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Game crashing when using Character mods. Please help.


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So I had this issue a couple of months ago which I gave up at the time and uninstalled the game and never touched it since but now I've reinstalled it and still getting the same issue.


So the game would crash back to desktop without an error what so ever after clicking Story Mode on the main menu which I managed to fix by using these 2 files (Gonna include these here in case anyone needs them). Sometimes it would also throw me an "Out of memory" error and crash which these 2 fixed.




Now I got past that and managed to load into the game thanks to those files so I switch my main character over to a modded character that I downloaded off gta5-mods then switched the hash back over to franklin so I could play missions.


My issue is I can't load cutscenes with these modified characters as the game crashes 3-5 seconds into the cutscene (It freezes then crashes) but loads normally if I don't use a modified character.

I don't know what I've done wrong but in the past I was able to use modified characters in cutscenes (I've even seen it on Youtube) but now all the game does is crash like I said above 3-5 second into the cutscene.

How do I fix this? because I'm about to uninstall the game for the second time if I can't get this fixed... 


I thought it was just the amount of characters I had inserted into the peds.rpf file in OpenIV (It was around 12 characters total) so I deleted 11 of them and kept 1 and it still crashes... I have NO other mods installed besides the main files

- Native Trainer

- Script Hook V .NET

- Script Hook V (The main version)

- Character Swap Mod

- Addonpeds

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