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GTA 6-Stories From San Andreas concept

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Posted (edited)

Welcome to my fan made concept of GTA 6,named Stories From San Andreas.



The game takes place in San Fierro, Las Venturas and the surrounding areas (Flint County, Tierra Robada and Bone County) in 1979




I know the map is really crude and poorly detailed,but for something I made on my phone's picture editor I guess it's okay,it's just here to give you a general idea of what the area would look like.I tried to keep it somewhat similar to what it looked like in GTA SA,but I also made a few changes.Anyway...

On the western part of the map is the city of San Fierro surrounded by Flint County from the east, south-east and south.Flint County consists of northern California-type forests and grasslands.There are also two towns,the larger Palomino Creek (I know it was close to Los Santos in GTA SA,but since it wasn't featured in GTA 5,I decided to move it closer to San Fierro and include it in my concept) and the smaller Angel Pine.

North-east of San Fierro is the Tierra Robada County,a dry area separated from the rest of the northern and north-eastern San Andreas by a wide river crossed by several bridges,including San Fierro's iconic Gant Bridge.The county has two towns,a larger and more urban Bayside,and a small desert town of El Quebrados.

East of Flint County and Tierra Robada is the Bone County,consisting of a large arid desert with some canyons in the northern parts.Slightly north from the center of Bone county is the city of Las Venturas.South-west of Las Venturas is the town of Fort Carson,and on the south-eastern part of the county is a mysterious military base Area 69 (I know it was west of Las Venturas in GTA SA,but I think having it in the corner of the map where most players probably don't go often would make it more secluded and mysterious,and the protagonist wouldn't have to worry about getting shot down when flying aircraft from city to city).



San Fierro-1970s San Fierro,you can expect to see references to Bullitt, iconic locations like Windy Street (Lombard Street), Gant Bridge (Golden Gate Bridge) and Golden Dragon restaurant (Red Dragon).Hometown of Triads, Yakuza, Angels Of Death MC and San Fierro Rifa.The northern parts of the city consist of mostly Asian neighborhoods with Chinatown being the largest one.There's an airport and a port on the southwestern part of the city,and nearby as also the AOD clubhouse.The central part of the city is controlled by the San Fierro Rifa.

Las Venturas-City in the middle of the desert full of casinos,neon signs and mobsters.The Las Venturas Strip goes through the center of the city,and is full of casinos and hotels.Northern part has the wealthy neighborhood,and there's also an Italian restaurant Tommy's.Eastern part of the city has an airport and the middle class suburbs,while the western part is mostly industrial area.

Palomino Creek-Town located in the Flint County.The center of the town is a commercial area with a convenience store, a diner, a bar, a hotel, a Bunch Of Tools hardware store, an Ammunation, a car dealership, a movie theater and also a small hospital.Around it are suburban areas,and on the western edge of town there's a Cobras MC Palomino chapter clubhouse.

Fort Carson-Town located in the Bone County,it has a convenience store, a diner, a bar, a hotel, a Bunch Of Tools hardware store, an Ammunation, a motorcycle dealership, a movie theater, police station and a Cobras MC Carson chapter clubhouse located on the main street.The western part of town is a suburban area,while the western part is a trailer park where the poorest residents live

Bayside-Town located on the western part of Tierra Robada County,just north of San Fierro.It has a convenience store, a diner, a bar, a hotel, a Bunch Of Tools hardware store, an Ammunation, a car dealership, a movie theater and a fire department,as well as a small port.It's the most urban looking town in San Andreas.

Angel Pine-small town in Flint County,south of San Fierro.It's the hometown or the Rednecks gang that can be found in a small trailer park on the southern part of town.The town has a convenience store, a diner, a bar, a hotel, an Ammunation and a Pay And Spray.

El Quebrados-small town in Tierra Robada,it has a convenience store, a diner, a bar, a hotel, an Ammunation, and a Pay And Spray.

Area 69-Large military base located near the south-eastern corner of the map.The base is well protected,with soldiers in Mesas patrolling in and around it.Inside you can find various military land vehicles and aircraft, military grade weapons, and who knows what else.


San Fierro



Las Venturas



Flint County environments




Tierra Robada environment




Bone County environments





James "Jimbo" Sharpe

James Sharpe is a 29 year old Vietnam war veteran and a member of the Palomino Creek chapter of Cobras Motorcycle Club.He was born and grew up in Palomino Creek,after finishing high school he briefly moved to Los Santos to go to college hoping to become a paleontologist,but away from the guidance of his family he focused more on rock concerts and parties than studying,and dropped out of college at the age of 20,instead getting drafted to the army and sent to Vietnam.After returning from the war in 1975 he returned to Palomino Creek,soon bought a Western Wolfsbane and started attending bike meets throughout San Andreas.He met members of the local chapter of Cobras MC,became a full patched member at the age of 27,and later got promoted to club Sgt. At Arms.










