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What ruined online for you?


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I used to play GTA online quite a bit back in 2014 on XBOX-360 then in 2015 on PS4, then in 2016 I started playing it less and stopped around 2017.  The thing that ruined it for me were the missions getting longer, less rewarding, lower pay outs while items became more expensive, turning a fun relaxing experience almost into a day job.  Then it was also the other players online, you know the ones, the ones that have a "if it moves kill it" mentality, or the people that leave a mission when they lose the lead causing the entire event to fail.  One of my favorite updates came in mid-2014 when they added a system where if a player was randomly killing other players their dot on the map would become red and more visible and a bounty would be placed on their head, the more they killed other players the more red and visible and farther away the dot and the larger the bounty on their head, have they gotten rid of that update since?  Tell me what ruined GTA Online for anybody here who don't play it as much as they used to or either stopped playing it altogether? 

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Just now, No Homing said:

Orbital Cannon, explosive sniper and homing rockets. f*cking homing rockets ruined everything.

I was also gonna mention how they kept adding ultra expensive high tech weaponry that completely through everything out of balance

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Not rank locking certain things.


I still play though.

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I think the golden era of GTA Online was 2013-2016.The thing that ruined it for me was a combination of mememobiles (flying cars, flying bikes, Batmobile, Kitt, submarine car, etc.) that made Online feel more like Saints Row than GTA,and paywalls (for example,to get Mk2 guns you need to buy MOC,but to get the MOC you first need to buy a bunker),both of which started to appear around 2017.I'm also not a fan of businesses because they can only be played in public session full of trolls and griefers,but other than a few annoying phonecalls from characters,nobody's really forcing me to do them.

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For me, nothing yet. But it was close on 2 notable occasions.


First when old gen mod menu abusers ruined my first account. I had quit for a while after R* basically said tough sh*t. But current gen us safer for that crap and once I realised that, I came back.


The second time was around Gunrunning and Smugglers Run where there was too much focus on public only crap and I'd had enough of the public shenanigans.


But these last 18 months or more, credit where it's due, R* have pulled the game back to my style much more with new heists and content that's available in invite only sessions. As much as I agree that whack 'bike' is a joke, I've rarely seen it and that thing ain't killing me, lol. 


While this game gives me the freedom to remove or ignore the crap I dislike, I'm good. Next gen will be the tell as to weather I continue because if like the restrictive, broken, limited farce that is RDRO is, that's where I get off this crazy ride. Can't believe how awful that newer game is and has been for 2 years nearly. Shockingly bad!

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Standard Deluxe 59

Dipsh*t MKII (a no skill vehicle for no skill people)

Sniper dancing (That's bullsh*t, you shouldn't be able to wiggle side to side with 50 cal rifle)

Introduction of glorified delivery man missions

Jacked up prices (c'mon, 500K for a damn Civic? Close to a mil for a newer Civic?)


It didn't kill the game for me completely for me because I still play, but I did mostly stop trying to make money legitimately in this game. Driving slow ass vans all over town for less than what a frozen money purchased Deluxo sells for ain't something I have the patience or time for anymore. 

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Bullet sponge aimbot NPCs headshot-sniping you with pistols from a moving vehicle in missions/new heists, and a plethora of flying bikes with guided missiles that can turn on a dime and never miss. It's impossible just to explore and have fun with other players in a full freeroam lobby nowadays. Even a tank griefer was a laugh in the old days. If they'd just allow 30 player co-op/friendly lobbies it would be so enjoyable, even if major businesses were disabled.

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51 minutes ago, Willman249 said:

you mean the angry finger of god?


54 minutes ago, Rebellion9998 said:

Oppressor Mk.2 griefers also ruin my jobs

they even ruin mc business sales.

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People who think Freeroam pvp is the core gameplay ruin it for me...the toys added can be put to use but it seems the roadmap of your average gamer ends with griefing and being a dick for the lulz

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Oppressors and Deluxo.




Oh, and the whole Arena Wars update, that was a good waste of 6 months of working on a new DLC.

Edited by Dr.Rosenthal
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From the perspective of a PC player, I enjoyed a few weeks of actual GTA back when Online was new. You could drive around casually, and occasionally you'd run across someone causing mayhem in a Rhino or maybe a Lazer. 


The first few nails in the coffin came within a month of PC's release when the script-kiddies started appearing. After that, Online was best played as Offline as possible, at least in my opinion. 


But it wasn't the mod menus that ruined Online - it was Rockstar's lack of preventative response and/or reliance on P2P 'servers'! 


These days I'd hate to join a public lobby, even if all of the menus were gone. I'd be swarmed with barcodes on broomsticks, unpatched god-mode vehicles, and undoubtedly I'd be the victim of the 'expensive noob-button' in someone's facility. 

