can talk more business.
Salvatore: What do you think, Luck?
Lucky: It's not like I got much of a choice.
Sonny: That's right. And also, take Rocco with you. For insurance.
Salvatore: Go ahead. I'll be okay.


Lucky gets up and exits the dealership. Outside will be a Forelli Sentinel, which is all black, and Rocco will be in the passenger seat already. 


Get in the Sentinel


Once you're in.


Pick up Ken Rosenberg


Ken lives on Grey Street, also known as the Main Drag by locals.


Lucky: So Rocco, I heard you got made not too long ago. Congratulations.
Rocco: Thanks, Clancio.
Lucky: Just making small-talk.
Rocco: Oh really? As what? Friends or partners?
Lucky: Moreso, as two Goodfellas from different families trying not to kill each other.
Rocco: ...I got made three months ago.
Lucky: Nice. Who's crew you in?
Rocco: Gio's.
Lucky: f*ck. That sucks.
Rocco: It's not bad.
Lucky: You ever had to drive him to Rockford late at night?
Rocco: No. Why?
Lucky: Let's just say, it's not a pleasant view.
Rocco: I'll take your word for it.


Once you arrive at Ken's residence.


Cutscene: Lucky will exit the vehicle.


Lucky: Wait here. He's on the third floor so it'll be quick.
Rocco: Okay.


Lucky goes inside the building and makes his way to the third floor. Ken's apartment is the last one down the hall. When Lucky approaches the door, he notices its ajar. He takes out his pistol and walks in. The doors were kicked in, and the apartment is a mess. Lucky slowly walks towards the living room area until he hears a shotgun getting cocked back behind him. Lucky will jump out of the way and a shot will go off. Lucky sees that it's Connie Rosenberg, Ken's mother, holding the gun. She notices it's Lucky and drops the shotgun.


Connie: Oh my goodness, I'm sorry, Lucky.
Lucky: It's fine. What happened?


Rocco arrives with his pistol drawn.


Rocco: What happened?
Lucky: It's okay, Rocco. Put the gun down. Now, Connie, what happened?
Connie: They took him.
Lucky: Him? You mean, Ken? Who took him?
Connie: Some Spanish guys. They kicked the door in and took him away. I hid in my room.
Lucky: Jesus, you know where they took him?
Connie: No. All I know is that they're Spanish and were wearing way too much cologne.
Lucky: I may have an idea. Rocco, get the car started. Connie, you need to go somewhere safe. You can't stay here. Police are gonna come asking questions.
Connie: Okay. I'll go to my sister's house in Shoreside Vale.
Lucky: Alright. And don't worry about Ken. I'm gonna get him back safe and sound.


Lucky leaves the apartment.


Go to the Harwood Ferry Terminal


Rocco: Where are we going?
Lucky: To the ferry.
Rocco: Why? How do you know he's there?
Lucky: I know, Ken. This ain't the first time this happened. He only comes to Liberty City when he'a in trouble in Vice City.
Rocco: But, why the ferry?
Lucky: Only way out of this island.
Rocco: Smart.


Once you make it to the ferry, you will see Colombian's waiting for the next ferry and Ken tied up in the back of a Burrito.


Kill the Colombians


Kill the first wave of Colombians, then Rocco will make a run towards Ken to free him. But a second wave of henchmen arrive. This time, they are Diablo's.


Kill the Diablo's


Once they are dead, Rocco will run and bring the car around. While he's getting the car, the ferry will arrive with more Colombian's on-board.


Kill the rest of the Colombian's


Once you kill them all, Ken and Lucky will rush into the car. Rocco will be driving and Lucky will be hanging from the passenger window, shooting at the pursuing Diablo Gang car, which are Stallion's painted in a cherry red. Once all of the cars are destroyed, Lucky will get back inside the car and Rocco will drive to the dealership.


