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All in All.. do you still think the Preacher was correct

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that an announcement for GTA 6 was going to come in May but the Corona Virus threw all those plans out the window delaying the announcement until ?


or was he always a troll

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Inb4 Locked

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Always a troll.

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Len Lfc

You know what? Everyone has a different opinion of the preacher. So it's a bit of a silly question to ask. Nobody really knows for sure. Only a select few may know the truth, sadly. Most don't care at this point, however. All I know, is that he is fun, and brought some activity to the forum. You all should know by now though, to never trust anybody so quickly. Be careful of those telling you what you want to hear. Easy to fool those who are so desperate.

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He was most likely doing that to bring attention for the site reopening, It was pretty obvious from the get go. Rockstar Games are probably busy working on a game right now (maybe GTA VI) and it probably won’t be ready till 2022. I also think that the GTA V re-release on PS5 and the free GTA Online was made to keep us busy will they finish working on whatever project they are doing right now

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Posted (edited)

I think that he might of had some sort of a connection with R* in the past (since he leaked the exact week for the release of the 3rd trailer of RDR 2 and the meeting R* had with some journalists ) but has moved on from them and ever since then he decided to troll this forum with false dates for a GTA 6 announcements and the mods decided to let him continue posting because they believed that he was legit again or because he brought a lot of traffic to the site.

Edited by Gtaman_92

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Why would the preacher be correct when we still have zero amount of information about a game we desperately think is coming soon?

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The only thing he ever taught me was that far too many people have no understanding of what the word "proof" means.

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No he was completely fake every date he kept on changing them lol and then he started up a cult who keeps defending him to this day.




It's aw aboot the Shaggin. Murder. Leaks. Faith. An exclusive GTA Forums 5 part documentary series follow @gonnaenodaethat's journey as he goes from street preacher, to cult leader, to tax exempt organized religion. 

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