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Theory: The fate of the still alive GTA 3 characters


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feel free to share your theories on what happened to some of the GTA 3 characters. I just thought to do this for fun and hope you enjoy the thread.


Here's my theory on what happened




Dec  2001 - Feb 2002


He lays low in Shoreside Vale for awhile and tries to help the Southside hoods kill off the cartels on the island, but fails since the cartel manages to wipe out the hoods completely and setting Claude's Shoreside vale hideout on fire, forcing him to leave Shoreside Vale since the area was getting too hostile. Also the cartels find the Hoods gang leader, D-Ice and executes him, AK shot to the face while driving in traffic near the dam.  


Claude now hangs out at his Staunton Island hideout. While in Staunton island, he meets up with Misty and the two start up some relationship with each other. He gets this unexpected visit on Valentine's day  from Joey leone that was attempting to get revenge on Claude for the killing of his father Salvatore and is killed by Claude with a shotgun blast to the chest.


(More info on what happens to Claude to come as you read on)


In the month of November two characters die


Maria Latore

If not dead at the end of the game, I say she dies by drug overdose since she couldn't help herself to get back on drugs and felt lonely in life.


Ray Machowski 

 After escaping LC from the CIA and off to Miami Florida, while he was there, he gets apprehended by two cartel men impersonating as cops and they kill ray in some secluded area.


Miles Donovan (Works for the Leone Family) 

Jan 2002 - Becomes the mayor of Liberty City after winning the election to run Liberty City for another 2 years. He was assassinated at a prep rally near the Staunton Island stadium by Claude in early may.


Ma Cipriani

Late Feb 02 - Dies of old age and the Leones have a funeral. Leones begin a rivalry with the Diablos gang in March.


El Burro

March 02 - killed by a member of the Leone crime family, which sparks a gang war between Diablos and Leones.


- The Diablos raid the Red Light District and target the big attraction there, Sex Club Seven which is still in control by the Leones and managed to kill Luigi Goterelli (Club leader)and Mickey Hamfists (Co-manager) while raiding the club to to seek revenge on their dead gang leader. Luigi and Mickey die by getting their skulls bashed in by baseball bats.


(The Diablos were wiped out by June at the hands of the Leones and Triads.)



April 02 - Killed in a car explosion since he was sent on a job to rig this sports car but without seeing it coming, the car was rigged for him and boom. The person behind the plan to blow up 8-ball is unknown, most likely from the Leones.


The wrap up for the Gangs


King Courtney

June 02 - The Leader of the Yardies, was arrested in Staunton Island and murdered on his first week in lockup by a cell inmate. The Yardies go into hiding for awhile and rebuild their gang, as you see on GTA4 which there in the game, the same for the Triads as well.  So now Yakuza, Cartel and Leones left standing.  


After the Leones decide to go after the Yakuzas and shoots up Kenji's casino, which leads the Yakuza gang to be wiped out. 


Aug 22 - A newspaper article is released and it tells you what happened to Donald Love and Oriental Gentleman. They're body parts were found chopped up in duffel bags in the Portland harbor. The deaths are linked to the cartel which leads the end of the cartels in LC.


The Story wrap up


Sept 2002

While Claude goes to meet up with Phil Cassidy to talk about a plan to take down the leones for good in liberty city, Misty is kidnapped by Toni Cipirani and the leones.  Claude and Phil go to St. Mark Bistro in Portland and goes to war with Toni and the leones.


Toni and Claude are left standing as Phil, Misty and leones were killed (The leones are no more in LC) After Claude and Toni shot eachother up, Claude succeeds to kill Toni but injured with gunshot wounds and sits himself down while bleeding out of his chest. As he hears police sirens, he points the gun to his head knowing he was gonna be f*cked either way because of the corrupted police, shoots himself in the head, blowing his brains out. 


(Just to say this took alot of time to write up, if you see any mistakes or confused about something, let me know and I'll fix it.)