Dino "The Gecko" Gekotta

Dino Gekotta was born in Chicago in 1945.His Father was a made man in the Chicago mob,who's parents moved from Sicily in 1910,and his mother was a refugee from Venice who escaped Mussolini's regime when WW2 started in 1939.Dino grew up among the mafia,he already started doing odd jobs for his father's mobster friends at the age of 13,and at 18 he ended up in prison for 5 years after robbing a liquor store and trying to get away in a stolen car.After getting released,he continued working for the mob,and became a made man when he was 30.In 1977 he was sent to Las Venturas to operate a mafia-owned Casino.









San Fierro gangs

Triads-Chinese criminal organisation,they are based in Chinatown and are the dominant gang in San Fierro neighborhoods with mostly Asian population.They are involved in smuggling, drug and weapons trade, prostitution, illegal gambling and racketeering.


Yakuza-Japanese criminal organisation,they compete with the Triads for control of San Fierro's Asian neighborhoods.They make profit mostly from racketeering and extortion.


Angels Of Death MC-notorious outlaw motorcycle club,they were originally founded in San Fierro and spread throughout America by the 1970s,and even formed a few chapters in Canada, Australia and Europe.They're involved in drug and weapons trade, prostitution, motorcycle theft and robbery.They are also known for coming into conflicts with other motorcycle clubs.


San Fierro Rifa-Mexican street gang found in Latin-American neighborhoods of San Fierro,they are involved in drug trade, burglary, car theft and robbery.


Las Venturas gangs

Chicago mob-notorious Italian-American criminal organisation that became infamous for bootlegging and violent turf wars during the 1930s.They are originally from Chicago,but they eventually started expanding their business to Las Venturas,opened a successful casino and started making most of their money there from gambling,but are also involved in loan sharking, extortion and racketeering.


Gambetti Family-a powerful Italian-American criminal organisation,part of the Liberty City Commission.They recently opened their own casino in Las Venturas and started to muscle in on the Chicago mob's business,which already started conflict between two gangs.Their crew in Las Venturas is led by their experienced capo Jon Gravelli.


Small town gangs

Cobras MC-small motorcycle club with only two chapters,one in Palomino Creek and another in Fort Carson.They are known for growing and selling marijuana, selling illegal weapons, and also work as hired muscle for larger gangs.In the past they had a few conflicts with Angels Of Death who tried to take over their turf.


Rednecks-a small gang of rednecks based in Angel Pine,they have only a handful of members but are heavily armed and usually don't like outsiders.They are known associates of Angels Of Death,and are known to cook meth, grow weed and make moonshine to sell to the AOD.



I'll continue with the concept soon,and add weapons list, vehicle list, radio stations and some other stuff.Meanwhile,if you guys like it let me know.

Edited by GTA-Biker
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Posted (edited)



Revolver (Smith & Wesson Model 10)-This revolver is a standard issue gun for cops throughout America,fairly popular with civilians and criminals as well



Heavy Revolver (Colt Python)-Powerful revolver chambered in .357,popular hand cannon for movie action heroes and those who want to feel that way



Classic Revolver (Colt SAA)-The iconic Wild West revolver that has been produced from the 1870s until the 1940s,simple, reliable and effective gun



Pistol (Beretta 92)-New Italian semiautomatic pistol that recently came to the American market,holds 16 rounds including one in the chamber



Heavy Pistol (Colt M1911)-Iconic American semiautomatic .45 pistol,used in both world wars and still a standard issue sidearm of the US military,also popular among cops, civilians and criminals



Compact Pistol (Walther PPK)-Compact pistol imported from Germany,used in WW2 by German officers as well as by fictional British spies,popular as a concealed carry self defense weapon among civilians



Submachine guns:

Micro SMG (Mac 10)-American compact SMG,produced as a cheap and simple sidearm for snipers, machinegunners and tank crews,eventually it ended up on the streets and became popular with gangsters



Eastern Bloc SMG (Škorpion)-Czechoslovakian SMG used in the Vietnam war,some veterans took them back home as trophies,but some eventually ended up in the hands of criminals



Middle-Eastern SMG (Uzi)-Full sized SMG from Israel,used by both law enforcement agencies and gangs



SMG (MP5A3)-Full sized SMG imported from Germany,mostly used by law enforcement agencies,but some ended up in the hands of gangsters




Shotgun (Remington 870)-Pump action shotgun,commonly used as backup weapon by cops,home defense and hunting weapon by civilians,as well as by criminals



Combat Shotgun (SPAS12)-Semiautomatic shotgun used by the military,also becoming popular on civilian market despite just recently becoming available



Sawed Off Shotgun-Sawed off double barrel shotgun,common weapon in the hands of criminals since the 19th century



Assault rifles:

Soviet Rifle (AK47)-Notorious Russian assault rifle used by communist militaries worldwide,came to America as trophies from the Vietnam,and quickly became popular among criminals



Assault Rifle (M16A1)-Standard issue assault rifle of the American military,also used by some law enforcement agencies



