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BlipFix Script for Broken Saves (Cleo4 & CleoA)

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Posted (edited)

BlipFix Script for Broken Saves 

Mirror on DropBox (Google drive is being flaky on Edge)

by OrionSR, July 26, 2020



SA: Includes a BlipFix script for Cleo4 on PC, and BlipFixA for CleoA on Android

These scripts are intended as a fix for a clogged radar pool usually caused by bad cleo scripts that add new radar blips every time a save is loaded and re-saved. Eventually the radar pool becomes so full that no new blips can be placed. The usual symptoms include; new mission locations are not created after a mission, mission destinations and targets are not marked, and when it's completely full - cannot place a target marker on the map.


Note: GTASnP.com includes a modification tool for removing stray blips, destination markers that can be glitched into a save by mission duping, or accidentally by an incoming call at the same time a mission is started. If you don't have cleo, this tool should be enough to fix any standard issues with stray blips.


BlipFix cannot detect the non-standard "good" blips you might want to keep; anything unknown is removed. BlipFix cannot place missing mission markers, but they aren't needed if CJ stands in the correct spot. New mission markers should eventually be properly placed after fixing the blips. BlipFix cannot place other blips that could not be placed because the radar pool was full when they were supposed to be created.

  Removes all non-standard radar blips


  PC: Activate by typing "BLIPFIX"
  Android: Activate with the CleoA menu
  Standard script variables are expected but loosely enforced
  Safe to use with a target or airstrip marker active
  Removed Blips

  •     Stray Blips - yellow/green square/triangle blips usually glitched by mission duplication
  •     & Friendly Strays - the rare red versions of stray blips   
  •     Hidden Blip - expect 1 lost checkpoint after Explosive Situation
  •     Unknown - All remaining active blips not associated with standard marker variables 


  Will not remove blips if 

  •     variable space size is not normal
  •     player is on a mission
  •     yay courier is active
  •     dating or meeting a girlfriend 


  BlipFix.txt - PC version text script
  BlipFix.cs - Custom script for PC
  BlipFixA.txt - Android version text script
  BlipFixA.csi -  Cleo for Android custom script
  BlipFix.fxt - Custom text for Android, not needed for PC
  BlipFix_Readme.txt - same as header comments in script

Edited by OrionSR
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