GTA 4 characters that are still alive Coming Soon, here's the San Andreas thread if you guys want to check it out



Edited by wweraw526
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My visions are, based on the events of a GTA I wrote up at one point, set in 2002:

-Claude - ends up fleeing Liberty City a month or so after the events of GTA3. He winds up living in Anywhere City (not the same as in the 2D era, just the same name) for two years, working as a mechanic and joyrider, until the new Yakuza leader finds him in 2003 and hires him to defeat various gangs in Anywhere City, before betraying him. He then ends up working for other criminal organisations and assaults the Yakuza mansion to kill the oyabun, but fails and is executed after a dangerous shootout.

-Maria - I have absolutely no clue. I don't know if Claude killed her or not but if not, then she indeed probably overdosed or went missing or some sh*t.

-Luigi - is killed by said Yakuza oyabun in 2002 during heavy gang wars between the Leones and the Yakuza, in an event known as the Portland Wars, where all gangs of Liberty City, sans for the Hoods, fight for territory around Portland.

-Mickey - similar to the above, but in a different situation.

-Misty - decided to give up on being a prostitute and went for a change of image. She now got a job as a dancer at some club and has enough money to pay the bills.

-8-Ball - murdered by that Yakuza oyabun on orders of his friend, some sort of consigliere equivalent for preparing bombs for the Leone family and for performing attacks on the Yakuza.

-Joey - after Salvatore's death he became addicted to cocaine and became the leader of the Leones. Increasingly paranoid, he made many messed up decisions, including getting into the SPANK trade, sealing an alliance with a Yakuza offshoot (I should mention, the Yakuza also had a period of internal gang wars. The protagonist, the oyabun I keep mentioning, ends up being exiled into a nearby city in Upstate whereas a relative of the recently deceased Kanbu becomes the new oyabun and seals a deal with the Leones and also starts dealing drugs). After the Portland Wars and the retaking of the Yakuza he is murdered by that oyabun to finish off the Leones.

-Toni - forced to flee the country due to police putting pressure on him and Joey urging him to do so for the good of the Leones. Theoretically maintains the consigliere status, but is nowhere to be seen and it is implied he was last seen entering a plastic surgeon's office somewhere in north Italy. (oh yeah, the Leone hierarchy goes like this here: Joey - don, Salvatore's mentally troubled brother Frank - underboss, Toni - theoretical consigliere, Luigi - capo and consigliere in action)

-Ray - sipping on a martini in Vice Point, Vice City, his hometown (Miami is just a mess up by Rockstar I'd say) and laying low.

-Donald Love - the main antagonist of my story, he comes back to Liberty City to win the election against Miles o'Donovan (backed by the Leones) and Barry Harcross (backed by the Yakuza). Messes with the gangs all over and starts abusing drugs, turning him crazier than he was in 1998. Known to frequently visit a private island in the Carribean where he holds orgies and feasts on innocent women he invites and drugs. He is under constant pressure of the Colombian Cartel and the Yakuza, who keep destroying his assets all over Liberty State. He is killed by the Yakuza oyabun in a helicopter crash in Anywhere City.

-El Burro - killed by the Yakuza oyabun for sending a hit squad which killed King Courtney. After his death, the Diablos slowly start dissolving.

-King Courtney - once an enemy to the Yakuza, he was nearly killed by the Yakuza oyabun but ended up being forced to work for them. The Yardies and the Yakuza then signed a peace treaty and the Yardies are working as slackers for the Yakuza, much like they did for the Cartel beforehand. Is killed, as written above, by a Diablo hit squad. This leads to the Yardies slowly succumbing to exist in Liberty City and relocating to a different city west of it.

-D-Ice - is broken out of prison by the Yakuza and ends up leading the Hoods with an even hand, defeating remaining Purple Nines which continue popping out even by 2002. This is because a huge group of Nines relocated to a city in Upstate where they formed a new dangerous chapter. He leads the gang for many more years after, all the while maintaining good relations with the Yakuza.

-Oriental Gentleman - is killed by the Yakuza oyabun in order to enrage Donald Love

-Miles O'Donovan - killed by you know who in order to weaken the Leones and help Barry Harcross win the election.



-Leone Family - ceases to exist by 2002 after the death of Joey Leone and struggles during gang wars
-Triads - grow in power by 2002 thanks to profitable alliances and the decline of the Leones and the Diablos. They now control Portland View and parts of Trenton, Callahan Point and Saint Marks.