Rocco: Holy sh*t, that was f*cking crazy. Nice shooting.
Lucky: Thanks. Nice driving.
Rocco: Thanks. Hope this guy was worth all this trouble.
Lucky: He has his uses. Rocco, meet Ken Rosenberg. Ken, meet Rocco Sylvestri.
Ken: Hello. Jesus f*ck, thanks for saving my life, Lucky.
Lucky: So what did you do piss off Colombians?
Ken: Nothing, just- y'know.
Lucky: No, I don't know.
Ken: I may or may not have stolen a few kilo's from them in Vice City.
Rocco: Oh wow, this guy's a piece of work.
Lucky: You stole coke from the cartel?
Ken: I figured I would make some money on the side and keep a couple for myself. Didn't go well.
Lucky: Just stop talking, Ken.
Ken: Okay, I can do that.
Rocco: My question is, why the f*ck were the Diablo's there?
Lucky: Maybe they're working with the Colombian's.
Rocco: This ain't gonna be good. I'll explain everything to Sonny later.
Lucky: Okay.


Once you arrive at the dealership.


Cutscene: Rocco, Lucky, and Ken will exit the vehicle and will walk towards the entrance.


Rocco: That was fun.
Lucky: It was. Say, where did you learn how to drive like that?
Rocco: Well, I used be in street races back in my day.
Lucky: Really? Wow. How's the money?
Rocco: Always good. You know what, if you want in, I can help.
Lucky: That would be great.
Rocco: I just hope this deal goes through.
Lucky: Here's hoping.


They all approach Sonny, Gio, and Salvatore.


Salvatore: Ken! How you doing?
Ken: Mr. Leone. H-h-h-hi.
Salvatore: You look shaken up, Son. You okay?
Lucky: Had to save his life from some crazy bastards trying to kill him.
Salvatore: Again?
Lucky: Yep.
Sonny: So this is the lawyer?
Salvatore: Yes. This is Ken Rosenberg. Ken, meet Sonny Forelli. You're gonna be working for him now.
Ken: What? Really?
Sonny: Now, hang on. I just wanna know. Can you help my cousin in his case in Vice City?
Ken: I can certainly try.
Sonny: Don't try. Do it!
Ken: Yes sir, Mr. Forelli. What's the case?
Sonny: We'll talk more about it. Salvatore, you got yourself a deal. Give the Old Man my best regards.
Salvatore: Will do. Take care. Let's go, Luck.


Lucky and Salvatore will walk outside.


Rocco: Guess we're good.
Lucky: Yeah. Let's if it lasts.
Rocco: Yeah. By the way, if you want to race, meet my guy in Trenton. He has a garage there. Tell him Rocco sent you.
Lucky: I'll do that. Thanks.


Lucky will get in the car with Salvatore.


Take Salvatore Home


Salvatore: You and Rocco friends now?
Lucky: He's okay.
Salvatore: He's a good guy. Would've liked it if he was with us, but we can't win them all.
Lucky: Yeah. So what now?
Salvatore: I'm going on vacation. I need a break. I think me and Marisa will fly to the Old Country for a couple of weeks.
Lucky: That's good.
Salvatore: While I'm gone, help out with the crew. You and Mikey will run it. Shouldn't be too hard.
Lucky: I can do that.
Salvatore: Good. I'm an old man now. 50 years old. I need this break away from the city.


Drop Salvatore at the Duccio Hotel and you have completed the mission.


Mission Passed

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Francesco Bonomo

Mission 6: Lupara


Now missions will be provided by other members of the family, as well as, associates.

This next mission will be provided by Uncle Leone at his estate.


Cutscene: Lucky will meet with Uncle Leone outside his home, smoking a cigar.


Uncle: Lucio! Thank you for visiting me, my son.
Lucky: No problem, Uncle.
Uncle: Excellent. So, how can I help you?
Lucky: I came to see if you needed anything.
Uncle: Now that you mention it, I do need help with something that perhaps you can take care of.
Lucky: What is it?
Uncle: Let's talk inside.


Uncle will ash the cigar with the bottom of his shoe and walks inside his home, Lucky will follow him to his office. Uncle Leone, before sitting down at his desk, he will go to his personal mini-bar and make Lucky and himself a drink of Rum on the rocks.


