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What ruined online for you?


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On 7/10/2020 at 5:55 PM, Willman249 said:

I bet the Oppressor MK II and the flying missile cars gives you Vietnam like flashbacks of Robotnik's machines


Never thought about it like that but yeah I guess it did kinda give that feeling. Quick somebody make a Sonic open world game where Eggman's machines are taking over and flying about the city!

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their double standard with patching glitches, their blatant disregard for their entire community (not even going into the rabbit hole of griefer favoritism) via staying radio silent knowing people will be thirsty enough to keep banging on the gates, shallow content updates that add nothing new besides maybe one meta changing supercar (weapon meta hasn't changed since doomsday heist almost 3 years ago now unless you like to use gadgets and rc vehicles), price inflation without shark cards following suit, borderline predatory business strategies and marketing, certain handling flags ruining otherwise gorgeous cars, certain handling flags ruining some f*cking hideous low detailed abominations that look like they were ripped from san andreas, the obvious indirect throttling of our garage slots, still using p2p like it's 2003


and yet i'll still play it, and i'll never know why

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General lack of balance, introduction of meme mobiles and expanding content with paywalls while sacrificing QoL updates. But before all, the age of this game. In the time we are playing this R* used to release Vice City, San Andreas and IV!

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I was a legit grinder. Made 30M or so with the vehicle warehouse alone. It took me an hour to get 300-450k. Then they launched OP MK2.


The thing made me so mad I began to look for exploits (not glitches, only exploits). After making my money from Act 3, I began to tell kind randoms I met about the availability of exploits and glitches. Some kind of payback to Rockstar because the OP MK2 thing made me realize that they turned against their own fans and community.


My earnings are now worth around 450million dollars, 100million of it I earned within 1 month. Now, Rockstar lost thousands of dollars in potential sales (or Customer Lifetime Value, if you're into business terms) because of this. My in-game money alone costs more than a grand (as of today it's 97million). One of the randoms I taught now has 50 million in his bank, and he has bought most of the useful things as well.


Take that, Cockstar. Your blatant disregard to your community's demands continue to baffle me. Your game is good, but at this rate you'll never be able to recreate its success. Unless you change things, you'll end up like Bethesda.


PS: I still love the game, just hate they way they treated us.

Edited by huntinghawks
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The idea of devs putting profit before the quality and balance.

Edited by Sanches
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3 hours ago, Willman249 said:

Don't mean to open the can of worms but what proves favoritism to the griefers?

A lot of games try to cut down on cheating, griefing, or toxic behavior. This one simply doesn't. Freemode was designed to encourage players fighting each other.

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3 hours ago, HamwithCheese said:

A lot of games try to cut down on cheating, griefing, or toxic behavior. This one simply doesn't. Freemode was designed to encourage players fighting each other.

Ah, I see so they just let it be kill and let be killed.  Makes sense, also 69th response on this thread 😏

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First post here in a long time. Naturally it's in this thread.


I've just recently been playing again on a new platform. Started a new character on PS4 just to play with a friend after being away for two years or so. I have been quickly reminded of why I left, and how I think Rockstar basically ruined a good thing. As a result I am opting to only play when my friend is on, take nothing seriously, and basically view the game only as an extension of hanging out with him that I have no other investment in. Anyway, my list:


1. Mememobiles, but mainly the Oppressor Mk II, are the worst. They combine a few problems the game had already, all in one thing. The sub-problems:

  a. Making it too easy to grief (with flight, easy spawns, and homing rockets from hell)

  b. Being far too expensive and locked behind a series of paywalls

  c. Being so godawful overpowered that you can't seriously compete in free roam PvP without them

  d. Being so silly and incongruous that they wreck immersion in order to cater to bored idiots


2. The general design that makes everyone into a glitcher, a grinder, or a Shark card buyer. The entire thing is misconceived because its developer and publisher see it only in terms of recurring revenue, and every single decision, more or less, furthers the goal of them making as much money as possible. It's simply not fun to play the same few jobs repetitively for days to buy one damn thing. I was aghast to see my friend and his buddies doing the casino heist over and over, just like we used to grind Pac Standard years ago. Nothing has changed and the status quo was a bad one from the get go.


3. The overall devotion of the game to satisfying its very worst element. It's still pretty much Grief Theft Auto Online, and as a former member of the 4.0+ K/D club, I have to say, it sucks big balls. It's really interesting all this time later to start over with no money, no stats, and no good guns or weaponized vehicles. High levels come after me on the thinnest of pretenses and use every weapon they have to slaughter someone who can barely fight back. This is not the foundation of a good, balanced game. It doesn't encourage new players to enjoy themselves, except the ones who are sick in the head and start fast-leveling in the hopes of raining sh*t down on even newer players than themselves.


In short, the core philosophies of GTA Online are diseased. The game underneath--the engine, the vestiges of what it was at launch, and some of the things added later--is good enough that you can still have fun with it on a good day. But on a bad day it will make you (or at least me) quite miserable. I honestly see it as a soul-sucking undead corpse of a formerly good idea, and if my friend hadn't literally bought my PS4 copy, I wouldn't have started playing it again.