-Forelli Family - the last remnants of the gang were killed off by 2002, leaving them completely wiped out, at least in Liberty City.

-Diablos - slowly fall into decline after the death of El Burro and other gang wars ravaging Portland.

-Yardies - remain mostly the same, until the wipeout of the Colombian Cartel in 2002, after which they are heavily weakened during struggles with the Yakuza and end up being forced to work for them. They shared Newport with the Yakuza for a while. After King Courtney's demise at the hands of the Diablos, they slowly move out of Newport to a different town.

-Yakuza - arguably the biggest criminal organisation in Liberty City and not only. Has heavy control over the majority of Staunton Island, including Torrington, Newport, Bedford Point, Belleville Park, Aspatria and Fort Staunton. They also control areas around the Francis Intl. Airport, Pike Creek, Saint Marks, Hepburn Heights and the Red Light District.

-Colombian Cartel - slowly burns out after attacks on Cedar Grove, they lose most territory due to the Yakuza and their allies torching their homes and destroying their assets, they also disappear by 2002.

-Southside Hoods (actually Red Jacks now) - by using the vacuum left by the Colombians, they take over the Cochrane Dam and parts of Cedar Grove. They grow on to become one of the biggest African-American street gang in the US and dominate this market on the East Coast. Known to have good relations with the ever-so growing Grove Street Families from the West. 

Edited by Jeansowaty
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Claude: Left Liberty City quickly after The Exchange, as the police are still after him and the remaining gangs want him dead. My guess is that he either went to Carcer or Capital City, and is stirring up trouble for the pedestrians and local gangs there. He returns to Liberty City for unknown reasons at some point in the future, only to find that the city's name and layout has changed drastically from when he last visited. He turns the city upside down yet again, and causes each and every gang to destroy each other whilst working for all of them.


Maria: Shot dead by Claude at the end of the game. Learning from Catalina's betrayal, he makes an internal promise to never trust a pretty face again. Besides, Maria had already put him through enough with her loud mouth and rash decisions.


8-Ball: Leaves to go to San Fierro. His main employers, the Leone family, are slowly declining and are soon to be destroyed by other rival gangs. Eventually opens a new bomb shop and begins to work with the SF Triads.


Ray: Retired somewhere in one of Vice City's luxury mansions, Ray is living a happy quiet life.


Mayor Donovan: Was assassinated in 2004 by a Zaibatsu operative, the corporation plants one of their own to be the new mayor as they slowly and subtley take over the city.


Joey Leone: Forced to become the don of the Leone family after his father's death. His incompetence and naivety plunges the family into eventual doom. Toni, his consigliere, does his best to advise him and keep the family afloat. Most of the gang views Toni as the defacto leader who's just pulling Joey's strings, however not everyone approves of this.


Ma Cipriani: Dies of old age in 2003. The Leones hold a funeral for her, which the Diablos ambush in a failed attempt to kill Joey and Toni. A gang war ensues.


Toni Cipriani: Posing as Joey's consigliere and advisor, he schemes to eventually take Joey's place as the don. During the peak of the Leone-Diablo gang war in 2003, Toni begins to call the shots and make advancements towards the Diablos much to Joey's dismay. Internal conflict ensues, as half of the mob supports passive Joey while the other half believes that the assertive Toni should be in charge instead. This causes the Leone family to weaken and severely lose influence. As the Diablos start to take over more turf and new street gangs are beginning to form, behind the scenes the Zaibatsu Corporation are becoming more of a presence on the streets and are quickly taking over the drug scene. Near the end of the Leone-Diablo war, Joey is murdered in his father's old mansion by an unknown outsider (Connected to Toni but never proven). Toni quickly becomes the don and ends the gang war by hacking El Burro to pieces in front of his gang, scaring the rest of the Diablos into defeat. The Leones remain mostly quiet afterwards, too weak to make any real moves, their only remaining turf being St. Marks. In time, the family disbands and an A-list movie is made about them. Toni gets arrested in 2005 and serves life in prison.


Luigi: After the Leones fall apart, he leaves with Mickey to Las Venturas to work for one of the mafia families there, eventually opening up a casino of his own.


Misty: Remains as a prostitute and lives an uneventful life, working for whichever street gang is in power at the time.