Bullpup Rifle (Famas)-New French assault rifle,bullpup design combines firepower of an assault rifle with a compact size of a SMG



Trophy Rifle (STG44)-First assault rifle ever,made and used by Germans in WW2,very rare weapon mostly found in museums,in collections of historic gun enthusiasts,or displayed as trophies in homes of some WW2 veterans



Sniper rifles:

Sniper Rifle (Springfield 1903)-Bolt action rifle used in both world wars,equipped with a scope it's still in use as a sniper rifle,as well as a hunting rifle by some civilians



Classic Sniper (Winchester 1894)-Wild West era lever action rifle with a scope installed,fairly popular with hunters



Semiautomatic Sniper (M14)-Semiautomatic battle rifle used in Korea and Vietnam,equipped with a scope it's still in use by the military



Crossbow-Crossbow with a scope,shooting arrows completely silently,fairly popular for hunting



Heavy weapons:

MG (M60)-Standard MG used by the military,known among civilians as a weapon of choice of buff action heroes in war movies



Minigun-Multibarreled MG,usually mounted on military vehicles such as APCs and helicopters



Flamethrower-Military flamethrower,previously used by the marines for clearing Japanese bunkers in the Pacific



Rocket Launcher (RPG)-Sovier anti tank weapon,available on the black market in limited numbers



Thrown weapons:

Grenade-Standard issue military hand grenade,pull the pin and throw it as far as possible



Molotovs-Improvised weapon commonly used by guerrilla groups in various conflicts,as well as criminals



Throwing Knives-Silent thrown weapon,precise in the hands of circus acts and professional hitmen



Melee weapons:

Baseball Bat-Play baseball with your little nephew or crack someone's skull,the choice is yours

Chain-Can be used to whip your enemy in a fight or silently strangle him from behind

Chainsaw-Tool of choice for lumberjacks and psychopaths

Crowbar-Useful for breaking into homes and breaking bones of residents you find inside

Hammer-A simple hammer made to hit whatever you want

Hatchet-Another tool used by both lumberjacks and psychos

Knife-Standard issue military knife

Knuckleduster-Simple brass knuckles,European hooligans swear by it

Machete-Basically a modern equivalent of a sword

Nightstick-Standard issue police nightstick,you probably got hit with it at some point

Pool Cue-You can use it to play pool in a local bar and use it to fight off a horde of drunks when a brawl breaks out

Switchblade-Commonly used by small time thugs for decades


There would be several different stores where protagonists could buy weapons.Ammunation would be selling handguns, SMGs, shotguns, assault rifles, sniper rifles, Knife, Knuckleduster, Machete, Nightstick, Switchblade and Throwing Knives.Underground shops (like those from GTA 4) would sell heavy weapons, Grenades and Molotovs.Chain, Chainsaw, Crowbar, Hammer and Hatchet would be available in hardware stores.There would also be a sports equipment store selling Baseball Bat and Pool Cue (as well as motorcycle helmets and other biker gear,to expand the stock).

Edited by GTA-Biker
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Posted (edited)



BF Injection (classic VW Beetle)



BF Club (VW Golf Mk1)



Declasse Rhapsody

Grotti Brioso (classic Fiat 500)



Lampadati Garden Shed (Citroën 2CV,like in GTA London)



Weeny Issi (Issi Classic from GTA Online)


2 door coupes, 4 door sedans and station wagons:

Albany Emperor

Albany Hermes

Albany Manana

Albany Virgo and Virgo Classic

Benefactor Glendale

Declasse Tornado

Declasse Voodoo

Dundreary Regina

Enus Stafford

Lampadati Pigalle

Übermacht Zion (Zion Classic from GTA Online)

Vapid Chino

Vapid Peyote

Vulcar Fagaloa

Vulcar Nebula Turbo

Vulcar Warrener

Weeny Dynasty

Willard Marbelle


Muscle cars and hotrods:

Albany Buccaneer

Albany Franken Stange

Bravado Buffalo (6th gen Dodge Coronet sedan)



Bravado Gauntlet (Gauntlet Classic from GTA Online)

Bravado Rat Truck

Declasse Impaler

Declasse Sabre Turbo

Declasse Stallion

Declasse Tampa

Declasse Tulip

Declasse Vamos

Declasse Vigero

Imponte Dukes

Imponte Nightshade

Imponte Phoenix

Schyster Deviant

Vapid Blade (same model as in GTA Online,but without drag racing mods)

Vapid Dominator (1964-66 Ford Mustang convertible)



Vapid Ellie

Vapid Hotknife

Vapid Hustler

Vapid Imperator


Sports cars:

Annis Savestra

Benefactor Stirling GT

Declasse Mamba

Dewbauchee JB700 (same as in GTA 5,but without any weapons)

Dewbauchee Rapid GT (Rapid GT Classic from GTA Online)

Grotti Cheetah (Ferrari 308)