Uncle: Before we talk business, let's drink first.


Lucky hesitantly takes the drink. He has suffered from alcoholism before so he doesn't want to fall off the wagon. But Uncle Leone doesn't like people rejecting an offer of his, so Lucky will drink it.


Uncle: Salute.
Lucky: Cent'Anni.


They will finish their drink and sit at Uncle's desk.


Uncle: Okay, let's talk. We have a problem. Although, it is easy to resolve, it is still a problem we must take care of. For the family. You understand?
Lucky: Yes.
Uncle: Good boy. We have a rat. A motherless rat bastard. So you know what has to be done, yes?
Lucky: Of course. Who is it?
Uncle: His name is Allie Domenico. You familiar with him?
Lucky: Not really. From Portland?
Uncle: Staunton Island. He's in one of our crews from Aspatria. They come to the Harwood Ferry Terminal every month to pay their tribute to me. Now, thanks to that Colombian business you had there, the ferry is temporarily closed. So now they must find other means to pay me my tribute.
Lucky: Yeah. Sorry about that.
Uncle: Lucky for us, they have a boat. They agreed to take the boat from Staunton Island to Callahan Point and drop off the money.
Lucky: Okay. So what about the rat?
Uncle: He's going to be there. He always accompanies that crew with the drop off. 
Lucky: So how do you want me to do this?
Uncle: When you see him, kill him. Simple. Okay?
Lucky: Okay. It's done.
Uncle: Excellent. I want you to use this [Uncle will get up from the chair and walks towards a wardrobe to his right. After opening the wardrobe, he'll take out a Lupara and hands it to Lucky.]
Lucky: Keeping it traditional, I see.
Uncle: That's right. Get this done, for the family. And I would consider this a personal favor.
Lucky: Consider it done, Uncle.


Lucky will get up from the chair and walk out the office, but he stops as he's half-way through the doorway.


Lucky: How do you know he's a rat?
Uncle: ... I know people. That's it.


Lucky leaves.


Before you receive your main objective, you must call Katherine Pirri for a favor. 


Find a payphone


Should be one near the Leone Estate. Call Katherine.


Katherine: Hello?
Lucky: Hey, Baby Girl. I need a favor.
Katherine: What kind of favor?
Lucky: A big one. Can I come over?
Katherine: Of course.
Lucky: Okay. I'll see you.


Go to Katherine's Apartment


She lives nearby.


Cutscene: Lucky knocks on the door and Katherine answers. They share a quick kiss and Lucky enters.


Katherine: So what's up?
Lucky: Can you call up some of your girlfriends to help me with something?
Katherine: Why?
Lucky: Some guy's from Staunton Island are coming to Portland on some business. The catch is, I need to whack one of them. But away from the other guys. You understand?
Katherine: This is a big favor you're asking for. What do I get in return?
Lucky: Name it.
Katherine: You come back here when you're done, and we'll "discuss" it.
Lucky: I can definitely do that.
Katherine: Then you got yourself a deal. I'll call them.
Lucky: Tell them to meet me at Callahan Point. On the docks.
Katherine: Okay.


Lucky leaves.


Go to Callahan Point


It is recommended that you take a sedan with you.


There will be a little cave off the side of the road that will take you to a small dock for local boats. When you arrive, Katherine's friends will be there already in their own car. Time will fast forward to the arrival of The Barbato Brothers, Sam and John, and their best friend, Allie Domenico, your target.


Cutscene: After they dock, they get off the boat and approach Lucky.


Sam: You Lucio?
Lucky: Yeah, but you can call me Lucky.
Sam: Alright. I'm Sammy, this is my brother Johnny, and that sack of sh*t is Allie.
Allie: f*ck you, Sam. How you doing?
Lucky: Nice to meet all youse.
John: Yeah, you too. The Old Man said for us to cruise with you for a bit. Something like that.
Lucky: Yeah. He wanted me to take you boys out in Portland to show his appreciation.
Sam: Sounds good to me. Where we going?
Lucky: You see those ladies behind me?
Allie: Yeah.
Lucky: Choose whoever youse like.
Sam: Really? I love Portland.