El Burro/Diablos: After Claude leaves the city, the Diablos began to take over Portland. El Burro starts a bloody war with the Leone family by attempting to ambush them at Ma Cipriani's funeral. The Diablos have the upper hand, and almost win the war. After Joey's mysterious assassination, Toni raids El Burro's apartment and hacks him to pieces with an axe in front of his most high ranking lieutenants, scaring them into submission. Without a leader, the Diablos fall to inner conflicts and are eventually ran out of their own turf by the numerous new street gangs that form in the city.


Triads: Despite the rise of several new gangs and criminal organizations, the Triads keep to themselves in Chinatown and are still going strong. A gang war occurs between them and the Yakuza in 2006, but is eventually solved with a truce later on after the Triad leader's son was assassinated by a Zaibatsu operative.


Yakuza: The Yakuza quickly rises in power in Staunton, eventually preceding the Leone family in money and influence. They win a small war against the Yardies in late 2004, after their leader is assassinated. By 2005, the Yakuza officially begins working with the Zaibatsu Corporation, selling their drugs and doing their dirty work. In exchange, the Corporation "fixes" any issues the Yakuza has with rival gangs. In the near future their partnership abruptly ends and the two factions become bitter enemies, for reasons unknown.


King Courtney/The Yardies: Nothing eventful happens for the gang until late 2004, when the Yakuza begins to push new, never before seen drugs onto the streets of Staunton. King Courtney demands a cut of the payment for selling on his turf, which is denied by the Oyabun. The Yardies begin to attack and steal their drug shipments in retaliation, and a brief war ensues. Unbeknownst to King Courtney, the drugs he stole had belonged to the newly risen Zaibatsu Corporation. On New Year's day of 2005, King Courtney was found murdered in a Bellville Park bathroom stall. The Yardies learn of the corporation's involvement and forms a movement to expose and overthrow the Zaibatsu. In 2007, a protest goes horribly wrong, resulting in the death of numerous pedestrians and Yardies. The remaining gang members are arrested and sent to a newly opened mental asylum in Staunton, funded by the Zaibatsu Corporation. In the near future, the Yardies become the Loonies and they take over the asylum as their own turf, forever vowing revenge against the Corporation.


Columbian Cartel: After the events of GTA3, the remaining members leave the city to go back to Columbia.


Red Jacks/D-Ice: The Red Jacks take over most of Shoreside Vale and even expands to Staunton to buy drugs from the Yakuza. D-Ice gets out of prison in 2006 and rules the gang with an iron fist. The numerous Portland street gangs have absolutely nothing on the Red Jacks.


Purple Nines: After the war with the Red Jacks, the Nines are ran out of Shoreside Vale and relocate to Upstate Liberty, where crime is less frequent and motorcycles are allowed. After some years they begin to rise again, becoming more of a motorcycle gang and eventually going legit and forming a street clothing brand under the name of the "Uptown Riders". Their brand leads them to success.


Donald Love: Eventually returns from his escape to the Caribbean and reappears in Liberty City in 2006. He continues to own Love Media. Most of what he does during this time is a mystery, but he has had multiple shady dealings with the Zaibatsu Corporation throughout the years. By 2010 he runs for presidency.


Old Oriental Gentleman: His whereabouts remain unknown until 2008, when he is assassinated by a Zaibatsu operative somewhere in Asia.


My idea of the future of 3D Liberty City is that it eventually forms into a 3D version of Anywhere City, renamed by Donald Love at some point after he's elected.

Edited by VenusianDream
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Moved permanently into his Wichita Gardens apartment with Maria (in my mind he didn't shoot her, he simply fired a shot in the air so she would shut up - more on her below) and they started dating officially. Works as a hitman once in a while if the payment is high, but spends most of his time racing illegally around the streets of Liberty City and Upstate Liberty.



Forced to close his bomb shop in Harwood, as Mayor O'Donovan had plans to reactivate the old train tracks next to his shop and connecting them to Portland Harbor. Being an associate of the Leones, they let him relocate his bomb shop to the back of Vincenzo's old warehouse in Atlantic Quays.