Grotti GT500

Grotti Stinger

Invetero Coquette (Coquette Classic from GTA 5) and Coquette Blackfin

Karin 190Z

Lampadati Casco

Lampadati Michelli GT

Lampadati Tropos Rallye

Lampadati Viseris

Ocelot Swinger

Pegassi Monroe

Pegassi Torero

Pfister Comet (classic Porsche 911)



Vapid Bullet (Ford GT40)



Vapid Clique

Vapid Retinue and Retinue Mk2


Pickup trucks:

Canis Bodhi (same as in GTA 5,but without rust)

Cheval Picador

Declasse Yosemite

Karin Rebel (second gen Toyota Hilux)



Vapid Slamvan


Off road vehicles:

BF Dune Buggy

Canis Kalahari

Canis Mesa (civilian Jeep)



Declasse Rancher XL



BF Surfer

Bravado Youga (Youga Classic from GTA Online)


Utility vehicles:

Bravado Duneloader

Jobuilt Phantom (Peterbilt 218)



Tow truck (the smaller one from GTA 5)



Albany Roosevelt

Truffade Z-Type



Dinka Akuma (Kawasaki Mach IV)



Dinka Enduro

Dinka Thrust (1979 Honda Goldwing)



LCC/Steel Horse Hexer


Service manuals found in GTA 5 confirm it's been produced by Steel Horse since the 1970


Pegassi Bati 900 (Ducati 900SS)



Pegassi Faggio

Pegassi FCR750 (BMW R75/5)



Pegassi Ventoso (Puch Maxi)



sh*tzu NRG900 (Kawasaki Z1)



sh*tzu PCJ600 (Honda CB750 Four)



Western Angel

Western Cliffhanger (same as in GTA Online,but with mid controls footpegs instead of forward controls,and a normal headlight)

Western Daemon (civilian version from Bikers DLC,without TLMC logos)

Western Freeway (1977 HD Lowrider)



Western Gargoyle (1950 Indian Chief)



Western Sovereign (1970s HD Electra Glide)



Western Wolfsbane (1970s HD Sportster) and Wolfsbane Custom (chopper version from GTA Online)




Wolfsbane Custom



Western Zombie Bobber and Zombie Chopper



Buckingham Howard NX25

Buckingham Maverick

Buckingham Valkyrie

FH1 Hunter (AH65 Apache)



LF22 Starling

Mommoth Dodo

Mammoth Mogul

P45 Nokota


Sea Sparrow


V65 Molotok

Western Cargobob

Western Cuban 800

Western Duster






Police vehicles:

Cop Car






Cop Bike




Military land vehicles:

APC (XM765)



Bravado Half Track

Canis Mesa (military Jeep)



HVY Barracks (M35)



Rhino (M60 Patton)





Vehicles without a picture added would return unchanged from what they looked like in GTA 4, 5 or Online.

Edited by GTA-Biker

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Posted (edited)



Binco-Clothing store selling cheaper casual clothes,there would be three stores in SF, three in LV, one in Palomino Creek, one in Fort Carson and one in Bayside

Perseus-Clothing store selling expensive clothes such as business suits and fancy polo shirts,there would be one store in LV

Ponsonbys-Another clothing store selling expensive clothes,there would be one store in SF

Ammunation-Weapon store selling handguns, SMGs, shotguns, assault rifles, sniper rifles, Knife, Knuckleduster, Machete, Nightstick, Switchblade and Throwing Knives,as well as having a gun range to raise your shooting skill,there would be three stores in SF, three in LV and one in each town

Underground stores-Weapon stores selling heavy weapons, Grenades and Molotovs,and also buying drugs from protagonists,there would be one store in SF and one in LV

Bunch Of Tools-Hardware stores selling Chain, Chainsaw, Crowbar, Hammer and Hatchet,there would be two stores in SF, two in LV, one in Palomino Creek, one in Fort Carson and one in Bayside

Pro Laps-Sports equipment store selling Baseball Bat and Pool Cue,as well as motorcycle helmets, jackets, pants, gloves and boots,there would be two stores in SF and two in LV

Car dealerships-If you don't feel like looking for some car to steal from the street you can go there and buy it (or take it for a test drive and steal it,but that would give you two star wanted level),they would also have mechanics garages where you could repair, repaint and customize cars,there would be two dealerships in SF, three in LV, one in Palomino Creek and one in Bayside

Motorcycle dealerships-They would function the same as car dealerships,but with bikes instead of cars,there would be one dealership in SF, one in LV and one in Fort Carson

Pay And Spray-Mechanics garages where you could only repair and repaint cars and bikes but not customize them,there would be one in Angel Pine and one in El Quebrados

Convenience stores-small stores selling snacks, beer, cigarettes and similar stuff,those found in the cities would be part of the 24/7 franchise while those in small towns would be locally owned,there would be five stores in SF, five in LV and one in each town



Burger Shot-Fast food restaurant serving burgers,there would be two restaurants in SF and two in LV

Well Stacked Pizza-Fast food restaurant serving pizzas,there would also be two restaurants in each city