They will all pick their own woman.


Lucky: Everyone happy?
John: Hell yes. What's your name, Sweetheart?
Joanna: Call me, Jo.
Sam: What's your name?
Lana: My name's Lana.
Allie: And who do I have the pleasure of meeting?
Amira: [Slight European accent] My name is Amira.
Lucky: Good. We're all acquainted. Let's get this show on the road. We don't got enough cars so Sam and John, youse will ride in their car. I'll drive Allie and Amira in my car.
Sam: Alright. Let's go.


Everyone will enter their vehicles.


Follow Joanna's Car


You want this hit to be discreet and you, also, do not want to raise any alarms from either Sam, John, or Allie. Joanna will drive to Saint Mark's but once you have reached Portland Harbor-


Amira: Hey, Lucky. Can you take us to someplace private? I want to have some car fun with Allie.
Lucky: If that's okay with, Allie.
Allie: You kidding me? Of course.
Lucky: Okay then.


This is your cue to drive them to a secluded area not far from Atlantic Quays. When you arrive-


Cutscene: Lucky will stop the car in an area surrounded by trees and exits the vehicle. Allie and Amira will be making out in the back seat. Lucky will stand back smoking a cigarette. Eventually, Amira will get out, teasing Allie.


Amira: If you catch me, you can do anything you want to me.
Allie: Oh really?


Amira will run through the trees and Allie will follow. 


Kill Allie


Chase down Allie as he chases Amira. When you get close enough, pull out the Lupara and shoot him. 


Amira: I will dump the body. You get out of here. And call me sometime.


Go to Katherine's Apartment


Once you arrive at Katherine's building-


Mission Passed


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Francesco Bonomo

Mission 7: Two for One


To access this next mission, you must find a payphone. When you're near one, it will be ringing. Approach it and answer the call.


Lucky: Hello?

Uncle: Lucio, I am at Marco's Bistro having dinner with some friends of ours. Join me.

Lucky: Marco's? Really?

Uncle: Si, Lucio. We are all friends here. No need to stress yourself. Please join me and drive safe, My Son.


Make your way to Marco's Bistro. The mission marker will be at the top of the stairs.


Cutscene: Lucky walks up the stairs and make his way to the front entrance. At the door are two Forelli guards, Sammy Liberti and Rocco Sylvestri. Sammy notices Lucky and approaches him.


Sammy: I figured you'd come after seeing the Old Man.

Lucky: I'm here on a social call. You gonna give me trouble?

Sammy: What if I want to?

Rocco: Then Sonny's gonna f*ck you up for messing with his guest. How you doing, Lucky?

Lucky: Whaddya say, Rocco? Good?

Rocco: Can't complain. Head to the back room. That's where Sonny eats. Right next to the kitchen. [Opens door for Lucky]

Lucky: Appreciate it, Rock. I'll see you.


Lucky walks into the bistro.


Sammy: You're actually friends with that Prick?

Rocco: Remind why that's any of your business. Relax.


Lucky walks downstairs and makes his way to the back room. There is the round table where the Forelli Ruling Panel get together and have discreet meetings while eating their lunch and/or dinner. At this moment, the one's sitting at this table are Sonny Forelli and his Consigliere, Bruno Lettieri. Also, Uncle Leone and his Consigliere, Massimo Torini. They all see Lucky and welcome him.


Sonny: Hey! Look who it is.

Uncle: Lucio, My Boy. Thank you for coming. Please, have a seat.


Lucky will approach Uncle before sitting and gives him a Sicilian/Italian kiss on the cheek. A loving and honorable gesture for in the Sicilian/Italian communities. Lucky sits down in between Bruno and Massimo.


Lucky: Good to see all of youse.

Massimo: [Heavy Sicilian Accent] Good to see you, Lucio.

Lucky: How many times do I gotta tell you, call me Lucky.

Uncle: Don't start that, please. Massimo, please.

Lucky: Alright. So what's going on?

Sonny: Just talking business. Business that we need your help with. You understand?