Edited by Nutduster
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The realization that they're never going to really improve it. They'll just add the bare minimum to keep players interested/grinding for a bit and then be on their way.

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At one point I realized that not only is the grinding loop that you need to do for businesses tedious and boring, but also that it was exactly like doing my actual job at the time (pizza delivery) but for a thousandth of the reward

Edited by Lotte
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They need a mute all button, as there is to many little kids playing, and they talk and yell to much, plus to many young guys that like to call others rude or disrespectful names and cuse alot. Also i log on and stand there minding my own business looking at stuff to buy through the ifruit phone and people kill you for nothing or they gang up on you for nothing, you cant even try to get away because they are coming at you from all directions. The only way out is to log out

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12 hours ago, Willman249 said:

Noticed a lot of common themes in this thread.  Don't mean to open the can of worms but what proves favoritism to the griefers?

general stuff like the orbital cannon's existence, encouraging others to destroy cargo for a paltry reward (just so they're allowed to say it's a part of the game), pvp devolving to who has more money spent on tools, only nerfing the mk2 to the bare minimum so they can say they did something about it's "problem", i could go on


basically, for every thing they add for PvE, they add about 3 more things that ruin pvp in some way. Take the last update for example, they added a new heist, but they also:

added an RC tank that essentially makes you invincible until its nearly dead, then you can just exit vehicle to be fine


added a drone mk2 with faster speed, the ability to zap and detonate at the same time, and a location to do it from with unlimited range that the pilot can't be harmed in (really?)


"""patched""" the RC Bandito which lets you anime teleport behind people at will after detonating



Edited by Spectre "2K"
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Further Adventures in Finance and Felony.


This was the start of "Public Lobby Only" bullsh*t that divided the playerbase by a large margin and they just kept slapping in Public Lobby sh*t over and over again while promoting being an asshole. It effectively turned a multiplayer online game into a isolated online game because that's the "fix" we have to deal with to avoid stupid, low-IQ cheaters who have no skin when called out on their cheating.


And minigun mode NPC that's deliberately programmed to instakill you. And if you say it's a glitch you have negative IQ and should stop posting.


AND THE K/D RATIO! It has no place in a game like this. It should've only been tied to deathmatch mode which 95% of the K/D warriors absolutely FEAR!

Edited by EkaSwede
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I can see the beginnings of 'the end' as early as Heists, personally - mandatory 4-player missions with insta-fail if one person dies beyond the life limit (no 'player is spectating', letting the others carry on), the start of power creep with the Hydra and bulletproof cars, unisex clothing that doesn't fit female characters properly and with awful texture quality, etc. Those are all things that really got bad with later DLCs, but Heists introduced them - oh, and the start of Adversary Modes, too.


Then you had Freemode Events removing more realistic activities like Distract Cops, replacing them with werewolf nonsense and other things that don't really make sense in the setting, but are just there because Videogame!™, and context be damned. :sigh: And then Lowriders, with more restrictive mission design like Heists, cosmetic items and character customisation taking more of a nosedive (some of those clothing textures... :barf:), followed up by the introduction of SecuroServ and the first of the 'paywall properties' (yachts) in Executives.


I didn't realise things were off, though, until Finance & Felony - that was the first one to have the entire update locked behind a one-way-street property purchase, where you either committed to being a CEO forever (because you can't ever sell your office, can you?), or "no update for you!" (not to mention the start of the public freemode delivery grind). That would have been okay if there'd be more alternatives, and Bikers did add an alternative organisation type, which made me think that we'd get different ones with different updates - but then Import/Export just bolted the car-flipping business to SecuroServ, and ...added gimmick sci-fi vehicles, to boot. :turn:


The final nail in the coffin, though was Gunrunning - not only did it indicate that SecuroServ and biker gangs were the only organisations R* would ever add (because you could do CIA-sanctioned arms manufacturing as ...a client of a criminal syndicate, or a biker gang, like that makes any sense...), but you also had big, ugly bunkers defacing the map (forget having all that great attention to real-world detail from GTA V - just slap some giant metal doors all over it!), yet more gimmick vehicles that took the game even more into the realms of fantasy, and yet another entire update locked behind a restrictive paywall that you can't undo if you ever want to get rid of it.


Everything else has just been more of the same, really - but that was the trajectory, for me: minor misgivings that I couldn't quite put my finger on throughout 2015, stuff that wasn't really working for me (but eh, maybe the next update will be better, right?) in 2016, and then mid-2017, Gunrunning torpedoed any illusion I had that R* was going to do anything more interesting than paywalls, grinding and gimmicks (and all while leaving a whole bunch of alternatives neglected, too). And aside from the odd admittedly-nice car here and there, things never picked back up after that point. :/

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The flight school is supposed to teach nubies how to fly, but it makes you do things that is for experts not nubies! It is way to hard to get through if your not extreamly good at flying. So dam stressful and aggravating!

