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[PS4] Sons of Chaos MC

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Posted (edited)

Sons of Chaos MC




Sons of Chaos MC are recruiting!


The Sons of Chaos MC is a GTA MC on PlayStation 4. We are a tight-knit club with a brotherhood like no other. We’re looking for loyal, respectful, honest and hard-working players.

We are currently in reconstruction but have multiple members and great organisation and foundations. We are an exclusively Free-Aim club, priding ourselves on the “For The Good of The Club” rule. This means we match power with power. Weaponry is purely situational so members adapt to situations.  Join a club that will upskill you, give you some unforgettable experiences and enable you to contribute with us to continue to build something great. We take part in grinding, heists, PvP, formation training, playlists, events, roleplay and much more. Have a look below for more information about us and how to apply to hangaround. 





Past Day


Originally established in 2009 on GTA The Lost & Damned, Sons of Chaos founded themselves on the East Coast in Liberty City. During the time period the Sons Of Chaos Motorcycle Club dedicated themselves to both RP & "Glitcher Targeting". The Sons Of Chaos Motorcycle Club had a historic association with The Highway Reapers MC and The Outsiders MC back on TLAD Online. After internal problems and subsequent burnout, the original Sons of Chaos fell apart by the time GTA V was released. 


Present Day


Today, things are different. After years of quiet, the Sons of Chaos MC reopened in Hawick, Los Santos by the Liberty City legend, who worked his way up the original Sons of Chaos MC hierarchy - Cutty Christmas. Cutty was an original Broker First 20 Member. However, today the Sons of Chaos are separate from their predecessors. Though Sons of Chaos of the present day are separate to their past (hence the SOCC tag), they have a great respect to their predecessors and strive to upkeep the legacy set before them. 





SOCC offers a multiple role membership that can provide the best experience you're looking for.


Hawick Role Player - A full fledged member of the Sons of Chaos Motorcycle Club. This Member prefers the RP Experience and will play a part in the day to day RP activity of the club.


NOMAD Session Player - A Full Patch member of Sons of Chaos Motorcycle Club. This member prefers getting into the action with limited RP activity. Nomad Members do not vote at SOCC Church.


●  Hawick Scout Player - A Full Patch member of Sons of Chaos Motorcycle Club. This member enjoys RP but has limited desire for the PvP experience. A member who would prefer to help the club behind the scenes in and out of GTA Online.


More details will be provided in a Discord chat or In Session chat once you've become a Hangaround for SOCC.

Once accepted and your role has chosen, you will receive a time and date for a tour of our facilities and information. If you choose to stick around you’ll become a hanground for our club. 

During this phase, you’ll form relationships with members, show your personality and it’s a moment for us to see if you fit our club. Times for this period vary between players. After hanging around you will move to a Prospect position, in which you will learn more about the club and our information. When we feel you’re ready, you’ll move from Prospect to Patched Member if either the Nomad Charter or the Hawick Charter.






These rules and regulations are there to make sure the experience that every member shares is an enjoyable one. Please take the time to read through these rules. If you have any questions or concerns please communicate with the SOCC President.



1. Communications & Age Requirements


● Microphones are Required:

Microphones make it so much easier to communicate. Please keep background noise to a minimum. It defeats the purpose of having a mic for communication.


● Discord is Mandatory:

It is an essential tool for the club. There will be important updates and information you will need to be a part of the Sons Of Chaos Motorcycle Club.


● SOCC allows for 17+ Members to Hangaround for the Club. However In order to Prospect or Patch In to SOCC MC you MUST be 18+. Exceptions can only be made via Unanimous Vote.


2. Social Media & Etiquette


● The Sons Of Chaos Motorcycle Club allows only for FULL PATCH members to officially announce their association with the club.


● Please consider SOCC Club & Member Privacy: 

Please check with another member before sharing on social media. If you wish to share an event, promotional post or mention your Club Activity on social media. Please let us know prior to posting. This is general courtesy.


● Self & Club Moderation of your In-Discord / On Microphone Comments: 

Please be aware that we are a MC that is open to anyone of Any Race or Gender. If you feel a post is of concern and doesn't sit right with you, please contact the President or Vice President of SOCC MC. Please DO NOT refer to getting into arguments on Discord or via the Microphone.


● Microphone Etiquette: 

We do not want to hear you burping, slurping or have background noise that excessively interrupts Club Business. By all means we understand the body sometimes sneaks up on you. Excessive background noise that is not Club related will be brought to the table.


3. Church Requirements


● Club In, Club Out:

We understand that you may have friends outside of SOCC. If you are engaging in griefing or tryhard behavior, please temporarily remove the SOCC tag before participating in this behavior. This is not Club Business.


● A SOCC Hangy, Prospect or Full Patch may not be in another established MC. A personal MC is allowed with Majority vote. Crews are allowed.


● Two Church sessions must be attended for Hawick Members. If you are a Hawick patch member and miss two Church Meetings In A Row you will be put up for an automatic NOMAD Vote on the third Church meeting.


● NOMAD Members are not required to attend Church and do not hold a vote.


● National Church is held once a month at the Casino.


● Hawick Members can proxy votes twice a month.



Additional Items




● Weaponry is purely situational. If you feel you need an automatic weapon. Use it. If you feel you need an explosive weapon. Use it. We do not abide by what others claim to be "1%er". We match power for power against any opposition.


● We are an exclusively Free-Aim aiming type club. 


General Respect


● We shouldn't have to say but we want to be clear. DO NOT Kill members without it being granted acceptable. Any Inner club scraps and disagreements which lead to In-Game brawls are to be dealt with in a contained manor.


SOCC Attire & Vehicles


● Wear your required clothing & ride/drive your required vehicle. Refer to

the Dress Code Channel in SOCC Discord.


Breaching any SOCC Bylaws are subject to an Officer warning or a consequential club kick vote. 



Our Services


We offer and provide a service for Online players and crews to hire us for protection during business runs. 

Sons of Chaos are a Motorcycle Club that have a family bond like no other. Each member trusts each other and is honest with each other. Members overall have the ability to run many ventures legal or illegal on Grand Theft Auto Online. From running guns, drugs, importing/exporting vehicles, planning and executing heists, selling and/or customising bikes, a motorcycle charity run, events, bike shows and concerts. We do club PvP, MC roleplay, grinding, playlists, training in all aspects of GTA and much more. Our members are from all walks of life and all are of different skill levels. 




Domestic Battery (PS4)

51GS (PS4)


If you would like to apply to hangaround for us, please reply to this thread or contact Ghostavelli_ on PSN.


Thank you. 




Edited by Ghostavelli_
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Weekly Bump


Sons of Chaos are active as usual this week.


This week, our new Road Captain is hosting his first Road Captain session, comprising of formation training, club business and other activities. 


Reply to this post or PM me to apply to hangaround and schedule a tour. 

Edited by Ghostavelli_
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