Lucky: What business?

Sonny: Tell him, Bruno.

Bruno: We have a rat in our family. And he needs to go. Your uncle told us you have no problems with pest control. Right?

Lucky: If he put it on record, then yeah.

Bruno: So you understand the situation?

Lucky: I understand you got a rat. But that's Forelli business, not Clancio. So why am I here?

Sonny: A favor for a friend.

Lucky: And we're friends, Sonny? When have you ever become friends with us? How do I know you're not setting me up?

Uncle: Why would I let him set you up? I see you as a son, Lucio. I would never let anyone hurt you. You can relax. I know we've had problems with the Forelli's in the past, but we're trying to work together.

Sonny: That's right. We're friends here, Luck.

Lucky: So I gotta do this favor for the Forelli's. f*ck it. Who's the mark?

Bruno: Ralph Mosca. Made guy in Frankie's crew. He got pinched on a drug beef. Caught with five kilo's, and get's released the next day. Then suddenly starts to call for sit downs? It's obvious he's a f*cking rat, right? Trying to get us on a f*cking wire. [Towards Uncle] Sorry for the cursing, Uncle Leone.

Uncle: It's fine.

Bruno: He knows we know. Okay? He knows we know. And the motherless bastard disappeared off the face of the earth. He was hidden for weeks. But we finally got him. Turns out, he left the city and went south to Florida. Thinking our guys down there didn't hear about his f*ck up. He got scared and asked his F.B.I. buddies to get him safe passage into Liberty City. He's coming here for one thing, and one thing only.

Lucky: Let me guess, money.

Sonny: That's right. He's been dealing drugs on the low for a few months before he got pinched. Kept that money stashed away somewhere. What we want is for you to follow him. He just flew in and got picked up by the feds. They're gonna be taking the ferry to Harwood. Follow them from there. 

Lucky: Sounds easy enough.

Uncle: I want you to take a partner with you. Johnny Red. You know Johnny, right?

Lucky: Yeah. Stand up guy.

Uncle: He'll be waiting for you in his car at the ferry.

Lucky: [Getting up from the chair] Okay.

Sonny: Follow him to the spot. Then grab him and take him out to the woods and bury him and his money. So the Devil knows how greedy, he was.

Lucky: It's done.


Lucky leaves.


Go to the Ferry


Before reaching the ferry, go to Ammu-Nation and stock up on ammo. And, if you have enough, buy an upgraded weapon. Once you're ready, proceed to the objective.


Once you arrive, you will see a black Washington parked. Approach it.


Cutscene: Lucky approaches the driver side window, but before getting close, Johnny Red exits the vehicle.


Johnny: Oh wow they sent you? [Laughs] I guess you'll do fine.


The two will have a hug.


Johnny: How you doing?

Lucky: I'm good. Didn't know I was doing this job until 15 minutes ago, but I got an idea of what's going on.

Johnny: Yeah. Can you believe it? Clipping a rat for the Forelli's? Who ever thought we'd see the day?

Lucky: It's a new age. So what's the plan?

Johnny: We are actually going to change into [Opens trunk] this.

Lucky: [Looking at the contents inside the trunk] You f*cking serious? Who's idea was this?

Johnny: Mine.

Lucky: No wonder. Only a brainless asshole could come up with this.

Johnny: Stop your whining and do it. I'll explain more when you're done.


Lucky changes into an F.B.I. suit in the car. Johnny will do the same. Then they get in the Washington, Lucky gets on the drivers seat.


Johnny: Okay, so here's the skinny. We are gonna be the welcoming party for these guys. They let us follow them to wherever this guy's gotta go to. And once he makes it there, we snatch him and take him to the sticks, leave him dead. Plain and simple.

Lucky: And they're not gonna figure out we ain't real agents?

Johnny: You kidding me? All they will see is the badge and the jacket. Feds are f*cking stupid. You got nothing to worry about. [Looks ahead] There's the ferry. It's gotta be them. Follow my lead.


