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Favorite/Least Favorite DJ in the game


Recommended Posts


List of the DJs

Julio G (Radio Los Santos)

Fourthright MC (Playback FM)

The Funktipus (Bounce FM)

Sage (Radio X)

Mary-Beth Maybell (K-Rose)

Hans Oberlander (SF-UR)

Marshall Peters and Johnny Lawton K-JAH West)

Tommy "The Nightmare" Smith (K-DST)

Philip "PM" Michaels (CSR 103.9)

Johnny "The Love Giant" Parkinson (Master Sounds 98.3)


Here's mine:


Favorite DJ: Julio G - I like how he's more laid-back, honest, and knows what's up in the streets. Easily the most tolerable DJ in the whole game.


Least Favorite DJ: Hans Oberlander - He was just too melodramatic for me. Most of the time, I had to quickly put the television on mute after a song would play in the station just to keep from listening to him speak.


What are yours?

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Evil empire

Favorite: The funktipus since Bounce FM is my favorite radio and the guy sounds very cool and like a good party animator.

Marshall Peters and Johnny Lawton come as close seconds, they're both very funny and seem very poised, just the way I imagine rastas.


Least favorite: Mary-Beth Maybell  because I can very hardly stand her foghorn voice. She's closely followed by Hans Oberlander because he sounds like a caricature, always whining about his life.

Edited by Evil empire
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Favorite: Tommy "The Nightmare" Smith. Axl Rose as the DJ, nuff said.


Least Favorite: Fourth Right MC. Like Julio G said, the Playback FM station was cool, but the DJ there is whack. He's very spiteful towards folks who aren't interested in listening to the station and constantly puts them down, like when he criticized one guy who picked the CSR 103.9 station as his favorite station. Chuck D did pull off a great performance of the DJ though.

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Favourite - Julio G

His calm, rational personality feels refreshing amidst the other hyper personalities. Seems like a stand up dude


Least Favourite - Sage

I used to like her before but now I find her very obnoxious. I agree with Tommy Smith, she needs to get over it

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Favorite: Julio G

Least Favorite: Hans Oberlander


It's funny because my reasons are literally the same as yours.

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Favorite: I am joining the Julio G gang too, it was really cool to see a sane DJ in the series who isn't crazy like the rest of them. He is the voice of reason. Probably Tommy Smith would come in close second.

Least favorite: I am not too familiar with all of them but I guess I'd say Forth right MC for being an east coast elitist. Also for being a bit of a loony about aliens and government stuff.

Edited by GhettoJesus
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My favourite has got to be Fourthright MC. He is so annoying that it's funny and I really liked the music.


My least favourite is Mary-Beth Maybell because of her accent.

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Favorite: Tommy Smith, Julio G

Least favorite: Hans

I dislike hans because everytime hes just bragging that theyre the only underground radio station or something, i also rarely listen to SF-UR (only occasionally when i rob a car)

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Favorite: Tommy "Nightmare" Smith, Julio G, Philip Michaels and Love Giant


Least favorite: Sage, Hans Overlander

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