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Best Musical Moment in RDR series

Best Musical Moment in RDR series  

9 members have voted

  1. 1. Which musical gameplay moment stuck out to you the most?

    • Far Away - Joze Gonzales
    • Compass - Jamie Lidell
    • Bury me not on the lone prarie
    • Unshaken - D'Angelo
    • That's the way it is - Daniel Lanois
    • Cruel, Cruel World - Willie Nelson
    • House building song
  2. 2. Bonus: Best Credits Song?

    • Deadman's Gun - Ashtar Command
    • Red - Daniel Lanois
    • Mountain Hymm - Rhiannon Giddens
    • Cruel, Cruel World - Josh Homme

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I mainly wanted to see if people thought the "Unshaken" moment was better than the "Far Away" one. But I added all the tracks anyways in case people had other preferences.

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Lemoyne outlaw

i honestly like thats the way it is. its very emotional. and i just love being in that depressing mood. then it perks up when i hear my favorite character boss around grimshaw. as for credits song. i dont watch the credits so i just picked randomly.

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Sentinel Driver

Where's the option for other than any of the above?

Some of my picks that I liked





And of course....



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I have lots of favourite moments but some less stated ones here

This piano rendition sounds so much like an old standard that I was convinced for a while it was and I had heard it before many times.


This song never gets mentioned ahead of "Far Away"

Pure Morricone

“This idiot is really starting to irritate me..."


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The story songs in RDRII beat the pants off of the ones in RDR. I would still say 'Exodus in America' is the best though, perfect start to the series.





Have to say I like it most when the gang sings together though. 



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RDR's theme playing in "Jim Milton Rides, Again?" was fantastic, it was basically what I needed to finish the game after the thing that happened before "The Wheel"

 same goes for the other variation of it that plays during "American Venom".

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Because I became obsessed with Red Dead from playing RDR1 but don't have the means to play RDR2 and won't for a while (plus I don't care about spoiling things) I've just been watching RDR2 videos like it's a movie and I've basically seen the whole game lol. And the music is amazing, I listen to both the RDR1 and RDR2 soundtracks daily and the addition of campfire songs sung by the gang in 2 with Arthur singing along the parts he knows is charming and heartwarming. So is the whole housebuilding song and scene. Ring Dang Doo and that potatoes song are hilarious and I also particularly like Rye Whiskey sung by Sean, Uncle and Arthur.


My favourite soundtrack/non campfire songs from RDR2 are American Venom (epic), That's the Way It Is, Unshaken, Come Live By My Side, the Lemoyne theme, the prison break theme and the first end credits song. 


Favourites in RDR1 are Far Away (the most breathtaking moment I've experienced in a game), Compass, Exodus in America, Born Unto Trouble (the music you hear in New Austin), the Red Dead Redemption theme, and a couple of songs from the soundtrack that I don't think are even in the game itself but are great (and I might've heard an altered version of the first one played by an NPC on harmonica) - Dead End Alley and Estancia. 


Shoutout to the Undead Nightmare soundtrack! I love the incorporation of spooky rockabilly/surf rock songs. Dead Sled by the Kreeps which plays while shooting zombies with the army on the train to Mexico is great, and the finest moment in the game is riding to the final battle in Escalera with the Kreeps - Bad Voodoo playing:





Edited by billiejoearmstrong8

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