Johnny and Lucky exit the car and approach the ferry's platform. They see a similar looking Washington exiting the platform. Those agents notice Lucky and Johnny and pull up next to them.


AgentHey. You guys our security?

Johnny: That's right. Agents Adler and Malone here to make sure you guys make it to the safehouse.

Agent: They told you it was the safehouse, didn't they? They can't get anything right. We're taking a CI to a disclosed location to pick up some things then bringing him back to the airport.

Johnny: Okay, then. Let us get into our vehicle and we'll follow you.

Agent: Sure.


They will get into their Washington.


Follow the Feds


You can be close to the car but don't hit it and don't get too far away from it. Their location will be an apartment building in Portland View.


Lucky: You're a natural born Fed, Johnny.

Johnny: Thank you, Dick.

[Phone ringing]

Lucky: The f*ck is that?

Johnny: Hang on. [Answers cellular phone] Hello?

- Yeah, we're on it.

- Not a problem.

- Alright, bye.

Lucky: What the f*ck is that?

Johnny: It's a phone.

Lucky: No sh*t, genius. But, that's a phone you carry with you? Like outside?

Johnny: Yeah. f*cking wicked.


They arrive at the building.


Johnny: Perfect. I know this building. There's a side entrance up ahead that we can use.

Lucky: So what's the plan?

Johnny: I'm gonna follow these assholes to the apartment. You pull up to the side entrance and wait for me. Got it?

Lucky: Got it.


Johnny will exit the car and enter the building.


Go to the Side Entrance


Park there and wait a few seconds. Eventually, you'll hear gunshots going off in the distance. Then Johnny Red will exit through the side entrance door with a duffle bag and holding Ralph Mosca at gunpoint. Johnny will force Ralph to get inside the trunk. After he does-


Johnny: We're gonna need to get rid of some of these guys before we leave so they don't chase us. Make sure they don't f*ck up the car.


Kill the Agents


There will be three waves of agents coming at you. There will also be a health bar on the top screen indicating the state of the car. Don't let it get destroyed. Once you've killed everyone-


Go to the Harwood Trainyard


Johnny: They want us to bury him in the dirt at the train yard. I know a good place.


Lose your wanted level before reaching the junkyard. Once you've lost the pursuit, drive to train yard.


At the easternmost section of the train yard is a piece of land that is full of dirt and trees. That is where you will kill and bury your target.


Cutscene: Lucky and Johnny exit the vehicle and approach the trunk.


Johnny: That was insane.

Lucky: Here's hoping we don't have to do that ever again.

Johnny: Here's hoping. Now, let's kill this piece of sh*t.


Johnny opens the trunk, revealing Ralph, who is terrified.


Ralph: Look, we can work something out. Huh, fellas?

Johnny: Shut the f*ck up, you f*cking rat. [Drags Ralph out of the trunk] Hey, Luck? Grab the shovel.


Lucky grabs the shovel and gives it to Johnny. Johnny throws it at Ralph and aims his pistol at him.


Johnny: Start digging.

Ralph: What?

Johnny: [Shoots gun near Ralph] I said, dig.


Ralph starts digging his own grave and Johnny keeps his gun aiming at him. Johnny's cellular phone rings from the car.


Johnny: Hey, Luck? Can you answer that? I gotta keep our friend motivated.

Lucky: [Answers phone] Hello?

Uncle: Lucio, I'm glad you picked up.

Lucky: Hey, what's up?

Uncle: You taking care of our friend?

Lucky: Yeah. He's just making himself comfortable before bedtime.

Uncle: Good. I'm glad. Once he's done, deal with Johnny.

Lucky: Wait, what?

Uncle: Johnny has to go.

Lucky: Why?

Uncle: We're going to pin this whole thing on him. I would much rather him gone than waiting to squeal.

Lucky: He won't squeal. He's stand-up. Please reconsider.

Uncle: Lucio, it is an order. Also, don't bury the money. Bring it to me. Santino won't know any difference. And keep Johnny's phone as payment. Those things are really expensive. Ciao.


Lucky hangs up and has a face of sadness. But he changes his expression and approaches Johnny.


