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Friction Military I PC I MilSim I PvE & PvP

FRIC vColossus

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FRIC vColossus

Friction Military Is Recruiting
We are one of the most known MilSims and one of the best. We are very active War Wise.
We are on PC and will be back on Xbox soon so be ready.

3rd Division {Infantry}

3rd Division is always operation ready, They are our Ground force and it is currently made up of 1st Armoured Infantry Brigade which itself is made up of 3rd Battalion Rifles, 1st Tank Battalion and 3rd SAS Platoon.

3rd Battalion Rifles

The 3rd Battalion Rifles consists of soldiers which use the M4 Carbine Rifle and M60 LMG paired with Light Armoured Vehicles such as the Insurgent.
The 3rd Battalion Rifles usually take control of the battle filed in minutes as they are trained and organised.
Our Rifles are trained in Navigation, Skill at arms and many more topics to ensure that they know what they're doing.

1st Tank Battalion
The 1st Tank Battalion is part of the 1st Armoured Infantry Brigade and consists of highly trained tank men which use the PL-01 Heavy Tank
The 1st Tank Battalion push back and decimate enemy heavy attack vehicles as well as enemy ground troops supporting the Rifles.
Our Tank men are trained to Shoot and Move precisely and Efficiently.


3rd SAS Platoon
The 3rd SAS Platoon consists of elite soldiers, They are small in numbers but deadlier than a single Division.
These soldier as heavily trained in Sniping and CQC, They are the soldiers you see winning tournaments and 1v1's due to their precise aim
and extreme fitness.

No.1 Group {AirForce}
No.1 Group houses many skilled pilots that fly the F-16 Fighting Falcon fighter jet. No.1 Group is made up of The 617 Squadron.

617 Squadron
The 617 Squadron is made up of elite, advanced and beginner pilots. The 617 Squadron flies the F-16 Fighting Falcon which they use as a Air Superiority fighter and as a Ground Support Aircraft.
Our pilots are trained weekly mainly in dogfighting to ensure that our ground troops can fulfill their job roles easily.

How To Join
To join Friction Military you must first join our discord: https://discord.gg/Xgvpt2j Then go to #self-select-roles and pick the roles which suit you then most,

Next fill out #recruit-info and Then finally you will have to wait till a recruiter is ready to start your BCT,
Usually you will have to wait a day till you can get a chance to get recruited on PC.

Social Media + History
Friction Military has fought in many wars, against big mighty crews and small organizations.
FRIC Has not lost many wars and has Never surrendered, even if there was no light at the end of the tunnel
Friction soldiers always fight till the last drop of blood, we have won the majority of our wars, but some were occasions where FRIC forces got overwhelmed and had to retreat
But the Militaries that did carry out such attacks were met with a massive retaliation where they were pushed out in a massive 20-30 man war.
Some of our most famous Wars are:

And many many more.
FRIC Was founded back on May 15th of 2018 by FRIC vColossus when WARZ Fell apart.
After WARZ Fell apart the majority of the troops went into CLAW Led by CLAWxVolt and CLAWxGalaxy.
Friction felt that it was unfair and quickly declared war on CLAW. Friction quickly gained members and in 3 Weeks gained a force of 30 Active troops.
CLAW Got defeated many many times and knew they did not stand a chance against FRIC Therefore merged into one of the biggest Milsims at the time (TPUN)
CLAW And TPUN Quickly started launching attacks on FRIC Troops, sometimes outnumbering FRIC by 10-15 people. FRIC Knew they couldn't hold their ground at the time.
Luckily, Another major crew at the time (ESOC) Offered to help FRIC Against TPUN. And this was the point where the tide started turning again.
Then came the gigantic 30 Man battle where FRIC Were raided by TPUN and CLAW, FRIC Alarmed ESOC And they Flooded the session, The war lasted for 2 Hours and
TPUN And CLAW Troops faced enormous losses, with FRIC And ESOC Troops dying 3x less than TPUN And CLAW Troops.
There was an estimate of ESOC and FRIC Killing TPUN and CLAW Troops over 500 Times and TPUN And CLAW Troops killing FRIC and ESOC Over 200 times.
In this battle, A FRIC Pilot took out 5 Enemy fighter jets in under 20 Seconds (XB34STKILL3R), the record amount in FRIC.
The long battle came to an end after TPUN And CLAW Felt the losses and abandoned the war zone.
Soon after this TPUN Discharged all CLAW Members and CLAW were left to fend for themselves.
CLAW Still grew in power and so did FRIC, FRIC Had around 35 Members and CLAW Had around 25 Members,
CLAW Continued to raid FRIC Sessions and vice versa. Then came the final battle, FRIC Vs CLAW where FRIC Raided a CLAW game with 7 Members.
CLAW Was getting battered and then TPUN Joined out of nowhere and decided to assist FRIC, This was the nail in the coffin for CLAW.
CLAW Got pushed back to the city and then back to Sandy Shores and suffering major casualties.
After the war ended CLAW Disbanded and were never to be seen again.

Follow Our Social Media:
Instagram: Our Instagram (Click On Me To Be Redirected)
YouTube: Our YouTube Channel (Click On Me And You'll Be Redirected)
Our Official Social Club: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/friction_military_ii/wall

Edited by FRIC vColossus
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