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[Vice City] Increasing Draw Distance

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Posted (edited)

I was using an asi mod for increasing the maximum value of the draw distance to twice its values, the mod was named VCDrawDist.asi. The problem is that I installed a mod that requires an Asi Loader to work, so I installed the Ultimate ASI Loader by ThirteenAG and the mod worked but not the VCDrawDist.asi mod. I am using the Vice City 1.1 exe. I remember years ago that increasing the Draw Distance past their defaults values was posible by hex editing the values on the exe, but it passed so many years that I dont remember where or how it was done...


Another thing that could help me is to know how this ASI increase the Draw Distance, does it patches the exe or the ram region of the game, I know is a dll, but what it does? thanks for any help... 

Edited by marcelo_20xx

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There are 2 types of ASI mods, those that need to be loaded early in the game (by using an ASI loader) and those that can be loaded later in the game (by exploiting the Miles plugin system). You should never mix those two. Simple plugins that don't need a loader should be placed at the mss folder and those that do need a loader can be at the root game directory or in a "plugins" folder or whatever the loader specifies. That way everything should be loaded correctly.

And about the other thing, when you execute a program, the OS creates a process and the exe file and any dll it might depend on are loaded in memory. ASI/DLL plugins simply patch a specific region of the game's memory.

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Thank you, that did the trick

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