Johnny: Who was that?

Lucky: Uncle. Just checking up on us.

Johnny: Oh okay. [Looks at Ralph who has dug a deep enough hole] Alright, you can come out.

Ralph: [Gets out the hole] Please don't hurt me.

Johnny: I'm not gonna hurt you. This was all just to scare you. You learned your lesson right?

Ralph: Oh absolutely. Trust me.

Johnny: Good. Now can you hand me my shovel? It's my only one.


Ralph turns around to pick up the shovel. Johnny shoots him in the back of the head and his body falls straight into the hole. Johnny shoots him three more times. 


Johnny: Good night, Dirt Ball. I got another shovel in the trunk. You go and grab that. I'm gonna start here.

Lucky: Okay.


Lucky will make it seem like he was getting the other shovel, when really he gets behind Johnny and shoots him in the back of the head. Johnny's corpse falls and lands right next to Ralph. Lucky shoots Johnny two more times then begins burying the two bodies. Time will forward to when Lucky has finished. Luck stands over the grave and looks down at it.


Lucky: I'm sorry, Johnny. 


Go to Uncle's Estate


Drop off the money at Uncle's home.


Mission Passed

+New Cellular Phone

+New F.B.I. Outfit


After the mission, your new phone will ring.


Lucky: Hello?

Unknown: Who the f*ck is this? Where's John?

Lucky: In the crapper. Can I take a message?

Unknown: Tell him I got some "fixing" jobs for him. The Payphone in Chinatown has the details in the phonebook under the laundry section. The pay is good.

Lucky: Got it.




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Nice work on the mission, @Francesco Bonomo. But I have a little suggestion: The F.B.I. uniform should be an outfit that would be available to wear at any given time as a reward for passing the mission.

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Francesco Bonomo
3 minutes ago, Staunton Assassin said:

Nice work on the mission, @Francesco Bonomo. But I have a little suggestion: That F.B.I. uniform should be an outfit that would be available to wear at any given time after the mission as a reward.

You are absolutely correct. I will add that. Thank you.

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Francesco Bonomo

Mission 8: Pest Control


Your phone will ring. Answer it.


Lucky: Hello?
Voice: There is a grey Cadrona parked in Trenton. Get it. More instructions will be given.
Lucky: Who is this?
Voice: You've been given a job. Get to it. [Hangs up]
Lucky: Hello? Hello? What the f*ck.


The mission will officially start when you enter the car. It is located in front of, what will be, Joey's Garage. Get in it.


Cutscene: Lucky gets into the driver seat. He sees keys in the ignition and turns it, but it seems like it is the wrong keys. His phone rings and he answers it.


Lucky: Hello?
Voice: Take the keys and put them in your pocket.
Lucky: First of all, who the f*ck is this?
Voice: Then open the trunk. It should be left ajar for you.
Lucky: Are you not going to answer my question?
Voice: Do it, now!


Lucky will get out and open the trunk while still on the phone. 


Lucky: Okay, it's open.
Voice: Do you see a briefcase in there?
Lucky: Yeah.
Voice: Open it.


Lucky opens the briefcase and sees that it has an Uzi inside.


Lucky: Holy sh*t. What the f*ck is this for?
Voice: Take the weapon and head to the Portland Subway Station in Hepburn Heights. Now! [Hangs up]
Lucky: Madonna Mia, I don't like this game.


Go to the Portland Subway Station


Cutscene: Lucky is standing outside the steps to the subway station, awaiting the next call. The phone finally rings and he answers it.


Lucky: Okay, Creep. I'm at the station. What now?
Voice: Take the train to the Staunton South Station. Do not attract police attention. [Hangs up]
Lucky: But wait- Goddamnit!


Get on the Train


Take the train and it will automatically take you to the next station in this order. Rockford Station - Francis International Airport - Staunton South Station. Get off at Staunton South Station and head outside. Once you are outside, the phone will ring. Answer it.


Lucky: Now what?
Voice: Look for a green Virgo parked on the street. Get on the driver seat and wait for the contact.
Lucky: What contact?
Voice: Goodbye.
Lucky: Wait- What f*cking contact?


