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LCS Mobile on PC.

White Powder

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White Powder

If I own LCS on my mobile phone, can I somehow plug it in my PC and play it from there? With an Android emulator or something. 

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you should watch some tutorials

search tips:

how to transfer paid games to android emulator

btw you can use pcxs2 or ppsspp too

if you have gta vc on your pc thre's a mod that will turn gta vc into gta lcs

btw gta lcs on psp and ps2 works on vc engine so it should work fine

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yeah just use Samsung Dex for PC if you have a flagship Samsung series that has Android 10, which is S9/+, S10/+, S20/+/Ultra and Note 9, Note 10/+, Note 20/Ultra

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Or you can root your phone, install Lucky Patcher, patch the apk to remove license verification, backup the patched apk and .obb data files to your PC and install it on a Android emulator. It works fairly well.

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