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My game crash after playing a few minutes.

Alexander V

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Has you read in the title, my game keep crashing after playing a few minutes. I tried to play with the lowest graphics settings but it doesn't work.
I have two games in different directories in my pc, one for Steam and one for Epic Games.

I hope you can help me, this happened from one day to the next, yesterday I was playing normally with no issues.
I'll leave my launcher.log here. 

launcher.log [Pastebin]

Also you can tell me if the easiest way to solve this is reinstall the game. I just want to play lol. But I don't think the game is corrupted.

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22 hours ago, Arue said:

I Have the same problem, u have a Ryzen or Nvidia graphic card?

I have 1050 Ti and Ryzen 5 2400G

I have 1050 ti too.

I contact Rockstar Support they're trying to help me.

The solutions they have given me so far are these:

1.- Reinstall the Nvidia Graphic Driver
2.- Reinstall the Rockstar Launcher
3.- Check for updates in Windows Update
4.- Start the game in a different windows user

No one of this solutions work for me but I put these here 'cause maybe It can help you. Good luck.

Edited by Alexander V
Incomplete Message
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Good news. I got a email from Rockstar Support and one of the possible solutions worked for me.

They ask me to change the windows language to english (I use spanish) and... I really do not why but the game does not crash anymore.

Also I want to check if that was a solution so I change back to spanish and guess what... the game crashes... change it to english and the game does not crash.

This is not a definitive solution but It maybe work for you.

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