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something interesting I found (not my discovery directly)


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I found this on the grandtheftwiki, and I thought it would fit this place:


"In the Firefly Island amusement park in Grand Theft Auto IV, located quite near the miniature golf course, there is a fairground ride with a backdrop that features a collage of screenshots from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas: the Vinewood Sign, a Hydra hovering in front of the Los Santos skyline, and a Shamal flying over the countryside. The similarity of this mural and the end of the GTA V trailer (where a private jet flies over the Vinewood Sign and towards Los Santos) has lead many to believe that the mural was a deliberate hint towards the location of GTA V. It is known that GTA games are in development for many years, even before the release of previous games, which suggests that GTA V has been in production since the release of GTA IV."

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9 hours ago, CrumMunchers said:

It is known that GTA games are in development for many years, even before the release of previous games, which suggests that GTA V has been in production since the release of GTA IV

I don't think this one is true, at all. It's a popular theory, but only because it "matches"

GTA V didn't enter production until after GTA IV had released. They may well have had an idea on where they wanted to set V. But all evidence suggests it was decided after IV released. They almost certainly knew by the time TBoGT released in October 2009, however. As for the fairground ride having Los Santos symbolism. It's a common thing for fairground rides to do. When I was young, I would see it in holiday camps, in Wales. Hollywood is one of the most famous landmarks around the world, which makes it such a popular choice for fairground styles.


For example;



There's even one with 'Miami' on it at the Tir Prince, where I used to go as a child 😄



It would be cool if it were intentional. And if we could ask someone from rockstar about it who would know one way or another, that'd be great. But references to other locations are tricky. And for me, this one is too thematic of its location to say it was a clear and intentional teaser.


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Rockstar being Rockstar  they almost definitely made GTA V's 1st trailer match that scene (which was also taken from GTA SA's own trailer), but not the other way around.

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