Clucking Bell-Fast food restaurant serving fried food,there would also be two restaurants in each city

Diners-locally owned small restaurants serving various fast foods (burgers, hotdogs, pancakes, etc.),there would be one diner in each small town

Bars-Places to order beverages,hang out and play pool, darts or pinball,there would be five bars in SF, five in LV and one in each town

Red Dragon-Chinese restaurant located in San Fierro's Chinatown,a place where Triads commonly hang out

Fujiwara's Restaurant-Japanese Restaurant in San Fierro,a place where Yakuza members commonly hang out

Tommy's-Italian restaurant located in one of Las Venturas' wealthy neighborhoods,members of the Chicago mob commonly hang out there,and members of the Gambetti Family can sometimes be found as well



Salvatore's Casino-Casino located on the Las Venturas Strip owned by the Chicago Mob,members can be found hanging out there

Liberty Casino-Another casino located on the Strip,owned by the Gambetti Family,members commonly hang around there

Gyms-Places to work out to increase strength and stamina,as well as learn new fighting moves,there would be one gym teaching wrestling moves in each city,and also one gym teaching boxing moves in each city

Strip clubs-Places to order beverages and hang out,there would be one in SF and one in LV

Movie theaters-Places to watch movies,there would be two in SF, two in LV, one in Palomino Creek, one in Fort Carson and one in Bayside

Museums-Only places where you can see (and if you want,steal at the risk of 3 stars wanted level) Roosevelt and Z-Type,as well as the Trophy Rifle,there would be one in SF and one in LV

Hotels-Places to rent a room (to save game or change clothes) and a parking spot for 24 in-game hours,there would be two in SF, two in LV and one in each town



Salvatore's Casino-Casino owned by the Chicago Mob,Dino Gekotta can do work for the casino to increase his weekly profit,there's also a 1-car garage reserved for Dino

Brothel-a brothel operated by the Chicago mob,Dino can do pimping side mission to increase his weekly profit,there's also a 1-car garage reserved for Dino

Cobras MC clubhouse-a place owned by the Cobras MC where members hang out,there's also a 1-car garage reserved for James

Dino's house-a big house with a 3-car garage in a wealthy neighborhood of Las Venturas

James' house-a medium sized house with a 2-car garage in a residential part of Palomino Creek

Safehouses-various houses and apartments (each with a 2-car garage) that each of the protagonist's can buy,there would be five safehouses in SF, five in LV and one in each town

(note that two motorcycles would fit in one car parking space,so for example in a two car garage you could store two cars,a car and two bikes,or four bikes)



Side missions:

Motorcycle street racing-Win illegal street races with bikes (Akuma, PCJ600, NRG900, FCR750, Bati 900 and Cliffhanger recommended,though any bike could be used),only James Sharpe can do these missions

Car street racing-Win illegal street races with cars (sports cars and muscle cars recommended),both protagonists could do these missions

Vehicle thefts-Steal wanted cars throughout the state and deliver them to your contact at Palomino Creek car dealership or steal bikes and deliver them to the Fort Carson dealership,only James can do these missions

Drug dealing-Both protagonists could kill drug dealer NPCs and take the drugs they drop (random members from various gangs could also sometimes drop drugs when killed) to later sell in underground stores

Burglary-Both protagonists could break into NPC's homes to steal their stuff (cash, jewelry, electronics, weapons) to earn some money

Robbery-Both protagonists could earn some money by robbing convenience stores, fast food restaurants, diners and bars

Pimping-Do various work for the brothel (take prostitutes from the brothel to their customers,save them if there's any trouble,and take them back when they're done, take out rival pimps and hire their prostitutes in your brothel, sabotage rival brothels, etc.),only Dino Gekotta can do these missions

Casino work-Do various work for Salvatore's Casino (deliver new chips from the factory to the casino, promote your casino by dropping flyers or placing posters around the city, sabotage rival casinos, etc.),only Dino can do these missions


Side activities:

Gambling-There would be several casinos in LV,including the Chicago Mob owned Salvatore's Casino and the Gambetti Family owned Liberty Casino,where protagonists could gamble and bet on horse or dog racing

Gun range-Each Ammunation store would have a gun range where protagonists could practice shooting

Hunting-Protagonists could go hunting various animals in the rural areas (only weapons available while hunting would be Sniper Rifle, Classic Sniper and Crossbow)

Pool-Protagonists could play pool in bars,either with their friends or play for money with a random NPC

Darts-Like with Pool,protagonists could play it in bars with friends or random NPCs

Pinball-Bars would have a Pinball machine that protagonists could play

Movies-Protagonists could go to the movie theater to see movies

Edited by GTA-Biker

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KDST (60s and 70s classic rock, hard rock and heavy metal)