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I quit in 2015 when I my grievances against GTA Online reached a boiling point as a result of how stupid heists ended up being. Overall, GTA online totally missed the mark for me. I knew it was all downhill when I played on launch day and saw that there was no "Free Mode" with the ability to change basic settings like disabling friendly fire and cops. Oh and the whole concept of GTA$ and a grossly-inflated in-game economy totally ruins the fun of GTA. Now I gotta care about how much it costs to blow up my enemy's vehicle? No thank you.

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Nothing. I've always disliked public lobbies. I play with friends or just mess around by myself. As far as what made Online unbalanced, it didn't really start until 2017 with the Gunrunning and Doomsday Heist updates. That's when a lot of armored and weaponized vehicles were introduced. Even then those weren't too unbalanced, you could counter them well enough. That would all change the next year when a single vehicle made all of those vehicles obsolete and unbalanced the game to where it still hasn't recovered. You know the one.

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26 minutes ago, Halal Cyborg said:

People who think Freeroam pvp is the core gameplay ruin it for me...the toys added can be put to use but it seems the roadmap of your average gamer ends with griefing and being a dick for the lulz

Back in 2013-2016 I would agree with you, but as the years have gone by it’s clear that the developers want freeroam pvp as a core gameplay element. Every business, every ceo/mc job, heist setups, not to mention challenges and business battles have a core pvp element. Granted, the balance is a sh*t show.


I can’t say anything has “ruined” gtao for me. I still play quite frequently and enjoy it a lot, but it’s what I enjoy that has to change as the game evolves. 



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It all started around heists, i never had a team. Igg was just a shallow money sink. Lowriders adopted the dumbass heist format with no real reward, cars were nice tho.


Executives and crims was a huge nail in the coffin, was an update that was literally the opposite of my playstyle, and that's it. Everything after was more of the same, gross paywalls and some adv modes no one plays.


Nowadays they are adopting my play style, but guess what? In order to make it less lucrative, missions pay like ass and are full of aimbot NPCs that are better than you in every aspect. All my friends left, everyone else is f*cking stupid, and nothing works.

Edited by HamwithCheese
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The technical issues mostly. It's a fun game, but from a connectivity and performance perspective, it's absolutely lousy. My gripes are typically.


SAVING FAILED. The Rockstar game services are unavailable. Please return to Grand Theft Auto V and try again later.

Error joining a session. Please return to Grand Theft Auto V and try again later.

Timed out loading session. Please return to Grand Theft Auto V and try again later.


Endless loading screens when trying to do things like:

  • Enter the Terrorbyte
  • Enter the R/C Bandit

Session splits where everybody just ups and leaves the game.

Session splits in races where the track is full of racers, but only three or four racers are actually in the race.

Player joining (forever) in races.


The list is endless.

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Well, I still play GTA O pretty often, but it's not the same obviously, what kinda ruined my experience was the fact that just like the F&F movies, GTA O went from the street and gang theme to a "Save the World while you're working for the government" thing. I mean I love some of the meme vehicles (But I don't use them to grief other players), but I agree that the Op MKII is a pain in the a$$, also the game itself makes players to turn at each other just for a few bucks and some RP. If some weaponized vehicles were exlusive to their modes (For example the Arena Vehicles were just used in the arena) and they gave freeroam a "clean" versions of that vehicles, it would be more enjoyable. As an 80's lover I was pretty excited for the Deluxo, when I found out that you couldn't have a version without the flying stuff and that it had missiles available for purchase, I kinda felt dissapointed...

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the moment when free roam pvp turned into this 1:0 bs.


I miss the days when free roam pvp ended 98:97


these days they  blow themself up, teleporting to their base and using godmode glitches when u r a danger for them.


srsly how often i met someone at the beach only to spectate how often he can blow himself up in 10 minutes and when youre sniping their stickies u r a coward.....


thats so boring 

Edited by Tomtomsengermany
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For me it summarizes down to two things, shallow content and shady business practices. I could tolerate on of those things from a company but not both. I haven't even picked up red dead and I won't, or any other Rockstar title ever again in life. When online dies, my addiction dies with it and I'll be free 


Unfortunately they are aware of this and are probably trying to figure how to port  their port that they already ported into the future gens on consoles

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Yellow Dog with Cone
16 minutes ago, slowburn29 said:

When online dies, my addiction dies with it and I'll be free 

Rockstar Games when they finally end support for GTA Online in 2035:



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Friends stopped playing, but I don't blame them.


Lack of decent content for solo/invite only session players.


My own personal GTAO burn-out, and I haven't even played that long. (Started in the summer of 2016, slowed down in January of this year, 100% quit a couple months ago)


Nerfing the RC Bandito was probably one of the biggest things to kill online for me. I never cared for PVP, but I enjoyed BVP, lol. Since it's release, I have roughly 875 kills with the RC Bandito and no deaths. I know there's work-arounds, but the Nerf was a pointless "F.U." on top of many other F.U.s that R* has thrown at us.


Edit: R* un-nerfing the RC Bandito was a good thing, but I was already done with the game and I didn't renew my PS+ subscription. 

Edited by J-Scott-D
Update Edit.
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