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RDR 2 GFX Error Code (I need some help)

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Alright everyone here's the problem I've been trying to get this game to run consistently for the past two months with no success. I recently build a whole new PC just to be able to run this game but in the end it is R*'s sh*tty coding that ruins this experience.


So you are probably thinking what specs do I have and what have I done so far to get this working?

GPU: RTX 2070 Super

CPU: Intel Core i5-9600K 3.70GHz

RAM: 16 GB

Other than that everything is pretty normal with the price range of the hardware in this PC, i'd rather not spend time babbling on about my PC


For what I have tried to fix the error its hard to list specifics because I have tried nearly everything under the sun. I seriously challenge any of you to try and list a fix that I haven't tried yet, the usual SGA files and ignore pipeline cache dosen't work nor does using DX12, it still crashes, tried to create a fresh install, from trying to get the game's toes in the water by using the Benchmark to get the game to work didn't work I've tried under clocking, overclocking you name it. if it is on a guide online or one of the first 50 you tube videos on how to fix this issue I have tried it.


I'm really coming here to try to understand the cause of this error. and please for the love of god don't tell me it has to do with graphics drivers I might just go insane.


Thank you for taking your time to read this, this is really my last ditch effort to try and get this game to work. 


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