AC/DC-Highway To Hell

Black Sabbath-Children Of The Grave

Black Sabbath-Paranoid

Bob Seger-Old Time Rock 'N Roll

Boston-More Than A Feeling

CCR-Down On The Corner

CCR-Who'll Stop The Rain

David Bowie-Moonage Daydream

Deep Purple-Smoke On The Water

Fleetwood Mac-The Chain

George Thorogood-One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer

Golden Earring-Radar Love

Jimmi Hendrix-Hey Joe

Kiss-I Was Made For Loving You

Led Zeppelin-Immigrant Song

Redbone-Come And Get Your Love

Rick Derringer-Rock 'N Roll Hoochie Koo

Status Quo-Rockin' All Over The World

Steppenwolf-Born To Be Wild

Steppenwolf-Magic Carpet Ride

Steve Miller Band-Jet Airliner

The Animals-House Of The Rising Sun

The Arrown-I Love Rock 'N Roll

The Doors-Roadhouse Blues

The Knack-My Sharona

The Rolling Stones-Route 66

The Who-My Generation

T Rex-Children Of The Revolution

ZZ Top-Tush


Non Stop Pop (60s and 70s pop, pop-rock, r&b, soul, funk)

Aretha Franklin-Respect

Aretha Franklin-Think

Bill Withers-Ain't No Sunshine

Blue Swede-Hooked On A Feeling

Cornelius Brothers And Sister Rose-Treat Her Like A Lady

Dusty Springfield-Son Of A Preacher Man

Elvis Bishop-Fooled Around And Fell In Love

Five Stairsteps-O-o-h Child

James Brown-Papa Got A Brand New Bag

Jay And The Americans-Come A Little Bit Closer

Looking Glass-Brandy

Lovin' Spoonful-Summer In The City

Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell-Ain't No Mountain High Enough

Mungo Jerry-In The Summertime

Parliament-Flash Light

Rupert Holmes-Escape

Sam Cooke-Bring It On To Me

Silver-Wham Bam Shang-A-Lang

Starland Vocal Band-Afternoon Delight

The Jackson 5-ABC

The Jackson 5-I Want You Back

The Supremes-Can't Hurry Love

The Temptations-Papa Was A Rolling Stone

Queen-Crazy Little Thing Called Love


Bounce FM (disco)

Boney M-Daddy Cool

Boney M-Rasputin

Carl Douglas-Kung Fu Fighting

Donna Summer-Hot Stuff

Donna Summer-Love To Love You Baby

Gloria Gaynor-I Will Survive

Lipps Inc.-Funkytown

Patrick Hernandez-Born To Be Alive

Silver Convention-Fly Robin Fly

The Bee Gees-Stayin' Alive

The Trammps-Disco Inferno


Channel X (punk rock)

Buzzcocks-Ever Fallen In Love

Ramones-Blitzkrieg Bop

Ramones-I Wanna Be Sedated

Sex Pistols-Anarchy In The UK

Sex Pistols-God Save The Queen

The Clash-I Fought The Law

The Clash-London Calling

The Damned-Love Song

The Runaways-Cherry Bomb

The Stooges-Search And Destroy


K Rose (country)

Dolly Parton-Jolene

Janis Joplin-Me And My Bobby McGee

John Denver-Take Me Home Country Roads

Johnny Cash-I Walk The Line

Johnny Cash-Ring Of Fire

Lyn Anderson-I Never Promised You A Rose Garden

Merrilee Rush-Angel Of The Morning

Tanya Tucker-Delta Dawn

Willie Nelson-On The Road Again


Oldies FM (50s and early 60s rock 'n roll and rockabilly)

Bill Haley-Rock Around The Clock

Bill Haley-Shake Rattle And Roll

Buddy Holly-Rave On

Buddy Holly-That'll Be The Day

Chuck Berry-Johnny B Goode

Chuck Berry-No Particular Place To Go

Chuck Berry-Rock And Roll Music

Chuck Berry-Roll Over Beethoven

Eddie Cochran-Come On Everybody

Eddie Cochran-Summertime Blues

Elvis Presley-All Shook Up

Elvis Presley-Burning Love

Elvis Presley-Hound Dog

Elvis Presley-Jailhouse Rock

Elvis Presley-Suspicious Minds

Everly Brothers-All I Have To Do Is Dream

Everly Brothers-Bye Bye Love

Little Richard-Long Tall Sally

Little Richard-Tutti Frutti

Ricky Nelson-Stood Up

Richie Valens-Come On Let's Go

The Beatles-Twist And Shout

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Posted (edited)

For a final part of my concept,here are some gameplay features (NPC AI, melee fighting, customization, etc.)



