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Features you would have liked to see in SA

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I would have liked more proprieties and an empire building mission like the ones from VCS.

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Carl Theft Auto

Ragdoll Physics

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Returning features from VC:
-An interior system with interiors being connected to the exterior world.
-Ability to rob stores for money.
-Ability to choose own vehicles for races.
-Hardware stores for purchasing melee weapons.
-The hammer, meat cleaver and machete could replace useless sex toys.
-More varied death animations and better weapon sounds too.

Features from IV:
-360 degree drive-by shooting.
-More variety with drive-by weapons: pistols and explosives in addition to sub-machine guns.
-Better aiming with grenades and molotovs.
-Ability to climb ladders.
-Friend hangouts with Sweet, Cesar and Woozie would have been cool.
-Friend abilities, like calling Sweet to send GSF gang members for backup.

I would have also liked to have ragdolls and dynamic car deformation, and a more advanced police evading system too, but the hardware limitations are understandable.

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I always wanted Drive by shootings in Gta SA since they have the LSPD helicopter follow you around in Los Santos at certain times. I figured it could have been done similar but not like VCS when you can be at the airport and a car comes and starts shooting you 

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abilyty to hang out with ryder and sweet and call tem like in gta 5

9 minutes ago, cerdopalo said:

abilyty to hang out with ryder and sweet and call tem like in gta 5


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