Find the Virgo


Don't worry. There will be a very visible floating arrow pointing at the car. Approach it and get in.


Cutscene: Lucky gets in the car, takes the keys from the Cadrona and enters it into the Virgo's ignition. It turns on. Lucky has a face of confusion. And then suddenly, a man enters the passenger. Lucky quicky looks at him and realizes, it's his father. The family's Consigliere, Gigi Goterelli.


Gigi: Hey, Lucio.
Lucky: Dad? You set this up?
Gigi: Yeah. But I don't have a lot of time. So listen up. The Boss wants you to take this car and kill a Sindacco associate, Jimmy O'Toole. He's attending a wedding at the Liberty City Cathedral. You perform a drive-by with this car using the Uzi you got from the Cadrona.
Lucky: How will I know who he is? I never met him.
Gigi: You can't miss him, he's the Groom.
Lucky: ...I'm getting sent for, to kill a man on his wedding day? 
Gigi: Yeah. That gonna be a problem?
Lucky: It just seems f*cked up is all.
Gigi: The Boss wants this to be public. This is the best way.
Lucky: What did this guy even do?
Gigi: Why does that matter? The Boss wants him dead. That's all you need to know. You got it?
Lucky: ...Yeah, I got it.
Gigi: Good. Don't f*ck this up. [Exits car]


Go to the Cathedral


When you are close-


Cutscene: Jimmy O'Toole is seen exiting the cathedral along with his wife, Jenna, and his younger cousin, J.D. O'Toole. In the crowd are family members and members of the Sindacco Family celebrating.


Kill Jimmy O'Toole


He will be wearing the black tuxedo. Hard to miss. Drive close to him. Turn your camera to him, aim the Uzi and kill him. Don't worry about everyone else. As long as Jimmy is dead, you can proceed to your next objective.


Escape the Area


You will have three Sindacco Admirals chasing you. Lose them or kill them. Doesn't matter. 


Afterwards, your phone will ring and Lucky will answer it automatically.


Lucky: Yeah?
Gigi: Everything went good?
Lucky: Yeah. Tragic sight, though.
Gigi: Don't worry about it. You did good. But that's only half of the job.
Lucky: Half? What's next, I gotta kill a kid on his birthday?
Gigi: Stop talking crazy on the phone like that. Drive to the ferry then look in the glove compartment. Alright, I gotta go. Ciao.


Go to the Ferry


Once you arrive-

Cutscene: Lucky parks the car and looks into the glove compartment. There's a note reading-


"In the trunk is a body. Grab him and place him on the driver seat so it seems he was the driver. Leave the Uzi with him. Wipe your prints first. Take the ferry back to Portland. Your pay will be under seat 12F. Burn this letter after reading."


Lucky opens the trunk to find a man, still breathing. Lucky startles himself at the sight. The man begs Lucky for mercy but Lucky shoots him three times at point blank to suppress the shot. 


Lucky looks around to see if anyone is looking, but there is no one. He quickly drags the corpse to the drivers seat then wipes his prints off the Uzi. He takes the corpse hand and plants his prints on the Uzi and places it on his lap.


Lucky, then, walks to the ferry and enters it. Fast-forward to the ferry boarding the Harwood Ferry Station, Lucky gets out.


Mission Passed




Earlier today, a gruesome murder took place in front of the Liberty City Cathedral in Bedford Point, Staunton Island. The victim was 31-year-old James Patrick O'Toole. An associate of the Sindacco Crime Family. He was murdered as he was exiting the cathedral alongside his new wife on his wedding day. Witnesses claim to see someone shooting from a green Virgo and speeding away. No one got a good look on the driver at that moment. But, police found the car, in question, parked at the Rockford Ferry Terminal. Inside is the suspected shooter. Irish mobster, Steven Flemmingway, known as Flemmy, was found dead with three gunshots in his chest. What was the motive for this Irish Mobster killing a known associate of the Sindacco Crime Family? Possible turf war? We will keep you in the loop.

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