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[PS4] RDR Save Editor

John's haircut

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John's haircut

Hi all, this is a topic made to help each others about XB36Hazard's save editor because it's a time consuming tool on ps4 and I can't seem to find an active forum that speak about it.

So I will start with a question, is there any way (maybe a hash) to remove the primary or both holsters ? Maybe someone with a modded character can export a no holsters outfit for me ? A good soul already gave me an outfit without off hand holster btw. Sorry for my english

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This might be 4 years late but there are some belts that don't display the holsters if both hashes are set to 00000001 in the save editor (Unknown 27 and Unknown 28) such as John's Pistol Belt or the Weathered Pistol Belt

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