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Will GTA VI be in the HD era?

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slimeball supreme

i kind of hope so because gta online is running roughshod through the game's tone and story and f*cking with everything. get rid of the jetpacks and sh*t or reboot it so you can have them because tonally it just doesnt mesh at all

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Posted (edited)

What good comes out of making a separate universe again? Just take place in some other city with new characters, problem solved.

Edited by KingAJ032304
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Arthur Bell

They're going back to the 3D era to save on resources, and focus on story rather than gameplay and graphics. Basically using the VCS map again but now there's a new low-res island to explore

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Posted (edited)

Lately I've been thinking about Rockstar rebooting the whole thing just like GOW did. The game is just called Grand Theft Auto and set in an entirely new timeline somewhere in the past(hence just GTA instead of GTA 6). It won't be a problem for Online since time doesn't exist in its universe at all. Plus, you know, the hd games have aged quite a bit both graphically and gameplay-wise(even though I still love them); it's been a while and I sure hope the new installment feels completely overhauled compared to the HD era games, that's why a reboot makes sense to me. 


But overall I don't care much. I just hope the game will come out some day:)

Edited by RenegadeAngel
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It should be in HD era.

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On 7/9/2020 at 3:20 PM, Patrizio said:

When you look at the oncoming GTA VI..

I wish I could just look at it, but my time machine is out of dark particles. Do you want to look at GTA 6?




On the serious matter,though. I'm sure there will be some overlap of the characters between the series. I'm totally not buying that the franchise will go out of US cities, but there's a possibility that we will have some off-shore locations or additional small islands.


And 15 years from IV is bringing us to the UHD era. I'm wondering how many GPU generations we will see until 6 finally will be released.

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