Character customization:

Clothes-Wide variety of 70s clothing styles (casual, suits, hippie, metalhead, punk, disco, etc.),James Sharpe would have some unique biker-style clothes and motorcycle gear,as well as his old army uniform

Haircuts-Various different 70s style haircuts

Tattoos-James Sharpe could get various biker-style tattoos,while the ones Dino Gekotta could get would be more subtle to fit his personality better


Car customization:

Cars could get a variety of different mods,such as performance upgrades, different colors and liveries, wheels, exhausts, spoilers, interior mods, etc.Muscle cars and hotrods would also have an option to have a "bug catcher" and a few other unique mods.Surfer and Youga would have an option of customizing them in the style of 70s custom vans.Gang versions of Hermes, Tornado and Peyote used by the San Fierro Rifa would have hydraulics


Motorcycle customization:

Bikes would also have a variety of different mods,including performance upgrades, different colors and liveries, wheels, fenders, fairings, headlights and taillights, exhausts, fuel tanks, seats, sissybars, saddlebags and other stuff depending on what fits the type of bike.For example,cruisers (Freeway, Wolfsbane and Gargoyle) and choppers (Hexer, Angel, Daemon, Wolfsbane Custom, Zombie Chopper and Zombie Bobber) could have sissy bars and saddlebags,on touring bikes (Sovereign and Thrust) you could take off metal saddlebags or replace them with leather ones and take off the fairing or replace it with a tall windshield,while faster bikes (Akuma, PCJ600, NRG900, FCR750, Bati 900 and Cliffhanger) would have mods like 70s race bike fairings


Gun customization:

Guns could have suppressors added,different custom grips,guns with magazines could have extended magazines,sniper rifles could have scopes taken off so that you could use iron sights instead,and you could also get a gun engraved or change color to nickel plated, golden or painted camo



Strength-How much damage your melee attack do,increase it by working out at the gym,once you increase it to at least 50% you can learn new boxing and wrestling moves

Stamina-How long can you sprint before getting tired,increase it by working out at the gym

Shooting-How accurate your shots are and how well you control the recoil of the guns,increase it by practicing shooting at the gun range



There would be three different fighting styles,default (simple punches, kicks and grapples), boxing (better punches and dodges) and wrestling (better grapples and tackles),and the protagonist could use different moves in any order to make combos.If the protagonist learns boxing and then wrestling or vice versa,he would still remember the previous fighting style


Moves (PS controller):

Tapping circle-punches

Holding circle-heavy punch

Tapping square-kicks

Holding square-heavy kick

Tapping triangle-grapple

Holding triangle-tackle

Tapping X-dodge

Holding X-block

Tapping circle while grappling enemy-punching them in the head or torso while holding them

Tapping square while grappling enemy-kick in the crotch while holding them

Tapping X while grappling enemy-throw



Driving physics:

Car physics would be an improved vehicle of GTA 4 driving physics,while big heavy sedans and muscle cars would have a boat like suspension just like real cars they're based on,high performance sports cars would have stiffer suspension and sharper handling

Motorcycles would have similar physics as in GTA SA


Personal vehicles:

Personal vehicle system would be like that in GTA Online,while protagonists would start with one or two default personal vehicles (Wolfsbane and Dominator for James,and Glendale for Dino),each vehicle they store in their garage would become a personal vehicle



Weapons could be purchased at different stores,looted from dead NPCs (if you kill NPC armed with a rifle and a sidearm handgun,they drop both),or found in different locations around the map

Protagonists could get all the weapons available in game,but could only carry one from each class,the others would be stored in their personal vehicles (trunk of cars or saddlebags of motorcycles)




Regular people,neutral to protagonist unless provoked

If provoked may react in different ways,from running away to calling police to starting a fistfight with the attacker to rarely even pulling a Compact Pistol and shooting the attacker

Usually unarmed,may rarely be armed with a Compact Pistol



Criminal NPCs,often seen mugging civilians, robbing convenience stores and restaurants, or stealing cars

May try to mug or carjack protagonists

Usually armed with Knuckleduster, Switchblade, Knife or any handgun,rarely unarmed

Mostly found in SF and LV,may rarely spawn in towns



Usually seen around brothels at any time and near prostitutes throughout the city at night,only spawn in SF and LV

Neutral unless you provoke them or attack nearby prostitutes (rival pimps encountered during Dino's pimping side mission are hostile to him)

Sometimes armed with any handgun



Commonly spawn in SF and LV,rarely also in small towns,usually at night

Neutral to protagonists unless provoked (those that appear in Dino's pimping missions are friendly to him)

Usually unarmed,but may also have a Switchblade or a Compact Pistol


Drug dealers:

Another type of criminal NPCs,they can be seen standing on the street corners and occasionally selling drugs to other NPCs

Neutral to protagonists unless provoked

Always armed with a knuckleduster, Switchblade, Knife or any handgun

When killed they drop drugs that the protagonists can take and later sell at underground stores

Usually spawn in SF and LV,may also spawn in towns


Gang members:

Usually seen in areas their gang controls,but may rarely spawn outside of their turf (for example,you may encounter a group of AOD members riding through Tierra Robada,or a San Fierro Rifa member in Las Venturas)

Behavior towards protagonists ranges from friendly (Cobras MC to James and the Chicago Mob to Dino) to neutral to hostile (if the AOD or the Rednecks see James or the Gambettis see Dino in their turf they'll tell him to leave and attack if he sticks around)

