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Xvehicleenv reflection not showing in SAMP

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I noticed that some cars like the Utility Van in SAMP do not display the reflection of the horizon (xvehicleenv128) on them in SAMP. This makes their color different from the rest. I do see the reflection in Zmodeler and in single player. I want to make some small edits and also tried tweaking parameters related to the env on the Utility Van, to no effect. This might be related to the absence of the grunge, as cars are always clean in multiplayer.

Also how would I go about reapplying the env overlay so that it matches all faces correctly aligned? I guess this is somehow done with "UV mapping" but I can't understand the tools in Zmodeler2.

A third question is about the env tag in materials. What does the number in env:8 adjust? I can't see any difference.

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Tut Greco

A quick and dirty way of mapping the UV is grabbing all surfaces at once and creating a planar projection on the X axis. Ideally scale the UV island horizontally about 125-200% and youll have a good looking horizontal reflection ingame. There are no material settings for this unlike the other env map.

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The closest analogues to these steps I found was to select all, then in a view called "Left" choose Surface > Mapping > Edit UV, Generate new, from Viewport XY, channel 2. This gives a usable result with the reflection moving in the right direction without interruptions. I can't seem to locate a way of scaling the texture horizonally to make the "hills" more flat. The terms projection and island aren't there. I'm new to editing in Zmodeler.

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Tut Greco

Sorry for misleading you, I meant to say this is the workflow for 3ds Max users. @j7n

It looks like you found your way though. What you want to scale is the UV's and you'll want to scale them on one axis by a fair bit, if you want to flatten the curve of the horizontal env.

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I solved the issue with invisible env by installing MixSets (that I got for a different reason). With CarMatPipeDataPool = 4 the reflection is now visible on all cars, including the least popular.

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