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Frequent Crashes to desktop

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I am just wondering if anyone is experiencing frequent crashes to desktop running the latest version of RDR2 under DX12. Prior to the last two updates, I had no crashes in the almost 80 hours I had into the game. Now, the game seems very fussy and will randomly crash to desktop about every 15 minutes of gameplay. I did find that any change to hardware or network causes the program to crash to desktop. For example, adding a device to my wifi network, turning off a TV connected to my network, removing or adding a USB device - all these crash the game instantly. I am running Win 10 v 1909 on an Nvidia RTX 2070 / Ryzen 3950X / 64 GB Ram. Every other application I have runs without any issue, and I have done a number of stability tests and everything is rock solid. Nothing is overclocked on the system, and I am running the most recent drivers for all my hardware. As per Rockstar tech supports suggestion, I am running the game as an admin and disable Windows Defender before launching. They said that I should do a clean Windows install to remedy the problem, but as I have everything set up and working the way I like it, I am hesitant to do so just for this one problematic game. I have also tried running with G-Sync on and off, HDR on and off, and it doesn't seem to matter what the combination the game is still unstable. Is anyone else having crash problems? It is so incredibly frustating as usually the computer crashes about three quarters of the way through a story mission, and I've ended up having to redo four to five times with fingers crossed that I am able to finish before the next crash.

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Have you tried running the game with Vulkan?

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I haven't had that issue continuously, although one time the game completely froze which is sorta the same thing.

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