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Do you think Ryder could've been better written as an antagonist?

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While I am one of those fans who believe that Ryder shouldn't have betrayed Grove Street, I still think that Ryder as a traitor could still work if it was much better written. Because let's face it, aside from just being a traitor out of nowhere, Ryder does absolutely nothing remotely antagonistic at all. He was rather dedicated to Grove Street and showed genuine hostility towards the Ballas. He has absolutely no real motivation of his betrayal either. Even the introduction was a rather shallow explanation. The only small hint to his betrayal I could think of was in House Party when he said he was rounding some more soldiers and pick up Smoke and never return. Other than that, there are absolutely no other signs hinting his improvised betrayal. Here's how I would've written him as an antagonist:


We could say that Ryder was getting f*cked up on that PCP, which caused him to act crazy and paranoid. When he refuses Smoke's offer to work for Tenpenny, Ryder saw how Grove was falling apart and finally gave it, feeling paranoid as a result. Then he starts doing other dirty work for them and CJ would start to confront him sometime during the return of Los Santos. Ryder explains everything that made him turn his back on CJ and Sweet, CJ hesitates at first since he didn't have the guts to off his childhood friend, and the two engage in an epic gun battle, which leaves Ryder wounded. Then CJ shows remorse for what he has done and listens to Ryder's last words to him before the latter finally passes.


Either that or don't have him turn into a traitor at all. Because Ryder's betrayal was just poorly written and not well thought-out at all. I felt that if they were ever going to turn him into an antagonist, make it in a way where he actually has a motivation, a way where he plays an important role in the second half of the story. It's a shame how such an important character in the first half of the story is suddenly relegated to a minor character after his betrayal who soon becomes forgotten by everyone, unlike Smoke, who got all the attention.

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Evil empire

Congratulations you just created the 1000000th Ryder-related topic! Your prize is a chocolate medal.

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yes he was suposted tohelp cj but his voice actor got under payd and he didnt voice ryder

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