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Mobworks - Mature Laid Back Car Club

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Posted (edited)


Mobworks by OscarMikeDetroit, on Flickr



Whats up guys,


Some of you know me, some of you may not.


I recently joined a crew called Mobworks with a buddy of mine (Leader PSN: Lost_Theory3     ------ he is not apart of the forums)


He runs the show but I get to do all the leg work and find new crew members and invite new members in!


Today, we are currently a decent sized crew of 61 people as of today..


Who we are: Mobworks


What we do: car meets, all sorts of them... If your a petrol head, you found the right place. We enjoy clean stance cars. We do not enjoy F1 mods (inside cars meets - unless specified meet doesn't have restrictions) We do not enjoy crazy modifications like riced out cars, ugly cars or ridiculous Benny's wheels on cars... We do like some of the cleaner Benny's wheels done right on the right car making it look clean! We also do not do Liveries (unless we do a drift meet or rally meet) and we absolutely no exceptions like neon lights of any sort or kinds.. If you are ready this and have a problem with anything listed here then our crew is not for you..


More about us: we are a mature group of 18+ players. We do not accept little kids, we do not accept try-hard's either. We like to have a good time and play the game like civilized adults. We act out real life driving activities, we drive to car meets single file like normal people. We dont race to spots, we dont crash other people and we do not cause harm to others... We respect each other as we are all adults. We want to keep it this way...


WE DO NOT PUT UP WITH RACE/HATE/GRIEF or any other form of hate... If you are an individual who uses negative language, discriminatory language or hate language involving race, ethnicity or any other provocative words. We will 100% not accept you. If you are in our crew and you cause trouble with any of the above things we will block you, unfriend you with no warning. We do not put up with this to repeat myself.


We do YouTube videos, we do photography, we do have an Instagram you are more then welcome to check out! We have a community page on PS and we will also be getting a Facebook page to stay in constant communication with our crew members to plan meets accordingly. We do a lot of crew co-labs as well!


Again, if any of this sounds awesome to you (and you are thinking, yes! I finally found someone my age to play with who is into the art of driving and customizing clean cars) then please consider joining our crew! Send us a message and try out for a spot with us!


Or if you are thinking, F this, why cant I Ef'n swear and call people names of there skin color or make fun of people... My car is modded to all hell and I have 22' 5 spoke Benny's clean wheels on everything plus modded chrome paint and Yanktons spelling out FU*KOFF on every car, my car is the cleanest and most rarest because of this.... Plus, I just got this checkered outfit on and half of my body is invisible.



Thanks for reading, have an awesome day!






Mobworks by OscarMikeDetroit, on Flickr

Edited by OscarMikeDetroit

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