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CLEO version incompatible!

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Posted (edited)

So, I have just downloaded the newest (supposedly the greatest, was updated ages ago) version of CLEO. Trying to create a CLEO plugin, performing basic version check like this:

  if(CLEO_GetVersion() < CLEO_VERSION){
    write_to_log_file("cleo: 0x%X-0x%X", CLEO_GetVersion(), CLEO_VERSION);
    return false;

the output I get


cleo: 0x4031300-0x4031400


What should I do? Option number one: actually CLEO.asi I use is of older version than my CLEO plugin. I should update my CLEO.asi, huh?! Not the case, most certainly not the case... I have updated all the files using same CLEO.rar.  Option number two: this version of CLEO is f*cked up, the creator is being lousy. Simply do not perform version check ever, cuz it's broken and useless. Option number three: don't know, your suggestions. My plugin cannot pass basic version check, what's the problem? How do I solve it?

Edited by gokuta

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Posted (edited)


I wrote several posts of users which had problems, especially the menue won't be shown.

i use and recommand such users CLEO by Alien

where and what did you download for your version check?

Edited by ZAZ

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So I go to http://cleo.li, download the lastest cleo. Put cleo.asi in game folder. Then I use CLEO.h and CLEO.lib. Perform basic check of version compatibility (as shown above) and turns out CLEO is not compatible with itself. Very much weird.

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