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Which Gta 5 character is your favorite?


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  • 2 weeks later...
On 7/13/2020 at 8:08 AM, Limefong said:

The returning IV characters for sure!

They barely have any screentime.

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Not counting protagonists, Solomon

Edited by Guest
Though this topic will probably be moved or merged
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5 hours ago, DownInTheHole said:

They barely have any screentime.

I know but V doesn't have many likeable characters.

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Gosh, I've just realised that most of these characters aren't memorable.


I want to say Michael. He's fairly relatable, has some kind of believable backstory and a set of principles.


An honourable mention to the yoga leggings wearing girls of the game, but mostly for their looks IYKWIM.:sly:

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Abel Tesfaye

For those who say this game doesn't have any memorable characters,well this game has been released for 3 times,and next year you can get it for...the fourth time.It is clearly r* wants you to remember these characters in v so badly.Heck even a silent rock or dummy will be memorable if you had enough of him/her for so many times,let alone if you actually like them:kekw:(Yeah I would say even my gtao dummies are deserve to be remembered,although I don't like them very much )

Now back to the topic,I think my fav one is Lazlow.If we mean characters that belong to v exclusively then it's either Jimmy or Lamar for me.

Edited by Abel Tesfaye
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Sorry I thought this was about side characters.


In terms of the main three, Michael. Trevor is over the top and dislikeable. Franklin is underdeveloped and cliched. 

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I think Michael is a great character. One of the most realistic and grounded in the whole series imo. Don't see any over the top characteristics in him whatsoever. I can easily imagine California and Florida being filled with people like him(in terms of worldview and attitude, not backstory).

Trevor was deliberately made as "larger than life" type character which I believe is executed well and suits the overall tone of the game.

Franklin is indeed pretty underwhelming. 


Michael for the win.

Edited by RenegadeAngel
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Overall, GTA V doesn’t have many likable characters but Michael is my favorite. Not counting playable characters, my favorite would have to be Lester.

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Other than the returning IV characters, we have Lester Crest, one of the few characters in V that I actually like. He is a genius and an excellent planner. Hell, he might even be the most intillegent character in the GTA series. Every stuff he says makes a great degree of sense. Soloman Richards is a pretty great character too.

Edited by Limefong
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  • 2 weeks later...

Without doubt Trevor for me. Not because I like the character, that wasn't the question. He is my favourite because his character is, in my opinion, the best scripted, the best developed and the best acted. 


Anyone who has seen or experienced a person who struggled with mental illness and personality disorder will recognise those traits in Trevor.


The scene where Trevor trips over Franklin's little fence and fights down his anger and frustration was largely improvised in production, yet is one of those moments of brilliant acting that makes this story great.

  • KEKW 1
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I choose Michael and GTA 5 would've been better if it was only Michael as the playable character.

  • KEKW 1
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1. Michael 

2. Trevor 

3. Lamar 

4. Lester 

5. Wade

6. Ron 

7. Franklin 

8. Dave 

9. Jimmy 

10. Steve 

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The trio of Trevor, Ron, and Wade are the most memorable to me, IMO. I'm gonna have to agree with the others regarding the remaining characters - most of them just aren't memorable or likeable enough to be a favourite (maybe except Michael).

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Extreme Hunt

Definitely Trevor. He's a crazy maniac. A few of them stranger and freaks missions are also funny in how he acts in them.

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  • 2 months later...
JaeDan 101

i go with... $$$$ DEVIN WESTON $$$$ he's so rich he's my favourite

Edited by JaeDan 101
need more words
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This is hard to choose, for protagonists definitely Michael


For other characters I don't know, Lester, Lamar, Jimmy, Ron, Brad, Wade, Dave, and Floyd were my favorites

Edited by The Idiot
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Cutter De Blanc

Always remembering how Lester is one cold ass motherf*cker, when presented with Franklin's choice at the end he says kill both of them, his longtime trusted business associates 

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  • 3 months later...

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