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Probably time. Aka over time most friends left. Otherwise it's still a good game. Well if you ignore some obvious problems like cheaters..

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This thread is largely bitch and moan.


Maybe some of the experienced players should do what I do: fill up their businesses with stock/assets and leave it at that. Enjoy having everything prepped and ready to go, but without selling anything because this can lead to endless and addictive cycles of stress and grind. Earned another 10 million? So what, it just adds to the pile of cash that you will never spend, so accumulate stock for the enjoyment of walking into any of your businesses, warehouses, bunkers, etc., just to enjoy the spectacle. Ending the grind/sell cycle can give you a psychological break that allows you to chill out. This week, for example, it takes discipline NOT to sell your hangar contents at double payout, but that's how you break the routine and enjoy the game.


If you're still climbing up the ladder in 2020 then GTA online is an entirely different game to the one I am playing. This can be a stressful but still enjoyable experience of running the gauntlet to get enough cash to reach some sort of financial self-sufficiency, and I empathize and mildly envy people who are still on this mission. Instead, experienced GTA online players should be semi-retired by now and enjoying it, not stressing about it. Let Rockstar stress about the next update, next-gen conversions and future games - it's their job, not ours.



Edited by Jenkiiii
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I started to lose interest around 2016.

Things got more expensive and less interesting, more annoying characters and even more annoying gameplay features (e.g. free roam only missions) were introduced.

Phone calls started to get worse, to the point that you get bombarded with them.

Futuristic, unnecessary and stupid items were added. The need to buy X (for millions of dollars) or do mission Y before you could buy item Z.


All of that sucked, badly. But the worst thing is...


I developed a strong hatred for the map. I'd rather cut my arm off than drive through the hills up to Paleto again. That, and the map just isn't good. Yeah, in 2013 it seemed huuuge. It isn't. And 50% of it is just useless, ugly hills with nothing to offer. You can't imagine how sick of it I am.


Back then, I used to play GTAO to escape from reality. Now, I rarely play. Maybe once a month for half an hour. Even after that, I feel the urge to pay taxes or something to escape GTAO back into reality.

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Nothing ruined GTA Online and nor could it.


Your post indicates that you have simply changed your view of the game.


They are 2 different things.


You changing your view of the game only affects your relationship with it, not mine, or anyone elses, unless of course they share your view.


This isn't a subjective thread with a concrete answer, it's just you making a post moaning about the game that would've surely been better in the B&M, and a bunch of people agreeing with you who, for reasons only they can fathom, go into public sessions, rather than using the listed vehicles for the purposes they were meant, which was not as COD reject battle vehicles, unless you are 12 years old, but rather as very useful tools to further getting rich and having lots of nice stuff.


To illustrate that, in the past 2 weeks I have spent 120 million on toys for my second character, money I got more quickly than I used to thanks to my flying dog and his pals, while you have wasted you lives getting into it with little kids in free roam.


It's your choice how you use these goodies, no one is forcing you to be dumb about it..

Edited by Shiloh Comes
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Nothing “ruined” the game for me at all. I simply lost interest and became bored and stopped playing. 

I enjoyed the game for years but my former crew slowly stopped playing as well. Any play time they partake in these days is just the same tired assed Race, Death Match, Race, etc for 2 hours playlists. Auto aim crew so it is all combat roll, insta head shot type stuff with players that perfected that tactic while I hated PvP so I left. I have no need to grind and know the map well so boredom set in. 

 I thought that moving to PC would light a new spark. I was wrong and could never get players to join anything or find players doing anything no matter what AIM settings I used. Sadly the difference between PC and PS4 is so great that I can no longer play the game on the latter. FPS difference makes me wonder how I ever played it on a console.



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23 hours ago, BOOGIEMAN219 said:

Not patching the God mode jet glitch ruined freemode for me. Now I spend most of my time doing jet deathmatches with friends. 

Nothing better than sniping them out or have some friends in the sterling jet

Literally everytime I went after a godmode jet in this I took them out, the starling is too fast for the Laser/Hydra 9/10 of the time and the cannons can easily take them out.



Nothing ruined Online or me but it gets easily boring, i've even stopped griefing temporarily and turned into a vigilante helping low levels who are getting griefed by high levels and even that's boring lol but the messages are extremely entertaining at times ngl💀


Literally nothing to do but help friends make money and go after other griefers and tryhards now🤷‍♀️

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6 minutes ago, Jasperathome said:

mr boss made a video about this thread just reading it what a loser

Damn never thought I’d get someone to make a YouTube video my thread was featured in his video wow.  😳

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Yellow Dog with Cone
8 minutes ago, Jasperathome said:

mr boss made a video about this thread just reading it what a loser

And he didn't even featured any of my posts, the nerve...

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3 minutes ago, Willman249 said:

Damn never thought I’d get someone to make a YouTube video my thread was featured in his video wow.  😳

I wouldn't take it as a compliment, it's just another opportunity for him to make YouTube clickbait money.

Edited by J-Scott-D
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