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Question about multi-installing GTA IV PC


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So when GTA IV first came out on PC they said you could do unlimited installations on an unlimited number of computers from a single copy.


I own a retail PC DVD of GTA IV & EFLC the Complete Edition. I've only done one installation with it.


I heard that the game was recently relaunched on Steam as well as R* Launcher and that you can claim the digital download using the physical copy's CD Key.


So my questions are:

  1. Are the unlimited installations offered by the disc version truly freely unlimited or does it get linked with an account upon first activation (I don't remember the activation process) and subsequent installations require login to the same account?
  2. Depending on the answer to the first, can my CD key be used to activate digitally on only one Steam/RGSC account or can it be used on multiple accounts?
  3. Just realized that I've actually got 2 CD keys, one is for GTA IV and the other for EFLC. Could these now be used to activate two separate digital copies?


What I'm really trying to find out is that if I want to share the game with a friend, using my CD key, can he install it independently or does he require my account?

Edited by TommyNikoTrevor
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I don't know if you still need answers, but maybe someone else do, so:


1. I have installed disc version many times, haven't got any troubles with it. So yeah, I believe there's no limit.

2. Yes, CD key can be redeemed in Rockstar Launcher to get digital copy of GTA IV Complete Edition

3. If you have two keys, one for IV and second for EFLC, that means you can give one to your friend and he can use it in his own account. That's how I gifted my friend. Both keys give access to GTA IV Complete Edition.

Edited by Kubigz
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