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What did you do in Vice City today

Recommended Posts

I played the Tour! and VC endurance races in the Sunshine autos.

I won a 3 minutes Bloodring and the Hotring.

I played the Washington beach helico checkpoints race.

I killed members of all the gangs mostly with the flamethrower and harvested my companies' money.

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Had a nice 4 star police chase. It took some getting used to how fast everything moves after playing GTA IV for so long. I managed to enter a pay n spray with just 1 health remaining, I mostly tried to run away from the police instead of fighting back, dont know if that made it easier or harder but it was fun!


Then I drove around nighttime VC on a PCJ listening to the Wave and collecting revenue from my businesses, all that good stuff

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  • 2 weeks later...
  • 2 weeks later...

The same session that I finally beat vigilante at the beginning of the game, I got busted near a bunch of cops and a SWAT so during the camera panning down part a cop car just slid quick towards 3 cops (some SWAT) and two dived out of the way like synchronized swimmers and a third going the other way or hit. I tried to push some cop cars into the water near the hospital on the south part of the map and was able to get 3 in there (loved that) and managed to circle continuously. One of my favorite things to do is jack a cop out of his cruiser (not that common) which I was able to near that area.

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I visited the Greasey Chopper and caught up with a couple of my old m8s - Crowbar & Diesel. They drank the hard stuff, liquor y'know. Meanwhile I ordered a cup of milk... in a dirty glass.

Proved my toughness to em and they nearly fell off their barstools. 

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VC Vigilante

I got over to the other side of the map early by doing that bridge jump glitch on Prawn Island. I tried to start vigilante but the dang dots spawn on the other side! The timer doesn't even show up but you can still cancel it.

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Today i:

Completed Kaufman cabs on a new playthrough, i snatched the infamous Zebra cab and served as a escape driver for this Haitian who ran over a cuban near the pizza shop in Little Havana, however that cab adventure was short lived because i got rammed off the road by a stupid pickup truck into a pool with no stairs to get out.. (i successfully helped the haitian get to his escape point, i was with a hooker when i got rammed off the road)A9mF0zUkmrVZAAAAAElFTkSuQmCC.png

I then hi-jack this ambulance from these two paramedics which tried to revive the two cubans i ran over when i got rammed into the pool, i complete around 4-or so levels before realising i HATE GTA Vice city paramedic missions, so i get out of the ambulance and finish paramedics, i was conveniently close to the Interglobal Studios so i decide to buy it with my crumbled 7 dollar bill and a skittle


I decide "Hey.. i havent finished any of Love Fist's missions!", i decide to give Paulo a visit and help him with the Love drug and the physco killa, Kent Paul calls me and warns me that they require protection for their show, he proceeds to reccomend me to Big Mitch Baker, but thats a story for another day so i head over to phill's and complete both of his missions, afterwards i go over to the recently purchased Film Studio and finish the first mission there, i then close the game and call it a day, time to play some San-Andreas

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  • 2 weeks later...
VC Vigilante

I've been doing runs with the SWAT van and I love it when I easily flip a criminal car/van on its side. I actually did an epic hit where both crim cars flipped at once as they clashed into each other near Malabo.


I had a perfect level near the tool shop because I had them running in circles and I forget how but some car blew up in the middle and then I was ready with both the shotgun and auto-heavy weapon as they came towards me. The first van plowed right into the shell so I could blow that up just in time before the shots were fired my way. Then the next one smashed into that mess, then the third!! It was absolutely perfect, dang that needed to be capped. Some other fun scenes were as I died or got busted and the cinematic cam panned it 1. started raining 2. the escaped crim stole the ambulance and was driving away in an arc 3. you could see the SWAT cops descending down the ropes all in the same shot. I had a cool epic encounter with a rouge cop that came in from behind me and both ran over a ped and hit a hydrant at the same time and made a cool sound effect.

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Finally got the Rhino to spawn after getting 90 hidden packages, took it on a Vigilante run to try to get to level 12 for the trophy... 10 minutes later a damn FIB or SWAT member managed to bust me while I was taking a turn near Pole Position... welcome to Vice City.

