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[GTA-O: PC] Archambeau C.E.O Personal Protection Unit - Join Today! Calling those who have everything! [M] ;-)


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Position Available: Associate Bodyguard

Role Profile: Looking for mod menu users who find themselves getting bored and without anything to do in GTA Online, who would like to join the Personal Protection Unit of the GTA Online Crew: The Industrialists! - $

We need more crew members who are not active in the businesses who would like to get involved in the mission operations and protection side of our crew's activities! All are welcome!

Who are we:
Crew Leader: Maxime Archambeau - (NeosDumb)
Crew Name: The Industrialists - $
Crew Location: EU - Europe
Crew Style: Light Corporate-Sim - Private Military Contractor (PMCs)
Game: GTA 5 Online - PC

We are a new community of European PC gamers who engage in a very light non-serious Corporate-Sim style gameplay on Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto V Online.
Grand Theft Auto as the Grinders remember, is about becoming The Best & Richest Criminal Entrepreneur in Los Santos, "getting that cheese" as Lamar tell us at the start - not PvP.

What we do:
The purpose of this crew is to provide a space where like-minded Grinders can come together to get organized and carry out successful Business Operations! with the back-up of a good crew. (Sourcing, Selling, Business Battles etc.)

The light RP style of gameplay is not serious, and is only to make use of the different spaces on offer through the businesses and help tie the Crew together and make us look cool out on the Streets of Los Santos.

We are non-combative and engage with other players only in Business Battles or self-defence; and as we like to conduct business in populated lobbies this means that we still engage in PVP combat with other players quite regularly.

The 'Corporate Sim' style of play means we always start off a session with the crew at each Entrepreneurs boardroom table in the CEO offices, MC Clubhouse or Nightclub to plan out their days required actions.; basically to add an extra dimension to the game that is available to us through the use of the different spaces as we conduct our business around Los Santos, driving in convoy with the required Matte Black (Armoured) Gallivanter Baller SUV's with the Crew Logo on them or flying across the map in the Corporate Helicopters.

The Crew acts like the Holding Company for all the members businesses, we see them as being a subsidiary of the Crew, then we work out an order of business and complete the business requirements for each of the members (Subsidiary) businesses.

This then gives people who would like to do the heists with the same crew all the way through and other things solo players mostly don't complete for themselves, a way to form a group which permits you to do those things that are best for that.

We have a role available for you:

Associates Bodyguards - This is the entrepreneurs best and brightest, helping with all things business related as well as security, this is for the PVP Player who wants to be the muscle with the sole goal of protecting the above and all of its operations from would be other menu users, griefers and try-hards.


Please Note: Mod Menu usage will be restricted to corrective actions only; God-mode is allowed for you only. (i.e: a non-crew menu user changes the weather to snow, you can and are expected to change it back.)

Who we are looking for:
· 15+ (or mature demeanour)
· Being able to operate within a structured and fast paced teamwork environment
· Discord and MIC access
· Professional demeanour
· Someone who would like to provide regular aid and protection to an active and growing GTA Online Crew!

Interested in joining us?
· Join our discord!: https://discord.gg/5zvQsKX - Please DM NeosDumb
· Join our Social Club!: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/the_industrialists/wall

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