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Looking for Xbox One crew/posse members, grinders especially

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Greetings all.   Feeling down?   Bank account a bit empty?   Tired of playing alone?   Love to laugh but no one to laugh with?   Then come on down to our dealership.   We are running a two for one deal that will brighten your day and fatten your wallet.   We have tried and true methods to make you richer and happier.  If you sign up for our GTA V crew, we have a Red Dead Online Posse equivalent that you can join as well.   We are having an open recruitment right now.   We have a steady set of consistent players but would love to expand the teams.   Ideally we could get enough members to fill a lobby so we can run multiple deliveries and get the lobby bonus as well in a safe friendly lobby.  We have a discord, our social club link is https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/flash_fighters_23/wall   


So what are we looking for.   First off, Grinders.   Those who love to grind for money with MC and CEO and help others grind.  Second you have to be respectful and courteous of ALL players and all types of people.  Third, have a sense of humor.  We love to grind but sometimes we like to just relax and cut up.   Four, team mind set.   We don't start fights with randoms, but if someone messes with one of us, they mess with all of us and we will defend each other, even if over matched.   We accept veteran players and new players who need help to get started.  One additional thing we like to do is occasionally have cannonball run type races across the map with various rules and destinations.  The more the merrier we say and would love to add a few regular members to the crew.  


Red Dead we run all the roles and can help out there as well.   


Finally, we are on the east coast, but welcome players from all around the world.   We are often on during the week in the evenings and on the weekends at all different times.  Outside of GTA V and Red Dead we also run a Destiny 2 clan and play some EA sports.   Throw in a little Halo and Forza and we are pretty well rounded.  


Oh, we also have a discord.   Although it's small and new and really need a discord type expert to help us set it up proper and help it grow.  


If any or all of this sounds like a place you want to hang, come on down, let's put you in the crew today.   



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