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GTA V Total Conversion - map modding details

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Hi everyone.

After discovering numerous practices and limits about modding GTA V, I decided to share my findings. Everyone who reads this topic, should share their findings.


Total Conversion


This topic is for Total Conversion discussion. Eg. writing a new mission script, or even creating a new map.


As far as I know, it wasn't possible to modify the mission script. And so, it was not possible to replace the map. So nobody attempted it.

But there's ScriptHookV. And I'm very crazy :D in addition. So I wrote that ASI plugin (Your Own Storyline, https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/your-own-storyline), so it's now possible to completely remake the entire game with custom missions. This has nothing strange in it, right? You can download it right now, and start scripting now. Read the documentations and the comments carefully!


But the map modding... It has many traps, and limits. To start, download my Empty Map mod (https://www.gta5-mods.com/maps/gta-v-empty-map), and look through the file list, tutorials, and comments.


On how to make your DLC map, and modeling, I've read this documentation. Very helpful, it was not easy to find this doc though...






So let's share our findings:


  • Water map size: minX = -4000, maxX = 4500, minY = -4000, maxY = 8000 - You have to fill this area with the help of water.xml
  • Popzone data order (from Code Walker master src code: ID, minX, minY, minZ, maxX, maxY, maxZ, label, zero) - ID and label are short strings (7 chars max), coordinates are floats, zero is a literal zero integer
  • In order for car generators, traffic, peds to work, they must be located in a popzone!
  • Train tracks' file format exactly matches GTA San Andreas' tracks*.dat format. However, the train does not stop at the stations, IF the stopping is not allowed in the traintracks.xml file!
  • The weather 'BLIZZARD' is for North Yankton only. If you set it outside it, the sun will be at North, go from West to East!
  • The file 'images.meta' contains the origina lmap definitions, it's just stripped in my mod. You can re-enable some of the original map, if you need. Just copy something from the original.
  • All scenarios must be registered in 'sp_manifest.ymt' in order to work!


More details to be found...


If you know any detail not stated here or in any of the aforementioned mods, just comment.

However, do NOT ask about scripting! That's a different stuff!


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Have how create one new map on San Andreas with Map Editor ou Menyoo? and use for create one TC? i'm have this question and none place someone answered using your mod Empty map? i'm downlaod this more is hard put on dirt im water

not have limitations same using the map editor and why don't you take tutorials in youtube ?


sorry i'm dont speak inglish im from brazil im from the GTA SAN ANDREAS 


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