Neutral gangs will ignore each other,while rival gangs (Cobras and AOD, Cobras and Rednecks, Chicago Mob and Gambettis, Triads and Yakuza) will start insulting each other and then start a fight when they meet

If the protagonist is fighting someone,friendly gang members will help him,members of neutral gangs will run away unless they get attacked too,and rival gang members will attack him

Usually armed with any handgun,may rarely spawn unarmed, armed with Knuckleduster, Switchblade, Knife, Micro SMG, Eastern Bloc SMG or Sawed Off Shotgun,some of them also drop drugs when killed



Mostly seen around police stations,may also be seen patrolling on foot or in vehicles

Normally neutral to protagonists and other NPCs,but will try to arrest them if they see them commit crimes or kill them if they're resisting arrest

Always armed with a Nightstick and either a Revolver or rarely a Pistol (only some city cops)

SF cops, LV cops and small town cops have different models and different liveries on their vehicles


NOOSE team:

Only appear when the player has a 4 star wanted level

Armed with either SMGs or Middle-Eastern SMGs and a Pistol as a sidearm



Only appear when the player has a 5 star wanted level

Armed with Assault Rifle and a Pistol as a sidearm



Seen around Area 69,will also come after the protagonist if the player has a 6 star wanted level

Will attack the protagonist if he approaches Area 69 (unless it's James wearing his Army uniform)

Armed with either Assault Rifles or Combat Shotguns (those in Area 69 watchtowers have Semiautomatic Snipers instead),with a Heavy Pistol and Knife as sidearms



Various species of animals could be seen around the map,from dogs, cats, rats and pigeons in cities and towns to wild animals in the countryside and desert

Animals would react to each other differently,herbivores would ignore each other while predators (carnivores and omnivores) would hunt similar sized herbivores,as well as smaller herbivores and predators

Small animals would avoid people,but large predators would attack,and sometimes large herbivores would fight back if cornered by the protagonist



You can get a 1 star wanted level if a cop sees you commit a crime,if a civilian sees you commit a crime and manages to get to a payphone and call police (killing them before they make the call usually prevents it),or if you kill five or more NPCs in under a minute,continuing to do crime raises your wanted level

Robbing a store, a restaurant or a bar,or stealing a car or a bike from a dealership gives you instant 2 star wanted level

Injuring a cop or a soldier gives you instant 2 star wanted level

Killing a cop or a soldier gives you instant 3 star wanted level

Stealing a Roosevelt, Z-Type or a Trophy Rifle from a museum gives you instant 3 star wanted level

Entering Area 69 without a military uniform gives you instant 4 star wanted level


1 star-cops chase you with Cop Cars and Cop Bikes,attack you with Nightsticks,and try to arrest you

2 stars-cops chase you with Cop Cars,attack you with handguns,and try to either arrest or kill you

3 stars-cops chase you with Cop Cars,attack you with Shotguns,and try to kill you

4 stars-NOOSE team chases you with NOOSE Vans,attacks you with SMGs and Middle-Eastern SMGs,and tries to kill you

5 stars-FIB chases you with their version of NOOSE Van,attacks you with Assault Rifles and tries to kill you

6 stars-military chases you with Mesas and Barracks,attacks you with Assault Rifles and Combat Shotguns,and tries to kill you




Can be used by protagonists to call their contacts (including James calling the club prospect or Dino calling his soldatos to deliver a personal vehicle)

Civilian NPCs will also sometimes use it to report the protagonist committing a crime


Vehicle dealerships:

While every vehicle featured in the game would could be found somewhere and most of them stored in the garage,if the player doesn't feel like looking for some car or motorcycle they can go to the dealership to buy it or steal it

Protagonists could also sell vehicles to dealerships every three in-game days,selling stolen vehicles would earn you 20% the price they're sold at,and selling a personal vehicle earns you 50%

Each dealership would have a mechanics garage where players could take their vehicles to repair or customize them (car dealerships would have a mechanic that specializes in car repairs and customization,while motorcycle dealerships would have one that repairs and customizes only bikes)

James would have a contact at the Palomino Creek car dealership and Fort Carson bike dealership,and would receive a list of cars and bikes to steal and deliver to them for money


Random events:

Occasionally the players would stumble upon various random unscripted events such as thieves mugging civilians, robbing stores or restaurants, stealing cars or getting chased by cops (if a civilian armed with a Compact Pistol is nearby,they'll attack the thief),somebody walking up to a drug dealer and buying drugs,brawls or gunfights between rival gangs breaking out,a group of three to five Cobras or AOD members riding bikes through the countryside,random San Fierro Rifa members spraying gang graffiti in their turf,drunk civilians walking out of a bar,random bar brawls breaking out,car meet or bike meet happening in a random parking lot at night,a random hunter hunting animals in the countryside,etc.



That's it for my concept,if you guys like it,or think I should add something or should have done something differently,let me know.

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San Francisco and Las Vegas in 70s is something I would love to see next to Miami in 80s.

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