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Has vehicle handling become super sensitive in the past 3 months?


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Has anyone else noticed that in the past 3 months the handling of the vehicles in GTA is super sensitive? I noticed it about a week before my Mom died from COVID-19 around April 20th, when I would take over driving for her so that she could go use the restroom. Before this, you could turn right or left at an intersection at full speed. But, for the past 3 months, when you touch the A or D to turn at even 40 mph or slower, the rear end just slides out from you & you just spin out! Even in the Krieger or Fury, when you are trying to go in a straight line and have to make a correction it overcompensates and you are zig-zagging down the road or spinning out! I have tried all of the settings and even swapped over to an identical pc that was working fine about 4 months ago before this sensitive handling problem. The only difference in the 2 pc's is that one runs Windows 7 Ultimate and the other runs Windows 10. So, has anyone else noticed this extra sensitive handling or is it just on my 2 pc's? I had even purchased The Crew 2 for my Mom right before she passed away & installed it on both pc's. Handling in The Crew 2 on both pc's is okay. So, that makes me think that the problem is in GTA, but I haven't seen any You-Tube videos about increased sensitivity or bad handling over the last 3 months. It's as though the sensitivity has been cranked up to 10 times what it usually is! Help!:)
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