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Strike Command Defence Force (XB1)

SCDF Trident

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SCDF Trident


Welcome to STRICOM Defense Force’s Recruitment Forum. We are an Army based military crew based on GTA V for Xbox One. We are looking for active members to build our branch of the United Armed Forces Conglomerate. STRICOM is a professional organization dedicated to military simulation in GTA Online. We operate on a balance of realism and fun to create dynamic Operations and training for our members.


As a crew, we are primarily a ground based unit with an emphasis on infantry and armored elements. Secondary status is given to pilots, as they are mostly used as a transportation/support role.


As a member in STRICOM you will be trained in general and specialized areas of combat. Including basic infantry movement, tactics, marksmanship, etc. If you end up in a specialized role, you will be trained by the best and most experienced members of the crew to improve your total capabilities.


If money is a problem, we can write off any of your needs through the IRS Act II loophole, asking around will lead you to a member that can ablige your lavish equipment needs.


As an organized crew, STRICOM encourages all serious applicants to acquire and customize their outfits and arsenal to meet UAFC regulations. For all combat vehicles in use we paint them Matte > Foliage Green. Vehicles we use in the crew include: Insurgent Pick-up (Custom), APC, Khanjali, and Scarab. For pilots our main aircraft of choice is obviously the Valkyrie Gunship, and the Hunter not far behind.


Units We Offer.



Army Aviation 

European Paratroopers



As for outfits, we have three main outfits, Utilities and Combat.


Utilities (ACU):

Hats > Berets > Midnight Beret

Tops > Service Shirts > Peach Camo Serice Shirt

Pants > Cargo Pants > Peach Camo Cargo

Shoes > Boots > Tan Walking Boots


Pre Combat Utility (ACU):

Same as above except-

Hats > None

Tops > Utility Tops > Peach Camo Combat Shirt


Combat (ACU Combat):

Hats > Combat Helmets > Brown Dual Lense

Scarf > Tan Desert Scarf

Tops > Utility Tops > Beige Detail Battle Vest

Tops > Utility Vests > Peach Camo Plate Carriers

Pants > Cargo Pants > Peach Camo Cargo Pants

Shoes > Boots > Tan Walking Boots


We we abide by the Los Santos Conventions and are a member of the San Andreas Treaty Organization. This means we subject ourself to the highest standards of combat. We ban the use of unrealistic vehicles like the Oppressor, Opressor Mk II, Deluxo, and regulate the use of Explosive weaponry on soft targets. The goal obviously is to act and play like a military, so if this is bothersome, maybe we aren’t for you.


As iterated in the start of the thread, we are looking for active players willing to dedicate themselves to the crew. Activity and discipline are the most important characteristics we look for in our members, and if you are determined it is rather easy to work your way up the ranks.


To apply for STRICOM please copy and paste the form below:



Discord? (Exact with 4 number code):

GTA Rank:

Previous Crews?:

How active are you?:

Why do you want to join STRICOM?:


What do you have to offer as a crew member?:



Thanks in advance for your consideration, we look forward to seeing you deployed in San Andreas!




Do not request to join via our crew, it is rarely checked!





Edited by SCDF Trident
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