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Help with Shoreside Vale Rampage (Android)

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Hello everyone,


I'm trying to get 100% completion of the game on Android. However, I'm stucked on a Rampage from Shoreside Vale. The one that you have to kill people with the chainsaw.


The problem is that people are so fast in running away. I've tried locking down the entrances with cars but it's still impossible.


Any suggestions?



Edited by Hernan96
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Basically what you've done is all that can be done. That rampage is a real pain on Android. I've completed it once and I am just about to do it again soon enough. I'll tell you when I get any success. This rampage relies heavily on luck. One time, you may hardly get a little over 20 kills, while another time you may get over 30. It's a shame Rockstar did not decrease the amount of pedestrians required to be killed for this rampage.

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After that post, I succeeded during my first attempt. I blocked off the exit with a Hoods Rumpo. You've just got to be lucky enough during this rampage. People keep on respawning, but most of them just run away as soon as they hear the chainsaw sound. However your advantage is that if you stick to that circular path, people will keep on running between the building and the fence, occasionally bumping into them, giving you time to run over to their position and kill them. You must keep on running and use the chainsaw whenever a pedestrian is close enough. I had a group of pedestrians running stupidly into the Hoods Rumpo, and I could kill them easily. Later on, 2 ambulances came in and I had other pedestrians stupidly running between the Ambulances and the van. 


Do not ever try to evade the circular area believing that the road is a better way. It actually gets worse. Pedestrians can run for long distances without bumping into anything, or they may even end up run over by traffic.


I'm sorry I cannot be of further help. This rampage is indeed chaotic, and I just got lucky this time. When I tried doing it over 3 years ago, it took me something like 20 - 30 tries. Keep on working hard. You'll eventually get it.

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I was just going to post that I overcame succesffully the rampage. I used a Flatbed to block the main entrance and a ambulance in the half of the circle path, making it a moon shaped path. I was successful in the first attempt.


Thanks for the suggestions my good man. :)


Now, I can go forward with the three remaining rampages, hidden packages and the stunts.

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