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For the first time ever, completed the final mission "Keep Your Friends Close...", crazy to think I first played this game back in 2007, but only now ever got to the final mission. Loved the final cutscene between Sonny and Tommy, Tommy dont take sh*t from anyone. Also heard "So I told myself "Mario, take it easy"" a ton of times which is always nice. Ended off saving at Ocean Beach hotel, had this whole "it ended where it started" feel to going back there at the end. Also, noticed something neat: you get props from diffferent missions in your apartment room, like the ski mask you wear for the Malibu asset missions appear on a table along with quite a few other cool stuff. 

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  • 1 month later...
VC Vigilante

I went back to play some on the PS2 version and due to the moving parts of the disc reader causing a lot of noise and friction the game is becoming more unplayable with each passing play :/. I don't know what is actually happening to make the noise but disc read errors start near the beginning.


I had this idea to try and get a SWAT van from the start by getting a wanted level 4 stars and then having a parked normal car near the pay n spray so that I could use it for runs. The parked SWAT van at the north police station isn't present in the PS2 version so that's the reason. Some may have noticed that its tough to near impossible to find a normal vehicle near south pay n spray especially during 2+ stars. I got busted 6 times in a row before I was successful. There was some strange stuff I noticed when SWAT men were left out with no stars. You can get 1 star and they'll start shooting at you. I did nothing wrong during this stunt and got my 4 stars back randomly.


Using the SWAT van I got the highest time roll for vigilante I've ever gotten out of 100s of runs I've done over the many years which was 3:59! That was for the initial start. I thought the highest was around 3:52. The distance the crims were away from me wasn't that bad so amazing luck (started near Ocean Beach Hotel). Then by the 2nd level I was already up to 6 mins flat. The SWAT is weaker on the PS2 version as I smoke faster.


Tonight marks the 9th anniversary that I discovered how awesome Jan Hammer - Crockett's Theme is! It was a memorable night as later on a surge of warm air brought severe storms which is unheard of in my area for March 12th overnight with hail. As my PC rebooted after the power outage the youtube video playing Crockett's Theme with the slides (including GTA VC at the end) started again and I just knew that March 2012 was going to be the best of all-time. I'll always associate Crockett's Theme with the legendary great March Heat Wave.

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Eminem Jeff

Complete all the side missions such as collect all hidden packages, vigilante, taxi Driver, paramedic, firefighter, rampages before starting the mission "An Old Friend".

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VC Vigilante

After years of playing vigilante and over a year of attempts I've finally beaten it using just the cop car (the first was a mix of the SWAT and cop car) right from the start of the game! It took all my skill that I've acquired over the years and it was quite tough near the end. I lost almost no health at all during the first 12 levels and the wanted level was fairly tame during the entire run. I did have some busts before the to-be run from the new game menu. Notable occurrences include a close call with the shotgunner while I was 1 vehicle away from getting level 13 that I tried to shoot but was stubborn and I got in that gate spot that speedrunners go-to to replay within the first 3 mins of a speedrun. I had to play peek-a-boo with the shotgunner and I lost quite a bit of health. It was so close. I almost had some crim cars de-spawn a few times while looking away backing up. I got quite far before using cheats to continue vigilante like level 18. Then by Level 26 I had to start health codes. I ended up going til Level 29 (!!) when near the base of a bridge two crim cars got stuck and even though I was cautious I shotgunned this first car over and over however everyone got out of both cars at once and took me out instantly with 65 health.


With the 3rd spawn being separate from the pairing crim cars, 50% of the time the game would eliminate it automatically. There was a first when one crim car intersected with another going the other direction on Ocean Beach road.

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  • 3 weeks later...
VC Vigilante

I had a good run the last few times where for 98% duration of getting criminals I had 4 stars wanted ongoing. I got over level 10 on each I did get level 13 with a few health codes used once I got down to just 3. Its fun to sometimes see when you manoeuvre around certain terrain changes the cops fly and flip themselves. At the end of the last once as I was at level 13, there was this strange occurrence as the pair of cars were racing unusually fast and they ended up being just some old low-riders - nothing special. They then somehow got stuck for no reason and I noticed the wheels were a tad glitchy. They all got out and finished me.

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