Was put in charge of another Leone front - the Leone Casino in Saint Mark's. Renamed to Luigi's Spot, it now operates as both a casino and brothel at the same time, as well as another front for the Leones.



Became the Don of the Leone family, although most of the decisions were made by Toni (more on him below) behind the scenes, considering Joey wasn't ready to lead a Mafia family all by himself and would rather focus on his own hits and money truck heists. He married Misty in an intimate ceremony at Salvatore's mansion. He also closed his garage in Trenton and opened a new one in an alley in Saint Mark's, although this new one works solely as a hidden Mafia chop shop and Joey only fixes vehicles belonging to the Mafia, as opposed to it being a front like Joey's Garage.



Became the underboss of the Leone family and Joey's consiglieri, although he calls most of the shots, as he was Salvatore's right hand man and is way more immersed in the Mafia world than Joey. Takes over his mother's restaurant and renames it officially to Cipriani Ristorante after her death and it becomes the main Leone family headquarters. He also expands the family's protection racket business and now several establishments in Portland such as Greasy Joe's Diner in Callahan Point and Roast Peking Duck in Chinatown pay protection to the Leones.



Moved into Claude's Wichita Gardens apartment and began a romantic relationship with him. She kept taking drugs for a while, but checked herself into rehab in early 2002. After checking out, she began accompanying Claude in his illegal street races around the state. She still shoplifts and now only takes drugs on "special occasions", to Claude's disapproval. While she doesn't choose not to speak like Claude, she definitely became much quieter now.



After moving to Vice City, he started working as a private detective and investigator, away from both the LCPD and the VCPD, and cut all ties with the Yakuza back in Liberty. He was able to make enough money to eventually buy a condo in Ocean Beach and retire. He's one of the few people who keep in touch with Donald Love (more on him below) after his disappearance.


Donald Love

After hiring Claude to commit several crimes such as murdering Kenji, collecting packages of SPANK for his own personal use, among others, Donald Love knew their relationship, as well as his drug use and cannibalistic tendencies, would eventually be exposed (much like how O'Donovan had evidence linking him to the Leones in 1998). This prompted him to fake his own disappearance, change his identity, leave Liberty City and relocate to the Midwest after selling Love Media, undergoing several plastic surgeries to change his facial features, erasing any links to his old self (despite still keeping in touch with a handful of people including Ray) and quitting SPANK cold turkey. He now lives in a modest sized house in Ohio. He still receives a somewhat generous slice of Love Media's profit under the covers.


Old Oriental Gentleman

After Donald Love's staged disappearance, the Old Oriental Gentleman returned to Japan and was never heard of until his death a few years later.



Became a 'made man' and Toni's right hand man and left his position as Luigi's bodyguard, although the two still remain close.



After marrying Joey, Misty gave up her job as a prostitute and started working solely as a dancer at Luigi's Spot.


El Burro

Was arrested and went to jail for 6 years for running an illegal underground brothel in Hepburn Heights. When he was released, he distanced himself from the Diablos (they disbanded shortly after) and went back to directing and starring in pr0n movies. He eventually became a big entrepreneur in the pr0n business, opening more branches of XXXMags in Liberty City, Upstate, Vice City, San Andreas and Carcer City. By 2013, he was living in a McMansion in Los Santos.


Ma Cipriani

Died of a heart attack in 2002.


Phil Cassidy

Moved to Carcer City in 2002 and expanded his firearm business by opening Cassidy's Bargain Firearms Emporium in early 2003.


King Courtney

Due to the severe weakening of the Cartel, the manufacture of SPANK was halted indefinitely, which made gangs like the Yardies lose their primary source of income. This made King Courtney lead the Yardies into a gang war against the Cartel. Despite being weakened after the death of both Catalina and Miguel, the remaining Cartel members were still able to defeat the Yardies, wiping them out for good and killing King Courtney.



He was released from prison in early 2002, ready to continue his life as the leader of the Red Jacks, the only subdivision of the Southside Hoods left. As a free man, he managed to bring the Jacks to Staunton Island, taking over Newport, Aspatria and north Belleville Park. Under his leadership, the Jacks also entered the narcotics trade, although the Jacks only deal with weed and prefer to stay away from heavier drugs such as SPANK, unlike the now defunct Purple Nines.

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