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Carl Reiner - dead at 98

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You may have to a bit on the older side to know much of what he was in so I'm not going to do a long tv/filmography bit.


The main reason I wanted to post is I image a lot of (not old) people here know of Mel Brooks.


Mel and Carl were old buddies that ate dinner and watched tv every night together up until the end.


I wouldn't be surprised if Mel goes in the next few days.  Sorry to be morbid and all.

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Mister Pink

Funny you mentioned Mel Brooks. I was just looking at his photo yesterday and he seems so old and fragile. 


I can't say I know Carl Reiner but after doing some quick research, he created the Dick Van Dyke Show. I do know him and heard of that show. And, I found a colorized episode of the show that was first aired in 1965! It's looks incredible for the time. 




58 minutes ago, trip said:

I wouldn't be surprised if Mel goes in the next few days.  Sorry to be morbid and all.

Mel Brooks or Clint Eastwood. These men are really pushing on. It's sad but it's a thing I think about all the time.

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Mel just lost his best friend.  When you see videos of those two in Carl's little house eating on try tables while watching Jeopardy (every night) they just seem like those old married couples that die days apart.


Since you mention "colorized".  I was a youngster when that tech came out and people were freaking out.  Not in a good way.


I'm curious as to younger people's feeling towards black and white tv/movies.  Would a kid today sit and watch a black and white movie?  Not for the novelty or anything...just because it is a movie.



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Comedic genius.  Just watched the Jerk to remember his work.  It’s a movie that might be “problematic” today with a couple scenes involving race and the n-word.  But it’s a product of the time.

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Man, I feel for Mel Brooks the most. They were friends for what, 70 years? Must hurt as much as losing a spouse, specially since they were very close. 


Incredible artist. 



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