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Bring back Vigilante Missions

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Now for those who dont know what vigilante missions are, they're basically the side-missions where you can get inside of an emergency vehicle and play as a cop, cab driver or ambulance. These were fun little side activities in the 3D universe, but they decreased these activites in the HD universe. In GTA 4 there were still police vigilante missions, which were fun, but in GTA 5 they had the boring ass taxi missions.


So what I want for GTA 6 is for them to bring back the vigilante missions. Even in Red Dead 2 they technically had the bounty hunter missions where you could capture criminals for a reward. This was pretty fun, and I feel like Rockstar should flesh this feature out in GTA 6. It would be fun if you could start a police vigilante mission, and you could arrest criminals, and put them in jail. Not only that, but it would be even better if Rockstar turned it up a notch, and made it so you could stop drug organizations around the city. Imagine playing as a cop, and breaking into a drug warehouse, and finding out where the kingpin is and taking out the whole entire organization. It would be even better if there was a whole Cop DLC for singleplayer.


I know that I've been mainly talking about police vigilantes, but there are interesting ideas for the other vigilantes. Like maybe for the taxi missions they could have drunk passengers, and just a ton of humor around the passengers, then for the fire fighter vigilantes you actually have to go inside of the building and rescue people before the time runs out.


But these are just some of my ideas for vigilante missions in GTA 6. I was just curious to get opinions on my ideas, and also other ideas for vigilante missions in GTA 6. Thank you in advance


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In GTA 6 maybe we'll play as a cop

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Think this could have gone in the existing wishlist thread.

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